How to Find JV Partners the Easy Way

Tips on Approaching Joint Venture Partners

If you have trouble looking for joint venture partners this article written by Alvin Phang may be of help to you:

When launching a business, it’s important to understand that everyone has a different skill set. There may be one person who knows how to build a fantastic new way of pumping water, but he has no idea how to market it. In contrast, there might be someone who can build a business website, but has nothing to sell on a website.

It’s a common problem, and because of it, many great ideas never even get off the ground, no matter how revolutionary they are. It reminds of my childhood, when my father invented a revolutionary new water delivery system, but with no one to market it for him, it fell through the cracks.

Instances such as this one are where a Joint Venue Partner comes into play. If you have a great idea, but neither the money nor the knowledge to market it, then you can seek out someone who does have the money and the knowledge.

Your Joint Venue Partner will either put forth the money to help your business thrive, or will design the website you need to let the world know that you exist. When your business takes off, both of you split the profits and reap the benefits of your hard work.

Find These Joint Ventures

It sounds great, and it is, but the big question is, how does one locate a Joint Venue Partner? It’s a big world out there, and it may be hard to find that the right person to form that symbiotic relationship with you and your company, but believe me, they?re out there, you just have to find them. There are marketing forums out there, such as Warriorforum, which you might post on, stating that you are looking for a JVP, or in the best case scenario, you may encounter on one of these forums, a person who is looking for the same thing you are, it’s a perfect matchmaking scenario that you should take full advantage of.

The Approach

The next question, of course, is how to approach someone about being a Joint Venture Partner. If you are seeking funding, then know that a person will not give their money away any easier than you would give away your great new idea. Therefore in approaching someone, you must be professional, and both spelling and grammar must be top notch. Let’s say that you see a post on a marketing forum, and you think you’ve found someone that would be a great fit. You can either post on the forum, or you can send them an e-mail. If you were to send them an e-mail, it might go something like this:

           To Whom It May Concern,

         Greetings, I found your post on <forum name> and it occurs to
         me that we are both perusing similar goals. I have invented a
         method of producing synthetic strawberries using a state of the
         art replication system, and you are looking for great new ideas
         with which to start a business and invest in it. I would like
         to further discuss with you ways in which we might both profit
         from this great new discovery, and would appreciate it if we
         could sit down over coffee and discuss.

         Please contact me if you have any further interest, and of
         course, I have references listed below.

         Reference 1
         Reference 2
         Reference 3 

It’s quite important to state what you wish to market, but to also provide references so that the person you are contacting can research you and ensure that you are not a fraud, as unfortunately, fraud is a common occurrence on the Internet today, especially when anyone, can be anything, since no one can actually see your face. There is not guarantee that you will find the right person right away, but if you keep at it, and work hard, there will be no end to what you can accomplish.

Some Great Tips To Get Them

* Try to get their MSN or Skype and build a relationship through the online
  conversion with them

* Interview them to allow them to get to know you better first before you
  approach them

* Be kind and polite, you will be surprised how many nasty JV emails I
  get everyday 

* Always think in way, WHAT IS IT IN IT FOR HIM? Do not think for your
  personal gain first.

* Do Remember To Follow Up Too!

If you are trying to get someone who is a real important joint venture for your business, you must remember to follow up your request for your joint venture and this is real important when it comes to closing the deal. As most successful businessman, we are all busy and he or she may have missed out your email or simply is too busy to accept any joint ventures at the moment.

This article was written by Alvin Phang,the owner of the famous Atomic Blogging program.