Famous WordPress Nerd

Your Powerful Little WordPress Secret…

Since you are reading this post, I am sure you do you have at least one WordPress blog. But did you ever think about getting one or two steps further? For example:

*   a WordPress sales letter?
*   a WordPress squeeze page?
*   a WordPress review site?

Yes, it’s true, you can change a WordPress blogs into one of six kinds of web sites if you know how to do. By combining a couple of easy plugins and make a few very simple changes to your WordPress themes, you can use your blog as

*   a Review Site
*   a Affiliate Site
*   a Sales Letter
*   a Squeeze Page
*   a Membership, and still more.

And exactly this you can learn from WordPress Nerd. The Best Part: You get the exact six procedures to use WordPress as anything but a Standard Blog! It’s just a matter of putting the right pieces (themes and plugins) in the right places.

There is also a great Video Course about all of Nerd Blogger and how to tweak WordPress Plugins and Themes to create Squeeze Pages, Sales Letters, Review Sites, Affiliate Sites and Membership Sites in only a frew minutes. In total there are about three hours of WordPress video training to show you how to setup these six different kinds of money-making sites. And everything is covered:

*  Setup WordPress as a Squeeze Page…
    The three different types of squeeze pages you can create to
    build a quality e-mail list with your blog!

*  Setup WordPress as a Review Site…
    How to find out exactly what your blog visitors want so you
    will always know what niches and products to review next.

*  Setup WordPress as a Sales Letter…
    Use WordPress’s “what you see is what you get” editor to craft
    your sales letter better and faster than any other HTML editor
    out there. What WordPress can do for you like better search
    rankings, instant listings, roll back old changes, easily add
    any plugin to your sales letter, all built in!

*  Setup WordPress as a Static-Looking Site…
    The three things you must immediately do with your theme. The
    secret wepaon to setting up a site structure with WordPress that
    most bloggers, programmers, developers and marketers will never
    tell you.

*  Setup WordPress as a Membership Site…
    When a WordPress membership site doesn’t make any sense at all!
    The free and paid solutions for WordPress membership sites and more.

*  Setup WordPress as an Affiliate Site…
    Get the “affiliate edge” by rising to the top of the affiliate rankings
    and inspiring discussion about the hottest products in your niche
    and you get all the commissions.

*  Must have Plugins
    the top 5 WordPress plugins you need to install out of the gate
    fully expained in 40 minutes. Hint: Use this in combination with
    the above WordPress tutorials. Build a list to get your membership
    prospects to finally subscribe. Use it to alert your potential
    affiliate buyers of new offers.

*  Quick start video
    showing you how to get a test blog installed in 49 seconds, the
    3 ways to avoid more WordPress difficulties, and the ONLY things
    you need to tweak in your theme. Mindmaps and HTML notes for
    these presentations so you have a permanent quick-reference
    guide for all the valuable advice you get with this great package.

*  MP3 audio recordings
    of all three hours of video so you can listen to them anywhere,
    iPod-encoded versions of the videos so you can watch them on your
    video iPod or iPhone. The reverse squeeze plugin which you can apply
    on top of all the methods I’ll show you in a minute.

Do the right thing now and get Nerd Blogger right now so you can stop guessing and fiddling around about which direction to take, and actually apply a proven launch strategy for WordPress.