Bonehead SEO Training Course

Did you ever search for a way to take SEO Training? One that made it easy to understand and gives you a step-by-step process? Then BoneHead SEO is exactly what you need as it lists every experience taken by Kristine Wirth from 8 years in the SEO and Online Marketing Industry.

It is not your fault that your websites are not listed in the top search engine positions like they should be.  99% of the quick and easy SEO techniques are dead wrong! In fact, many of them will make your site come out even worse than without it. For example, if you use the Google Keyword Tool in order to locate those keywords that people are searching on in the search engines, the keyword that you find and that gets thousands of searches done on it a month, are being pulled out from all kinds of Google data, including Gmail, Blogs, and “other products”.

In other words, this data is being pulled out from Google’s content network and not from their search network only. Therefore the keyword data is quite unreliable as far as SEO is concerned. But everybody knows that you must find those keywords that are getting great searches, right? The real trick is to use a program specifically created for that purpose and that gives you hard numbers on what people are really looking for. 

There are still more things which are hidden from you! Nobody exactly tells you the right way to get your site to the top of the search engines because if you really knew how to get there and stay there, you would  never have to buy another product about SEO again!


This is Your Bonehead SEO Course

This is Your step-by-step Bonehead SEO Training Course

These two hints are just a fraction of what is exposed and thoroughly explained in The 213 pages Bonehead SEO Training Course. The bottom line is, there is no simple and unique secret tactic that will magically take your website to the top of the search engines. It is a systematic process. And Krisitine shows you how in this course.