How to Create a HTML Resource Box

Helpful Tip #10

When writing your articles you also need to include your Author’s Resource Box. It is there where you can put your links to your own Home Page or an Affiliate Product you were writing about. You must check the Terms and Conditions of the directory you use. Some allow no links in the text but only within the resource box. Others allow a maximum of 2-3 links in text and resource box. Also you may have up to max. 500 characters allowed as text in the resource box. Therefore use this marketing place best possible and optimised.

You should have your resource box stored as seperate document. One in plain text, where you simply type in the exact URL ( or make a Hyperlink, the other as HTML version. We will concentrate on the HTML version here:

To create your HTML version, you need an anchor text. This is simply the text between the href and /a tags. Below is the code you can use to create your resource box. You must type your link and anchor text in the appropriate places for each link you want to create:

<a href=””>Anchor Text</a>


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That is all about and you can now copy and paste your resource box into the special Resource Box field.