Do Safelists Really Work?

Are you using Safelists?

I am sure that as a marketer of any kind you came in contact with safelist and certainly you have tried them out or use them even regularly. Many marketers feel that most safelists are a good way to get traffic and maybe even sales. They consider it as one of their many tools for their marketing.

However, there are certain rules. Using safelists only from time to time will probably produce not much reaction or even traffic and sales. To play the game the right way, you must be consistent and post to a s many safelists as possible every single day. So consistency is one of  the keys to success with safelists.

My own experience is that credit-based safelists work best because they force people to open your mail in order to get their credits which then allow them to post their ads too. But first some hints what safelists are:

–  A safelist is a mailing list where all members can mail to each other.
   Such emails cannot be considered as spam because every member has
   opted in and confirmed their email address. A safelist can be used
   to advertise websites, business opportunities, build your list and
   so forth.

–  Is that system working? Yes, as long as you are a member to more than
   10-20 safelists and post regularly. Actually the more memberships you
   have the better. You are mailing to a big community then and your chances
   to get your mails opened grow exponentially.

–  As a member of a credit based mailer list you can email your ads to the
   entire safelist a certain amount of times a day, week or month, depending
   on your membership level, as long as you have credits left. The credit
   mailings include credit links that members click on to earn credits and
   this produces guaranteed traffic. You then can save your credits and use
   them for your marketing campaigns.

So which Safelists do produce great results? To give you an idea, I list at random some of my favourites below. Feel free to check them out and sign up if useful to you. 

Once you signed up use them for at least 3 month and then decide on the best performing to eventually upgrade your membership for even better results (higher mailing frequency, etc.). Being a paid member on these sites lets you really leverage your efforts.

If you post actively on these sites daily you will see steadily growing sign ups very soon. 



Optinlister Safelist


Cash Blaster


List Bandit Expert




Your Lucky List








Forced Clicks






EasyChair Safelist




007 Safelist


Monster Traffic


3D Cash Machine Safelist





AdsolutionOnline Safelist


Golden Gate Opportunities


Bizzy Blaster Safelist


FreeAds 2000