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Private Label Rights is really the answer to having your own product

With private label rights you can create your own product from the source file to a product that has already been created and you can call it your own.  You can do many different things to the content like edit it, add to it, create new graphics, customize the salespage, or reformat the entire product.

You can then use this personalised product and resell it, include it in other packages, bundle it, offer it on membership sites. You can take the content and break it up to use it as your own to write articles, ebooks, reports, etc. and more.

Always read the license to be sure of the exact rights you have. For example, you may be able to transfer private label rights to your customers, or they may be non-transferrable. That is, unless otherwise stated in the license, you could sell that product along with the resell rights for a higher price. So that would allow your customer to sell it to someone else and make it more valuable.

With private label rights you get the most latitude of what you can do to your product with full editing control. And I found a great product which covers this theme even more in depth. And this is what you will get: 

* Four unique video series with private label rights

* You will keep 100% of the profits of your sales.

* In the videos itself, you will receive all the instructions you need
   to start selling today.

* And with the sales letter and graphics all ready to go, you can start
   making money right away.

* Oh, I have also included bonuses on each of the sales pages, so you have
   them ready to go as well.

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