Boost your Search Engine Ranking

Most Search Engines crawl the net regularly and if you update the content of your websites weekly or have enough traffic already, they will find and rank them. Depending on your niche, your keywords and up to date content, this may take less or longer, sometimes up to three weeks. To accelerate the SE finding my sites, I take a few minutes every week to submit them to Google, Yahoo, MSN and also some of the smaller Search Engines. In order not to do this manually, you can use Automated Websubmission and pay a small monthly fee. Do some Googling and you will find many to chose.

One Search Engine I find very handy and useful is Intelseek, which offers Free Submission and Ranking. See their Submission Portal here. Once you have listed your website, they send you an email with the link to rank your site. This must be done within 3 days to become active. The good thing is, you can go back every 3-5 days and rank your own website again to keep it in top position. Intelseek also offers a small HTML snippet to ad a rating button to your website. If you confirm to them the placement of the button, they will rank you higher again. Your Visitors then have the possibility to rate you too, which is great and leads to much more targeted traffic over time. Please Rank my Blog here:

Create a short action plan on what to do every day of the week. For me, these submissions take about 5-10 minutes only per week. However, the benefit of much more traffic through these ratings and the backlink from Intelseek is manyfold higher. I invite you to leave a comment with your experiences, ideas and tips. Thanks.