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Happy New Year 2009 and my last 2008 Newsletter

I am just before parting for a wonderful silvesters’ evening with friends. Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you come back soon again in 2009. Enjoy a wonderful start into 2009 and I wish you all success in whatever you are doing. See you soon next year! Here you can see My […]

Planning 2009 – How to do it Easy

Planning is always difficult for me. Having the head full of ideas and goals needs some organisation and discipline to get them all realised. I help myself with a dictaphone which I carry always with me. That way, I am able to record my flash ideas immediately and I do not lose them. About every […]

2008 – A Revue

Unbelievable. 2008 is almost gone and I had still so many things in mind I wanted to do. Besides my written plans and task lists, there were still many unforseeable and self invented tasks and events we fit into the months and weeks. Joy and Pleasure. We had some really great holidays such as a […]

Time for Raclette and Fondue

Christmas is over and I hope you had a wonderful time with your families. Here in Switzerland, it’s extremley cold at the moment, in some regions down to minus 26 degrees Celsius. In my region it’s still minus 6 degrees and windy. So good time to sit in the warm lounge beside the oven. It […]

My Newsletter is late…

The last days I collected and refined the content for my next issue of the Educational Newsletter. Everything was almost done and ready for fine tuning on Christmas eve. Eliane came back from Berlin and I went to the airport to welcome her. Traveling back home by train, I unfortunately forgot my bag in the […]

Merry Christmas

I wish all my Readers and Subscribers a wonderful Christmas and may all your Dreams become true. After this very turbulent economic times, I hope for the better and I motivate you to mobilise all your Power and Joy to get through in a Positive Mood. * *** ***** ******* ********** ************* *************** ****************** ********************* ** MERRY CHRISTMAS […]

The MUST HAVE Tool To Write Your Ebook

If you ever want to write your own eBook and don’t know how to tackle this great task, then don’t worry. There is an absolutely excellent tutorial which really helps. I just finshed reading Paula Brett’s Emergency Surgery: Operation EBook, a very motivating and driving tutorial about how to start writing your first own Digital […]

TOP 10 Best ‘Copy Writing’ Downloads

I am still learning on how to write my best websites, squeeze pages, sales letters and articles. And there is still a lot I have to learn. For that reason, I thought others might be in the same situation and this led me to do a search for a Selection of the 10 Best Copy Writing Tools actually available.   I found the […]

My eBook Work Weekend

The whole of last week, I was collecting information and search results about some topics I have in mind for my eBook to be born in the near futrure. It is amazing what you can find at the Clickbank Marketplace, the major search engines, article directories and Amazon for all the different key words and phrases randomly […]

Exclusive 50 % Offer to my Subscribers

Dave Nicolson has just released his ‘Total Web Traffic’ and you can expect a lot from this brand new, beginner friendly step by step guide. And believe me – it works! Dave’s excellent new product really offers exactly what is needed for the every day user, senior marketer and beginner alike. Total Web Traffic is […]

Whishes and Inspirations for 2009

I am an absolute fan of Will Edward’s White Dove Books, the internet’s leading website for Self Improvement and Personal Development. There is just not much more to say, go and see the great collection of authors, free ebooks and other top related inspirational material. Will offers a 5-day Special about Living your Dream and the […]

Benefits of RSS Feeds

You should start today using RSS to keep yourself up to date with the best content on the web! You will never have to check your favourite sites manually every day. Once you start subscribing to preferred RSS feeds, you will be informed just in time the news occur and it will safe you a […]

Boost your Search Engine Ranking

Most Search Engines crawl the net regularly and if you update the content of your websites weekly or have enough traffic already, they will find and rank them. Depending on your niche, your keywords and up to date content, this may take less or longer, sometimes up to three weeks. To accelerate the SE finding my sites, I take […]

A Nice Way to get Optin-Subscribers

You kow it for certain: You need a steady flow of double opt-in prospects and customers to build your list. But how do you get them to be interested in what you offer and how do you get them on your list voluntary? If you are using Traffic Exchanges, there is now a brand new system […]

Christmas Rush…

The last two days were very busy and many things needed to be done. These are the reasons why I am late with my post a little bit: Eliane and I did not want to miss the yearly Christmas Concert, played by the Lucerne Sinphony Orchestra on December 14, 2008 at the famous Culture and Convention […]