How To Use The Follow Me Twitter Concept

Twitter is still one of the best Traffic Sources!

It only takes a few minutes to follow someone on Twitter.  The “follow me on Twitter” concept is what people use to get people to communicate with them on their Twitter website.  This is the way that people will get to know you as you participate in conversation with them.

All it takes is a simple tweet to post to your site.  It has to be short and to the point because Twitter only allows 140 characters to use for each tweet.

Look for members that have already signed up and follow them first.  If you need to find followers you can either invite them to join Twitter or choose the “Public Timeline” link.  You will see other twitters listed.  You can select their username and activate the “Follow” button of those you want to follow.

Most of them will follow you back then.  Using the “follow me on Twitter” concept is the best way to get visitors to your website or affiliate recommendation. Important is to follow people which have about the same interest and preferences as you have. Tha’s the best guarantee to build a lon tail of followers and interested readers of your tweets.

Your followers will stop following you very quickly if you just promote one tweet after the other.  Before you start promoting your own business, you have to first establisha good  relationship with your followers.

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