Local Business Money Machine

Exactly What I Would Do To Create A 5-Figure Income Within 30 Days!

Meet the local marketing expert. Yes, in this brand new free video Kevin Wilke of Nitro Marketing has a candid one-on-one in-person interview with “Mr Big Local Marketing.” He knows everything  about doing online marketing for local businesses.

When you watch this 15 minute video, you will get the inside scoop on the following:

– How to go from walking door to door in the Texas summer heat as a roofer,
  to now leisurely working from a laptop in Starbucks doing simple online
  marketing for local businesses.

– How a Texas hail stormed changed his life.

– How much competition you will face in local markets?

– What’s the income potential for you when you do online marketing for
   local businesses?

– How much expertise do you really need to have to be successful?

– How many clients do you need to make a nice full-time income?

– How easy is it to get clients, especially if just starting out?

– And a lot more. The Webinar reveals all…

Today, Thursday, June 25th, Nitro is holding a free webinar to show you exactly how they and their students are making a fortune doing simple online marketing for offline business and hwo you you cando so too. So register for the webinar today here.

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