Keywords To Improve Search Engine Ranking – Part 2

Here’s the sequel of Keywords To Improve Search Engine Ranking – Part 1.

6. Insert The Keyword Phrase In The Body Of Your Content

Insert your keyword phrase in the body of your content or blog post. The keyword phrase you utilize should be pointed out at least twice on the first paragraph and as many times as you can without committing keyword stuffing.

7. Put The Keyword In Anchor Text

It is advisable to create links that use your keyword phrase because search engines count link than those plain text. Avoid using links with anchor text telling, “Click here” or “more…” because of the fact that these links will do nothing to help you with your SEO. Put links with the keyword phrases as anchor texts in your website as several as permissible.

8. Use The Keyword In ALT Text

Online writers, bloggers and copywriters see most of the traffic sent to their sites came from the image searches on Google and other search engines. For SEO purposes, make the images you inserted on your page work for you. Ensure that the ALT text is the keyword phrase you’re using, the filenames and the captions contains your keywords or keyword phrases.

9. Avoid Applying HTML Block Quotes

Several issues regarding with block quote tag revolved around the net telling that Google and other popular search engines don’t read the text inside the HTML block quote tag when crawling a web page. It is best if this issue is kept in mind until further study is announced for guaranteed SEO purposes.

10. Reject Keyword Stuffing

Sites that use keyword stuffing for improved site rankings are penalized by search engines. Keyword stuffing is known as a form of spamming. Site that apply this black hat technique are banned by search engines. Some sites are deleted from the indexed sites because of keyword stuffing.To improve search engine ranking, follow the 10 tips.