Free Trackback Wizard

Helpful Tip #15

To check links to your posts you can use this free Trackback Wizard as follows:

Specify the trackback parameters by typing them in here or by giving them as URL parameters:

• trackback= Trackback URL of the blog that is cited.
• blog_name= Name of the citing blog
• title= Title of the citing post/page (default: blog_name)
• url= URL of the citing post/page (default: referring URL)

Blogger template
The typical way to use it in Blogger is to insert the following into your template:

<a href=”<$BlogItemTitle$>&blog_name=<$BlogTitle$>”>trackback</a>

somewhere on each post page. This will allow you to easily send trackbacks from your Blogger blog to your sources (if they do support trackbacks, of course).