Highly Targeted Program Hoppers

Monetize your Content in just 90 Seconds – Save Time and Generate Highly Targeted Traffic

Isn’t this the dream of every Internet Marketer? I guess yes, at least when I relate to my own wishes, goals and dreams.

I am an Affiliate to some of Stuart Sterlings products and inside my membership Stuart recommends to check a Viral Business Directory called “Program Hoppers”. Since I trust Stuart, and I know that he runs a very successful business with his first class tutorials and websites, I went there to check out this program.

The site is well done and it starts with this statement:

          Your Ad On 14,480+ Member Pages Means

          Generate More Of Each & Save Your Share Of
          $4,008,211.27 In Advertising Dollars
          With Program Hoppers Today!

A strong statement! Checking further I got convinced and signed up. The free version for itself is already very effective and shows results very fast. Truth is, I got 3 referrals within 24 hours and one of them was a paid member, generating me $ 5 in commissions. For sure, I was happy. But the downside of the free membership is that you have only one of your ads placed on your affiliate site. This ad is mixed within several other ads from other marketers. There is also a featured ad from a competitor.

For that reason I decided to become a Premier Member for $ 19.95. This membership runs for 6 month and now I can add 100 – yes hundred – of my own and best products I want to promote. 20 of these ads are now always shown on my affiliate site, including the featured ad. So there is nothing else shown than my own products. Really a great market place now.

And the more ads I  put in, the more viral traffic I get. You only need a good headline, 200 words of product description plus the URL of your site. Click and it’s live. This is the 90 seconds of work mentioned above. All ads are rotated within the system, actually on more than 14’350 sites, with more added almost every day.

An here the ClickBank affiliate products come into the play. Being part of the ClickBank affiliate program means you can earn a generous income as an affiliate. Program Hoppers is a simple and clever solution to develop an ever increasing income with ClickBank affiliate products. 

One last word: See here what else Stuart Sterling has on offer, it might be of great interest to you.