Earn Money with Articles

Finding a good niche idea to base your website around is one of the most important aspects of profitting off of your articles. This will give you a foundation to build from and you can target one general audience with a pack of keywords that they are most likely to be searching for. These keywords can then be used for the basis of each article on each page. By doing this, no matter which specific subject you are targetting to, you will be sure to interest a wide variety of people in that one niche. Interesting pages will definitely attract the reader to return to your site.

You may use a keyword software program to find keywords for your niche subject. This will generate a list of keywords or phrases that contain your niche and will also show you approximately how many people search for each word or phrase. Some software can also tell you how many competitors sites are out there for each word or phrase (this will help you in analyzing if those sites are worth competing with for the number of searches out there). Decide which of these would be most profitable by determining the least number of competitors, in order for you to make it to the first or second page of search engine results, and also have a decent amount of people looking for that keyword or phrase each month. These will be the keywords or phrases that you will base the pages of your niche site on.

If there are a number of topics that you fond of, pick the one that you feel would be easiest to start with and then, once that site is built and generating some revenue, you can start another site. The most profitable website marketers, who use their talent of finding niches and combining that with good site content and a handful of affiliate links, have a good amount and variety of niche sites that they have started. You are never limited in what you can do with niche website marketing, unless you find out that you do not have the marketing skills or the needed funding to make it happen. Otherwise, the sky is the limit!

If you have limited spare time, there are a lot of ready made niches in a box package you can join membership online with ready made template and articles, and monetized for you. They have done all the keyword researh and have it ready for you to use. All you have to do is insert your affiliate link and upload it. Start making money.