A Very Busy Day

After a lot of snow last week, we had at least some sunshine today and the view to the snowy mountains was very nice. Only, it was about minus 10 degrees C and windy. For me an easy decision to stay home and do  tasks I wanted to do for some time already. Here is a summary of my weekend working day:

Filing documents, paying monthly bills, preparing documents for taxes, housework, washing

Completing Opt-In-Buttons
This is a great program to use with over 20 Traffic Exchanges. Opt-In-Button converts visitors into subscribers of your list within 2 seconds. The membership is free and works great. I got 7 new subscribers only today.

Created four new Splash Pages
wich I use for Traffic Exchanges, my Opt-In-Buttons and as links to my recommended affiliate products. These are the four examples:

Autoresponder Messages
I checked the click-through rate and what works well. Did some fine tuning, skipped emails which did not pull or where outdated. Then I loaded some new messages and one of them was about QuickFire Profits. This is a great step-by-step monthly tutorial and you will have a fully operating business in a box, filling your profit stream.

Clickbank Research
I did spend about an hour to research the Clickbank Market Place. I found some interesting sites and bookmarked them for later check and eventual use as affiliate products to promote. I do not just promote what I find. The product must fit into my niches, interest and most important, be of great use to my customers. Also, I want to be able to identify and buy the product myself. This is the only way I can honestly write an article and give my recommendation.

JV Partners
As my ebook has grown over 78 pages and comes to the end soon, I am now looking for JV partners which have products that fit to my content and with whom I feel to have a great marketing partner for my ebook. It took only a friendly email asking for a possible JV and it worked within 24 hours – I got a positive reply already. So whenever you are interested to find a JV partner, take some time to thoroughly study their websites, become familiar with their products and, if you can identify with that, kindly aks them if they would be interested in a JV with you, or at least for a testimonial. It works!

Still doing
After this post, I will continue to write for my ebook within the Internet Marketing Niche. At my research of the Clickbank Marketplace this afternoon, I got some more great ideas and hints which I can translate into my own writing. I hope to do still another 35 pages now…