Affordable Monthly Mentorship

How to Learn from a Senior Mentor with a Lean Budget

Would you like to give your just started or otherwise small online business a personal, professional and solid touch? Don’t you know all the tricks but struggle to pay big fees for a good mentorship and advice? Many of you might say yes and I was at the same unsatisfactory turning point only a few month ago.

Luckily, I came accross of some great product promotions of John Thornhill and I became one of his subscribers. John then offered me a rare and unique mentorship that helped me so much and that I really do not want to miss out anymore. And I never thought that the price tag for his high valued advice was so low and affordable. Something rarely seen in today’s online market. 

For sure you also have been offered just anything to convince you “that you can make it easy online” if you only follow this or that program. Also you might have read tons of reports and eBooks in order to gain that tiny, little spot of flash light to rocket to success. And what did you probably find out? Just a lot of common and often useless information, nothing really helpful, many more links and opportunities to click, finally left in total confusion.

That’s exactly where John comes in with his well structured and explained Mentorship Monthly Program. You are really taken by the hand and shown step-by-step what you have to do to become profitable in your niche. A clear and honest behind the scenes look at what John is getting results from. And he can assure you to earn an income from just following his lead because he will be offering to promote your so created product to his lists if it fits by the theme you chose. 

Reflect on that: A successful and proven full-time marketer with a great reputation offers you to send your product to his subscriber base! That is really exceptional and you only must follow and learn from his advice in the videos, using the recommended tools. John will be there for you to answer your questions and to help you to find the best solution. 

And the cost? Yes true, a small amount of $ 10 and this should be reason enough to get your Mentorship Monthly right now! I am in and please consider, there are naturally not so many spots left for that price tag.