Motivation – Creed for Success

In these bad days self motivation is one of the most important tools you need to survive. Even if you are lucky to be still on the sunny side today, these 10 thoughts can give you strength and motivation.

Successful people rely on a personal belief system that includes the following truths:

  1. You can and must learn how to be a winner, it is not something you
      are born with.

  2. You are what you think you are. The way you think is the most powerful
      force in your existence.

  3. Your own reality can be created by you.

  4. Every adversity brings with it an equal or greater opportunity.

  5. Every one of your beliefs is chosen by you.

  6. If you NEVER accept defeat as a reality, and instead keep trying, you will
      never be defeated.

  7. What you can accomplish is limited only by obstacles that you impose
      on yourself.

  8. The ability to excel in at least one key area of your life already exists
      within you.

  9. Only great commitment will produce great success.

10. The support and cooperation of other people is essential to the
      achievement of any worthwhile goal.

Best success to implement and follow these 10 steps!