New – TopTierTraffic is Different

If you want to use a great and special Traffic Exchange, then TopTierTraffic might be the solution for your promotions. They open today, January 4, 2009 and already got over 3’500 new members at the time I write this post.  TopTierTraffic is a new sister exchange to WebBizInsider which is successful since 7 years with a membership of over 130’000 and still growing. Both exchanges are owned by Michael Graves.  

Mike’s slogan is “I am turning the traditional traffic exchange upside down with TopTierTraffic

How is TopTierTraffic going to revolutionize the way traffic exchanges work? It all starts with the Dynamic Matrix Structure. In addition to Traffic Credits earned by surfing and clicking email links, you will also earn Position Points. How many Position Points you earn in one week will determine how high you are in the matrix the following week. The person at the top of the Position Point leaderboard this week will be at the top of the matrix, with all other members under them next week. All members will earn credits from, and be able to email, the 6 levels of downline below them. Of course, you can always email anyone you personally referred as well.

When you join, you will see a special offer to upgrade to Premium Membership with TopTierTraffic and I advise you to take advantage of that One-Time-Offer as it will never be seen again. Premium Members receive Random Referrals added to their downline when a new member joins from my promotions. Given the number of new members expected in the next couple of weeks, all Premium Members are guaranteed an instant downline!

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