5 Criteria to Join an Affiliate Program

Helpful Tip #5
Do not join any affiliate program unless it does absolutely and positively cover the following 5 criteria:

The Affiliate Program must have effective and motivating ads that grab the attention of your visitors.

It must also have a sales letter that grabs your visitors’ attention, overcome their objections, create urgency, and convince them to buy immediately.

Provides you with all the tools you need to attract visitors to visit the affiliate program’s site.

Have a “two tier” structure so you can recruit sub-affiliates to make you even more money.

The Affiliate Program must have a world class tracking system that automatically tracks your sales in “real time” and have other important features to help give you the check that you deserve and to prevent any human errors.

After these top criteria are fulfilled go down to the small print and terms, look for low payout rate ($ 25 to $ 50 is OK), join and set up your affiliate links and payment processor codes, select your preferred promotion tools (email, blogpost, banners and ads, etc.), create a Splash page to promote, link it to your affiliate page, start promoting, write an article, from that create an eCourse, make a Squeeze Page (Splash page but with sign up box) for the eCourse, drive traffic, repeat with another affiliate program.

Clickbank or Paydotcom are your first sources, also search for “Affiliate Directories” and you will find many sites with great programs. If you own a CBmall Storefront, then you can profit twice in commissions…