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The new year 2010 is only a few days old and I hope many of you, my valued readers and subscribers have had some thoughts about what to do better or getting started with something that brings you a benefit, gain, education or other steps towards the fulfillment of  your dreams. If you are new or just considering to start your own online business in 2010, this highly recommended article might give you some good guidelines.

Starting An Online Business – Do It Right The First Time!
by Maggie Lietz – Copyright © 2003

Starting an online business is one of the most rewarding and self-satisfying experiences anyone who is interested in obtaining self-generating income can aspire to. Unfortunately, it can also be a cruel and demanding task, one that most people find difficult (if not impossible) to conquer.

The fact is, 95% of all those who come online hoping to establish and operate their own online business will fail. Or, at the very least, fall far short of their overall expectations.

So really the question is, how DO the small 5% minority manage to achieve online success? First and foremost…

Those who come online in hopes of starting an online business and ultimately succeed are individuals who were willing to invest the time and effort necessary to learn everything they need to know. Granted, that in itself can be a monumental task, especially when you consider how vast and wide valuable Internet resources are scattered.

It’s one thing to have the desire to start an online business. It’s quite another to gather all the information, resources, and tools necessary to implement (and ultimately develop) a financially successful online enterprise.

Just think about all the areas that are associated with starting an online business…

– Creating a website which involves mastering HTML coding and/or
  an advanced HTML text editor program

– Graphic design ability and/or the hiring of a professional to
  create a business logo

– Ecommerce which includes establishing an online credit card
  payment process (roughly 80% of all online purchases are made
  through credit cards)

– Knowing how to locate as well as choose the right products or
  services to sell

– Learning the art of online marketing, advertising, and promotion

– Learning how to submit to search engines as well as achieving
  a top listing in search results

– Creating (or hiring someone to write) effective sales generating

– Locating valuable tools and resources that help develop and/or
  automate your online business responsibilities

– Building and maintaining that critical and all-important opt-in
  mailing list

– Mastering email marketing techniques (for promotion as well
  as follow-up)

– Learning (and then keeping up with) any and all current and new
  online business and marketing trends

The list goes on and on. And in each of those categories, there are countless sub-categories, all necessary learning stages with regard to ultimate online success.

For many individuals, that equates to months or even years of constant research and learning. And that’s exactly why most people fail. They either don’t have that kind of time to invest or their other life obligations (such as family and job responsibilities) are already more than enough to handle.

So what can the average person do? How do you find time to learn everything you need to know about starting an online business without compromising your everyday responsibilities?

Well, it’s definitely not easy. But the most important aspect is seriously organizing your time and efforts, both online and off. And the best place to start is by determining what time frame is currently available.

Can you invest one hour every day? Then designate that hour. Be specific. Choose one that won’t seriously interfere with other obligations. And above all else, adhere to that particular hour to the best of your ability.

For example, let’s say there’s an hour available to you between the time you put the kids to bed and the time you yourself call it a night. That’s YOUR online education opportunity. Turn off the TV, take the phone off the hook, tell your spouse to take the dog for a long walk… whatever is necessary to remove any and all distractions during that one-hour time frame.

Once you’ve established this, use it to the highest advantage. Don’t even think about getting caught up in email, instant messaging, online games, or any other irrelevant activity. Remember, this particular hour is designated for LEARNING purposes and nothing else. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.

Now. I have no idea what your current level of “expertise” happens to be. So you’ll have to use your own judgment on what areas of starting an online business you yourself need to concentrate on.

The important thing is that you become educated in each and every area. And no, you won’t accomplish that quickly. But you do need to stay focused and learn bits and pieces of the entire puzzle one at a time.

Also, once you’ve accomplished (or learned) something, implement it. Sort of a practice session. For example, if you’re learning HTML coding, spend some time experimenting with different web page layouts and so forth. That way, the information you’ve acquired will “stick” with you.

Another good idea is to print out valuable and relevant information and place it in three-ring binders. Personally, I have dozens of these binders with information categorized and labeled (HTML coding, JavaScript snippets, marketing and promotion techniques, valuable online resources, etc.).

And I don’t just print this information to have physical access. It’s proven that you’ll learn quicker as well as retain what you’ve learned more readily if you read the information over several times. Plus, you can make notes in the margins, underline highly relevant points, and so forth.

And of course, you can easily refer to any and all subject matter at any given time. That way, you’re not wasting valuable time trying to find that certain website that explained in detail how to write and format a newsletter two months later.

Ok. You’re probably thinking, that’s all well and good but we’re still talking about months or even years to acquire the necessary information.

You’re right. Investing one hour a day and you’re looking at a very long educational journey. But there’s a very effective method of reducing that length of time to a mere fraction of what it would normally take.

Frequent websites that supply you with all the necessary information and tools in one location. That way, your one hour will be extremely productive (no searching all over the Internet, no additional hours hunting down leads and possible resources).

But even if you decide not to take advantage of those types of websites, you still need to concentrate on becoming educated. It may take longer, but regardless, attending to your overall education is absolutely imperative to your online success.

And believe me, you HAVE to take this particular aspect seriously. If you don’t, I’m afraid you’ll simply wind up in that dismal 95% category of failed online business attempts.

Maggie Lietz


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