How and When to use Block Quotes

Helpful Tip #34

I just saw it in one blog.
You can check the exact text here.
It starts with <blockquote> and ends with </blockquote>.
Is this something search engines will index or skip the text inside this tag?

Use block quotes whenever your quote exceeds four lines of text.

Notice the Rules:

1. Block quotes are used only “If  a quotation runs more than four
lines in your paper” (Gibaldi 110).

2. Always use a colon at the end of the signal phrase.

3. Quotation marks are not used to open/close block quotes.

4. Block quotes are indented 10 spaces from the left margin, but if
a 10 space indentation makes the block quote match up with the
paper’s standard paragraph indentation then it is acceptable to
indent the block quote an additional tab space. It is not acceptable
for paragraph indentations and block quote indentations to match up,
for the block quote indentation must be deeper.

5. Block quotes run flush to the right margin.

6. Punctuation goes at the end of the quote’s final sentence, not
after the page number.

I hope this helps you well. Try it out!