List-Building System for Newbies

List P.R.O.F.I.T. System™ Highlights

This is how Jimmy D. Brown starts his website: “Give me just a few Minutes each Day and I’ll show you how to build your own Cash-Producing Opt-in List … even on a shoestring budget!”

Please take a minute to discover the one and only “System” for making money with lists:

1) The most important list-building decision you’ll ever make and how most
    people are wasting money on traffic, ads and promotions because they
    have overlooked this amazing principle.
2) Fife simple ways to benefit from your list without becoming an “offer
    harlot” instead of bombarding your list with “must have” offer after offer,
    learn to maximize your most important asset without driving them to the
    “unsubscribe” button!

3) How to automatically create a huge swipe file of successful email marketing
    subject lines from the top marketers in the world, see how to apply subject
    lines to niche marketers, spy on your competition’s subject lines and plug-in
    proven market research for your own subject lines, without spending
    a penny!

4) The #1 technique for getting my own subscribers to respond to mailings
    and take action on the messages sent to them and how you can put this
    technique to work for you on your very next mailing!

5) The fastest way to begin promoting your list for free, you can literally
    begin exposing your list to potential subscribers within 5 minutes!Note:
    While you won’t get an “explosion” of new subscribers, it IS a way to get
    almost instant promotion for your list.
6) How to get a steady trickle of new subscribers by using “forum marketing”,
    including 2 ways to add 5-10 new subscribers to your list every single day,
    in a month’s time that’s up to 150-300 fresh list members without spending
    a penny!

7) Then safe and simple ways to get new subscribers from your favorite
    forum,including how to create the PERFECT response to questions so
    readers head straight to your opt-in page to join your list!

 8) An easy-to-follow and newbie friendly 7-step system for creating your own
     “opt-in page” or “squeeze page” for convincing as high as 75 % of your
     visitors to join your list! Everything is broken down into “bite-sized”

There is still much more information to retrieve from these 94 pages and there is more included:

*  7 opt-in triggers that get subscribers to join your list like crazy including
    8 simple ways to increase the “perceived value” of your list + the one thing
    that every single subscriber wants RIGHT NOW that can convince them to
    instantly subscribe!

*  One of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn about your list, about
    your business! — that most marketers never realize. It’s the difference
    between making money and making a LOT of money, without hype, deceit or
    a gazillion mailings! 

*  How John Reese convinces people to join one of his lists by using Opt-In
    Trigger #3 … and how you can parlay this into new subscribers to your
    own list by simply adding a few words to your opt-in page!

*  3 proven-effective ideas (along with examples) for targeting specific
    demographics in your list-building for laser-precision results – plus how
    this allows you to broaden your marketing and promotions to niches not
    normally on your radar!

*  9 easy-to-use ideas for creating urgency so subscribers enter their name
    and email address now  + how to use “natural” urgency to get an instant
    boost to your opt-in conversion rate!

*  A powerful and profitable way to make money from your list without asking
    your subscribers to buy anything … this simple, 3-step system is one of
    the most lucrative methods of getting others to generate revenue!

*  6 “new” ways to use subject line personalization that virtually no one
    has ever heard of before, including how to get the subscriber to take
    “ownership” of your message! Note: There is MUCH more to personalizing
    a subject line than the standard, “Jimmy, here’s another message for
    you to read” nonsense that most people use!

*  How to write mailings that get your subscribers to take action, including 
    the #1 “skill” you need as a list owner in order to generate results from
    the messages you send to your list!

*  4 highly effective ways to get your emails past the spam filters and into
    the inboxes of your subscribers – it’s simple math, the higher your delivery
    rate, the higher your profit!

*  7 ways to take your list marketing to the “next level” of productivity and
    profitability including 7 weekly list marketing activities to complete and
    10 ways to analyze your competitor’s list marketing to perfect your own!

If you consider ordering today, you still might profit and receive both the Text (PDF) and Audio (MP3) Versions of the course! This ultimate guide to list-marketing for beginners and intermediates includes a comprehensive user manual, everything can be downloaded at your convenience and printed out. It also includes easy-to-follow instructions that are newbie friendly.

You will also have instant access to the Audio Version of the course which includes NINE (9) downloadable .MP3 files (over 2 hours of rock-solid content!) that you can load to your iPod, burn to a CD or listen to on your computer.

Are you beginning to see the value here? It is really a tremendous resource for beginners and intermediates to use.

I only slightly changed some wording as I felt that Jimmy has written this article in a very professional way and it would lose the drive and catch when the wording would be altered. Please make a comment, also giving me your thoughts and ideas to this theme.