How to add 100 Leads daily to your List…

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Well, you need to spend a little money first and a setup fee but get added the first 100 top class leads immediately.

Next, you need to be willing to invest 30-50 minutes per day to send out the preloaded mailings. Then wait and see. Open rates are between 12 and 19 %, click rates 10-15 % which both are very high.

For this reason, chances are very good to make a sale of two per mailing. Since every day you receive another 100 leads, your list builds up very fast and your earning potential is unlimited.

And better still: for every sale you make, you get another 100 leads daily on top. This means 1 sale = 100+100 leads, with another sale it will be 200+100 leads, etc.

Summing up: If you do the daily 30-50 minutes work and stay committed, your fist investment and then the recurring monthly fee of $30 will be paid within the first month.

I highly recommend to check it out right now. You only can win and work towards fulfilling your dreams. It’s just win-win.