How to Save and Profit from Dollar Stores

A great money saving tip are “One Dollar Stores”

Hit the dollar store first and you can save a nice amount of change on everyday item like laundry detergent, deodorant and on a large selection of your favored brands and favorites. At a first glance you might think that most items at the dollar store are of low quality but this is definitively not so.

Take some time to look around your nearest local dollar store and you will find many very useful items of good quality. Off course, there are things which might not fit to your ideas. Just leave them out and concentrate to buy only your really needed goods. Chances are great that you have more than one dollar store in your area including 

   – Dollar Tree
   – Dollar General
   – Family Dollar Stores
   – Variety Stores
   – KoleImports (99 cent store)
   – The Dollar $tore

And Wal-Mart Discount Store is also a great option, even if not exactly fixed to the $ 1 price level. 

You might be surprised at some of the great deals and bargains you can find at each of them. Since these stores have different sources where they buy their goods from, there is for sure a difference in the selection and quality. The merchandise changes weekly and sometimes you can find better deals on certain days.

Also look for special announcements or liquidations which are often announced in the local newspaper or with flyers to your mail box. It will pay off and you can easily save 10 – 25 % extra. Just look at it as fun and a kind of competition, even drink a cup of coffee with the savings. If you want to sign up for the whole 30 days eCourse on Super Savint Tips then go to this earlier Blog Post.

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