Display ClickBank Contextual Ads

Would you like to use some of your most precious website space to earn money? With MyClickBankAds you can now display ClickBank ads on your site that look just like Google Adwords Ads! And you even can combine Adsense with MyClickbankAds.

For a FREE account, the default setting ratio is 75%. This means that your ClickBank ID will display 75% of the time and the owners’ ID will display 25% of the time. That is the way how they keep tis system free.

If you would like to raise your ratio to 100% you can subscribe for a small monthly fee of $ 6.95. In this way, you can assure that your ClickBank ID displays 100% of the time and that you will keep 100% of the generated Clickbank profits. The subscription also includes RSS Feed Links and AutoLink Services.

MyClickbankAds matches products to the text on your pages and you don’t need to do anything. But you can also insert your own, specified keywords (or prodcut names you like to promote) and the system will display the ads according to your chosen keywords. 

Once you have created your free account, you must insert your Clickbank ID, then select a HTML or Text Ad of the size, style and colour you prefer and finally cut and paste the HTML or JavaScript code to your webspace for the ads to appear. Se a sample I just made in 2 minutes:



MyClickBankAds features:

MyClickBankAds features:

*  Display Google Adsense Like Ads
    Professional looking ads that match your site with content and colors
    just like Google and Yahoo. You can use our Contextual Ads or Keyword
    Targeting Ads.

*  Your Own Database
    Build your own database of products to display just like Google Adwords!

*  Intuitive Control Panel
    You can customize the links with your affiliate IDs, preview different
    delete, even search for specific products within this control panel.
    Pause or unpause entire campaigns.

*  Link Cloaking
    The links are done with a PHP redirect, to keep people from stealing
    your affiliate commissions.

*  Improved Accuracy Over Time
    MyClickBank.com scripts takes into account not only keyword relevancy,
    but Clickbank popularity,    and the clickthru rate. If certain ads
    perform better (i.e. are clicked on more than others) they will be
    shown more frequently, which means more money for you.

*  11 different ad styles
    Towers, skyscrapers, buttons, vertical ads, banners. Choose a format
    that matches your site best or test different kinds over time.

*  AdSense-Compatible JavaScript Code
    Add your Clickbank Affiliate ID and change the tracker URL, and your
    Google style and colors    remain the same. (Even switch back and
    forth between ClickSensor and Google Ads)

*  Quickly Create An Ad Block
    Totally customizable color schemes, plus 24 color scheme presets!

*  XML ads
    Syndicate your ads as RSS feeds!

*  Autolinking
    Highlight words in your HTML pages just like the pros.

*  Static Keyword Option
    Now you can generate your ClickBank Adsense Affiliate As with static
    keywords so you can run ClickBank Ads side by side with Google ads!

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