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The Hidden Dangers In Your Bathroom

Bacteria can easily grow in your cosmetics and taking medication that is past its expiration date can not only be ineffective, but can also cause illness. The following are some tips on cleaning these often forgotten areas…

How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo From the Infinite Variety of Tattoo Designs

Since you are searching and reading about tattoos, I assume that you too are a tattoo enthusiast and want to get that special and great personal freedom a wonderful tattoo inked onto the best place of your body can give you. And off course you are looking for a very personal and special design. One you like very much for life and which you can proudly show
to the world. It’s just a great feeling!

Frugal Living Articles

Living a frugal lifestyle can take a lot of time. If you’re baking your own bread, making your own biscuits, and slowly simmering homemade spaghetti sauce, you know how much time that all can consume. Are there times when shortcuts are good, and can even still be frugal?

Hot Insiders’ Tips for Saving on Everything

This book is for the saver person in your household as it advices us to haggle when shopping for brands. The book advises not to purchase extended warranties and too many “bells and whistles”.

How to Free Yourself From a Job

It’s true and a hard fact: You, and only you, are responsible for your circumstances in live. You have the power to choose success or failure. Nothing or no-one else can stop you from achieving your dream – except you! And one of the best thing you can do for yourself is invest in YOU! For this self investment, I highly recommend you the newly released, very affordable Crush Your Job report…

Review Easy Video Player Marketing Profit

This is a brand new release and it’s called “Easy Video Player”. This great software allows you to place just any kind of videos on your website or blog. The best is: it includes opt-in forms, pay buttons, and other sales or list buildign tools. You really can’t loose with this super easy video software.

Myswitzerland Matterhornvalley Holidays

There is a wonderful spot on top of the Matterhon Valley, situated at one of the sunniest places with an extraordinatory view to some of the most featured Swiss mountains. It’s called… and my fully furnished holiday flat is just what you are looking for!

Healthy Living and Eating by Cutting Empty Calories

…In other words, we often eat sugar calories in place of those that carry the good stuff that helps us fight osteoporosis, cancer, etc. Or we eat sugar calories in addition to the nutritional sort and start packing on pounds. But a brownie will not kill you, or even give you dropsy…

Homemade Halloween Costumes Made Simple

You get everything you need in this comprehensive ebook: Over 90 Homemade Costume Ideas, Supplies list for each costume, Description on how to make each costume, Fun accessories for most costumes, Ideas for siblings…

How to Keep on the Money Saving Track

By keeping a list of the ways you have saved money in front of you, you will be more encouraged to keep going. These successes can be small or large. You can then also compare with the budget and plans you have made earlier. If you are in line, congratulations! If not, you may have to…

How to Save and Profit from Dollar Stores

Take some time to look around your nearest local dollar store and you will find many very useful items of good quality. Off course, there are things which might not fit to your ideas. Just leave them out and concentrate to buy only your really needed goods.

Save Big with Clearance Shopping

Last evening I wrote one of my Super Simple Money Saving Tips. Walking through the shopping mall, I had realised that that many shops already have summer closing sales and that the competition is fierce due to the bad economic situation and consumers being resistant in their spendings. So this is my today’s great money saving tip about…

Super Simple Money Saving Tips

So what are you waiting for? Grab the super PLR Offer for “Super Simple Money Saving Tips” 30 Day Series complete with private label, master resale rights today and start profiting form it right away!

Fun Family Vacations to Fit Any Budget

I have created an eCourse about Saving Money, giving tips and information about how to get the best living out of a tight budget…

10001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget

Too many frugal living books focus on the negative. Not so in this Paperback, where the authors believe the key to financial wellness is not a ramen-eating, vacation-skipping, fun-depriving life. Far from it. The best way to ensure that readers will stick to a budget is to help them create a lifestyle that is as much fun as it is practical.