Magic Formula For List Building Success

This ‘tell all’ audio MP3 runs for 80 minutes and CANNOT BE PURCHASED ANYWHERE ELSE. Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodginson discuss and release some of their best and proven list building tactics. They also offer a written full version transcript for the whole discussion.

Here is just a little of what you will hear in this totally exclusive audio:
* How Jeremy personally used one of my secretly built systems to generate
   over 2 MILLION ad impressions for my own sites and a few other lucky
   list builders in a little under 2 months!
* Discover the most important thing you must do before even thinking about
   building a list. This vital piece of the puzzle, when missed, is what
   leads to the huge failure rate for most list builders.
* How Jeremy personally built a list of more than 60,000 targeted, responsive
   subscribers in less than 18 months starting from scratch.
* How to ‘filter’ and recruit only responsive leads. How to weed out the
   ‘freebie seekers’ and then build a strong relationship with people almost

* Discover a simple to implement tactic that will sky rocket your conversion
   rates on new subscriptions. Do not neglect to do this and throw away
   thousands of dollars!
* How to effectively get free advertising in other newsletters/ ezines.
   In fact Jeremy will share his secret tactic that gets him TOTALLY 100% FREE
   advertising, no upfront or backend costs at all!
* An immensely powerful 2 step tactic that will have affiliates and
   JV partners fighting amongst themselves to promote your site. This
   tactic can add thousands of new subscribers to your list OVERNIGHT
   and make you an instant online celebrity!

* The information you should be collecting now to protect yourself from
   spam complaints and avoid being shut down by your host. This includes
   details on the type of information you must give people to cover yourself
* A mistake that can be fatal to your online business and a simply daily
   routine you must get into to stop it happening.
* How frequently should you mail your list? It’s a common question.
   Following this simple rule will mean you NEVER get it wrong.
* How to win affiliate contests and promotions even when you’re competing
   with giant list builders.

* How to avoid a common mistake that will KILL any relationship you may
   have with your new subscribers?
* The key to great converting, successful promotions – and why even awesome
   deals fall flat (hint: it’s not always about the offer).

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