A Lazy Sunday – But Working

After a whole week of fog, rain and snow, we finally got a brilliant, sunny day today. I went up at 8 am this morning with the intention to work on my eBook about Internet Marketing Tools, but immediately changed my mind. After a nice breakfast, Eliane and I went to the lake to feed the old bred to all the water birds and gulls. Then we had a refreshing 2 hour walk along the lake and back home over the hills.

Working, researching, creating links and edit text, drinking hot tea, writing….

At 4 pm our guests arrived for the afternoon tea and cake. Actually to see Gaston, our one year old cat, which was born in their home. We had some good stories about Gaston’s adventures till today and we also learned that soon a 7 week old flat retriever will arrive at their home. Here is Gaston life as he is:

Gaston - 14.02.09

Gaston - 14.02.09

I have to speed up now with writing some more pages as I want you to get my eBook soonest possible…