Find a Person Online – How to Find a Person for Free on the Internet

In case you have lost contact to a family member or friend, there are several great people search services online that will help you locate anyone easily. However, it is possible to locate people for free. You can simply conduct free people searches online or offline.

With free people search you can unearth basic information about a person such as an address, email and phone number. In some cases you can also get other data such as work history, criminal, financial, education, marriage, birth, death and civic information. There are several options you can choose from when searching for a lost family member or friend online.

For example if you have the complete name of the person as well as the current zip code you could make use of the people search service on some sites such as Yahoo and Google. All you have to do is enter the person’s firstname, lastname, and zip code, within some seconds you will have the results right in front of you. In case you have information on which high school the person you are looking for attended you could simply use the alumni search online.

Another option is to conduct people search on online record databases. Public records can now be accessed online and data found there are usually from government and public records which can be quite accurate and comprehensive.

Another option to help locate lost contacts online is social networking websites. You can be amazed on the number of lost friends and relatives that you can locate via social networking websites. Social network sites are online communities made up by a lot of people in various social groups. Usually each member of the website posts a profile which may contain some personal information such as phone number, email, education background and date of birth. Nowadays it might be a great idea to register at one of the big social networking sites, by doing this you may be able to regain contact to several of your long lost friends. Once you have registered you can use the search feature on the site to search for people. Popular social network sites would include Hi5 and FaceBook.

Offline options to try to conduct free people search would include police departments, judicial courts, statistical agencies, sheriff’s offices. Most of these places require that you make an official written request which would include the reason for your wanting the search. However, if doing it this way you should expect it to take weeks.

Oftentimes you can find public records in churches, education centers, city councils and libraries which will assist you in finding people. You may however need to sift and go through tons of folders and files.
In conclusion free people searches are possible and could reveal from basic to quite in-depth information. You can conduct a people search both offline and online, however, doing an online people search will be a lot easier and faster.

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