5-day eCourse about Article Writing

It is two hours since I finished my short introdcution to Articles Writing which I packed into a 5-day eCourse. Writing Articles is one of my preferred strategies to get long term traffic and acknowledgement as an expert. Once you get started, it is easy and much fun.

First, I created a little webpage with an exclusive offer of the famous eBook “Articles & Email Power” which my subscribers can get at a 75 % rebate from the official sales price when they sign up for the 5-day eCourse. If somebody does not want to sign up, “Articles & Emailpower” is still available  for the regular price by clicking the eBook cover. Since I prefer the Clickbank Ad Rotator instead of Adsense (much better earnings), I also put Clickbank ads at the site. These ads are automatically selected at random.  My work is by far not perfect (time investment about 1 hour) but I am testing this site now and will try to perfect it more and more. Maybe changeing the offer or ad more bonuses later.

You can check the site and get Your FREE 5-day eCourse  here. When you click the eCover picture of “Articles & Email Power”, then the website with the Regular Sales Price will open. However, if you Sign Up, you receive the 75 % Special Offer. Together with the other gifts on the Thank You Page and the possibility to sign up for my Educational Newsletter, I feel this is quite a nice thank you for the subscription. What do you think? Your comments are welcome.