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SEO Tips For Beginners Will Help You!

Good keywords and long tail phrases, placement of your links in social sites and networks, send out promotions and more is just one side of the business. There is more to learn about SEO and that’s why this easy guide will certainly help you to…

The Ultimate Keyword Research Pro Tool

I thought to help you get rid of these obstacles and I want to recommend you today this brilliant keyword research software tool, released recently by Fabian Lim. I have tried out several keyword tools, free and paid. But this one is by far the most effective, and easiest to use that I have found right now.

Find Directories For Tons Of Backlinks

Since Backlink Building is quite a tedious and time consumeing work, I tried to find a way to get the top ranking Directories all on one list from where I could submit my websites then. I failed because there were just too many fantastic sources! But the work was done and I thought to offer my readers the result…

Dominate Google’s First Page SEO Tutorial

Dominating Google’s First Page – Out of 10 results in the first page, 9 are articles from the same author,syndicated on different websites. The last result is a YouTube video, which is something Google tries to include in every result page. In fact, for this particular search term, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th page of Google are mostly dominated by the same article. Interested?

Keywords To Improve Search Engine Ranking – Part 2

Here’s the sequel of Keywords To Improve Search Engine Ranking – Part 1. 6. Insert The Keyword Phrase In The Body Of Your Content Insert your keyword phrase in the body of your content or blog post. The keyword phrase you utilize should be pointed out at least twice on the first paragraph and as […]