How to Keep on the Money Saving Track

Understand where your Money goes – Keep on Track!

It is important to have an understanding of where you spend your money and how you could improve your saving and master your spending habits. The best thing is to keep a journal where you can see your successes and expenses. This can be a bit challenging and takes time to learn, but it’s well worth it.

By keeping a list of the ways you have saved money in front of you, you will be more encouraged to keep going. These successes can be small or large. You can then also compare with the budget and plans you have made earlier.

If you are in line, congratulations!
If not, you may have to do an analyses where you got astray.

For example, if you normally buy your lunch, costing you from $5.00 to $7.00 per day and one week straight you packed your own lunch for $3.00 per day that is a success. If you wanted to buy a new pair of shoes, but held off until it went on sale, saving 50%, that is another success.

Saving money requires some investigative skills, desire, determination and creativity. Once you get into the habit of saving money, you will feel much better about yourself and enjoy life even more without debt hanging over your head!

OK, go and compare the figures, do some fine tuning and keep on track. In case you did not write down your bills and savings, just start as per today. Do not go back to do things again, but stick to it from now on. This is the way to success, also with little things and steps.

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