Business in a Box Coaching

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Have you ever wished you could corner a guru for 60 minutes and just pick their brains? Ask them all the questions you have always wanted to ask about how they have made their fortune online and how you can follow in their footsteps?

I learned myself a lot from Chris Freville already. And now Chris has just uploaded a video presentation that I think you must watch.  

Chris is the perfect marketer to model after if you are struggling to make it online. In fact, when you watch the video, you will discover someone who met Chris and “picked his brain for weeks on end”! In the video you will meet Kim Roach, a 23 year old college drop-out from Kentucky, who made $16,257 in her first 10 days…

Kim is now set for a life of her dreams and without any day to day job. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the latest products and hyped up launches, maybe buying one product after another but still not making any money…  

Then you really need to drop what you are doing and watch this 7 minute video from beginning to end…, yes till the end! You will get such an exciting coaching offer that you barely can’t resist to take immediate action. Chris offers his personal time and knowledge, he is there for you, he will care. At the end you will have your own online business, everything included.  

And you will have done it yourself, with the help and guidance of Chris, all explained step-by-step…   

There is so much to learn (excerpt from Video):  

List Building

Niche marketing

Getting Traffic

Email marketing


Affiliate marketing

Google Adwords

Article marketing

Google Adsense

Viral marketing

Web 2.0

Video marketing



Social Networking

And on and on…