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How to clear web browser cache & cookies

Helpful Tip #32

Sometimes you need to clear your old files or you want to be sure to have the right cookies set for your affiliate program, etc. Since not every body is a techie, I hope this tips is of help to you.

Here are the steps of how to clear your web browser cache & cookies:

Go to Tools
Go to Options
Go to the Privacy tab
Click “Show Cookies”
Click “Remove all Cookies”
Internet Explorer 6:
Go To Tools
Go to Internet Options
In the “General” tab & under “Browsing History”, click “Delete”
Click “Delete Files” under “Temporary Internet Files”
Click OK & then OK again.

Internet Explorer 7
Go To Your Control Panel
Go to Internet Options
Under “Browsing History” click “Delete”
Click “Delete Cookies” under “Delete Cookies“

That’s it!

Please bear in mind that the browser programs are updaded frequently and therefore the steps or taps to click can be somewhat different than described. If you get into problems, go and have a look at the main website of your browser, Microsoft fro Internet Explorer and Mozilla for Firefox.

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Profit from The Secret Traffic Code

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It’s all about traffic generation I want to talk here.
Traffic is so important that you cannot learn enough about how to get it in the best and fastest way. For that reason, I suggest that you read and apply step-by-step “The Traffic Secret Code”  as you’ll never find an easier way to get a steady and growing flow of visitors to your websites.
In this Special Guide you will learn:
*  The secret formula for submitting quality unique articles
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    your articles to get the most exposure.
*  Before you post your article to any directory you must
    post at ______

*  The one thing you must do before you submit any article
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    cutting your site visitors by an average of 15%. It takes
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    article anywhere. And NO, it’s NOT,…
*  Set your readers up so that they almost have to click
    through from your article to your site.
*  The most important thing that you must know to get social
    bookmarking traffic to your site. Leave out this step and
    your social bookmarking efforts will be virtually in vain.
*  The two free online tools that make social bookmarking
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    “gurus” will come up with every excuse in the book to
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    there’s a little known secret to get it absolutely free,
    and you will be shown how.
You see, “The Secret Traffic Code” is a super easy to follow, step-by-step guide with over 8,000 words, packed with highly professional information that will bring a massive flood of continuous traffic to your websites for free.
Rest assured that this is not one of those ebooks that gives 20 different methods that may or may not work and isn’t detailed enough for you to know exactly what to do. Every question is really answered, nothing is left out. So grab your copy now! Click Here…

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I wish you berst success and many excellent opportunities. Please do not hesitate to comment on this theme.

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The New Premium Affilorama Is Available

Mark Ling’s Affilorama Premium is live again – My Review

Maybe you already heard of Mark’s great affiliate tutorial program, eventually you even were too late to join the last time. Because it sold out so fast, doors were closed for quite a long time now. In the meantime Affilorama got a great lift up and this one is even better than the first version Mark launched before…

Mark is going to show you how to be making real cash as an affiliate within 30 days, and probably be making enough to quit your day job within six months. He’s so confident that he can help you achieve that goal of being financially independent for two reasons:

1) It worked for him, even back when he didn’t know much and made
    lots of mistakes, but his system now is absolutely the best
    and Mark is earning at least five figures a week at the moment.

2) It has not just worked for him, he proved his system also on his
    dad. So if he actually proves it by helping somebody he cares
    about to change their life radically, that must be real winner.
    Marks father had worked in a completely non-Internet job for 32
    years, but he showed him how to become a successful affiliate
    and make enough income from this so he could leave his old job
    for ever…

What made the big difference was, that Mark showed his father exactly what to do, and how to do it. And this will apply to you too if you decide to try out the new Premium Affilorama. You’ll get access to his secret personal strategies and software tools to become a super affiliate very fast.

This is a quick overview of what you will get inside Mark’s Affilorama Premium:

* Monthly training – Mark and his team will teach you about different
   aspects of affiliate marketing like blogging, PPC secrets, getting
   free traffic from search engines, etc.

* Mark’s own covert affiliate tactics – As part of that monthly training,
   Mark will share his tactics that will give you HUGE competitive
   advantage even in high-competition niches. And they interview a
   different expert every month to reveal even more cutting-edge

* Full access to his software – You’ll get full access to 12 different
   private tools, along with free updates. I’m talking about tools that
   will help you gauge market competition and target less competitive
   keywords, a tool that will help you slash your PPC costs, another
   tool that will create awesome popovers for you, and more.

* More amazing tools will be added the over time, too.

* Free web hosting for up to 15 domains! That way you can be up and running
   as an affiliate even faster, without worrying about the cost of putting
   up a website.

* PLR articles you can use every month to boost your traffic and
   your commissions.

The training alone is worth every penny he’s charging for this. It’s really totally covering and excellent tutorial material. So, if you have been struggling to make affiliate marketing work for you, or if you haven’t started yet and you want to start right now, I can’t think of a better resource than Affilorama Premium.

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How to Dramatically Increase Your Web 2 Traffic

How to Dramatically Increase Your Web 2 Traffic

Would you like to exponentially increase your traffic while saving hours, guaranteed?

Submitting your latest blog posts to the various Web 2.0 news sites is a powerful method to generate immediate targeted traffic to your blog.

Everyone is loving the high-quality traffic and links they are generating. Submit to sites like DiggReddit, Shoutwire, Plime, Newsvine and Stumble Upon. The traffic coming back to your blog posts will be nearly instant. Not to mention the authority link building, which gets you into the engines faster and ranked higher and higher each passing month. And how can you do this all with as little effort as possible?

This is the good tip…

Whenever you make a post you should use a service called Only Wire to submit the post. It submits your content to 19 different social bookmarking sites. This means 19 instant backlinks to your site! And these are deep links, not just links to your main domain.

Here’s the problem though:

Submitting to these sites individually (even using RoboForm) is a time-consuming process. You have to copy your story title, link, description and tags into a notepad file and copy and paste to each site.

And this is the solution to this problem – Web2Submitter

Discover The Powerful Features Of This White-Hat Search Engine Optimization Tool…

* Saves and automatically processes logins for several of the most
high-traffic Web 2.0 news sites on the internet.

* Easily archive your stories (blog post) to make every submission
extremely easy and gives you the ability to recall it later.

* With the push of a button, the software fills the forms on these
sites so all you have to do is review and submit your story.

* Enter the content of your latest blog post one-time and submit to
all of the sites individually for maximum efficiency.

* Web2Submitter is a certified white-hat tool for promoting your
content… nothing shady is going on with Web2Submitter. It was
created solely to save you precious time.

* Saves you hours of time by streamlining your promotion process
for Web 2.0 sites. Your time is being used efficiently.

* Seamlessly runs from your desktop to make your post submissions
very easy. No memberships required to use the tool.

* The software is step-by-step and very easy to use, so a new or
experience Web 2.0 marketer can benefit from the software.

As you can see the software is straight-forward and either you are using Web 2.0 in your internet marketing or you are not. It’s is for guaranteed that the Web 2.0 sites will bring you traffic and Web2Submitter will save you a massive amount of time getting that traffic.

Your decision to grab this exclusive, one-of-a-kind software is simple depending on how you answer the following questions…

* Do you need more traffic to your blog?

* Do you want to use high-traffic Web 2.0 social news sites to
multiply your visitors?

* Are you looking for a simple, yet powerful traffic system you
can use right now?

* Do you want people visiting your site as quickly as 15 minutes
after you post?

How much is your time worth? I think it is priceless…

Since you are an entreprenuer and internet business owner – or will be one very soon – I know how much you value your time. You want to work efficiently and be as a productive as possible.

Web2Submitter will make you more efficient and the buzz group will jumpstart your Web 2.0 marketing. And the internet marketing sites, PlugIM and MarkTD, have been added to the software since the intro video was recorded. So you can see that this software is always on top of the market.

The Web2Submitter Software works with versions XP and Vista of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The software is installed directly on your desktop and you need an internet connection to submit to the social news sites.

This is a real time saver and it will again Explode your Income and Traffic…

Check it out and win!

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How to Change Copyright Dates for 2010

Helpful Tip #31

“Change All Those Web Page Copyright Dates In Seconds!”
by Maggie Lietz

It’s the last day of the year when you realize that the copyright date on your website needs to be changed. And, if your website merely constitutes a handful of pages, updating the copyright won’t be all that difficult or time-consuming.

On the other hand, let’s say you have a website with numerous pages. Or worse, several websites with numerous pages. Needless to say, changing the copyright date here, there, and everywhere would equate to a labor-intensive, time-consuming task.

And let’s face it. That’s definitely not something you would look forward to, especially when you’d prefer to be out there enjoying a New Year’s celebration.

Fortunately, there’s a method that takes all the work out of updating your web pages. It’s called dynamic content and here’s how it works.

First, you create a separate file (we’ll call it copyright.js). Within that document, you place the actual copyright information, exactly as you want it to appear on your web pages. Next, you insert a small piece of JavaScript within your HTML code.

When it comes time to update your pages, you merely change what’s in the copyright.js file and then upload the new version to your web server. Miraculously, every page of your website (where the JavaScript was inserted in the HTML code) is automatically changed to reflect the new information.

So now that we’ve talked about it in general terms, here are the exact instructions for setting this up, step by step.

Open a new document in Notepad (or a similar plain text editor) and type in the following:


The x’s are the actual content you want to appear on your page. For example, “Copyright 2000-2003”. Be aware, however, that there can’t be even one extra space in whatever you insert there. Just to be safe, you might want to turn off the word wrap feature to make certain the “document.write” is on one continuous line from start to finish.

When you’re done, save the document. If you can’t save it as copyright.js, not to worry. That can be accomplished through FTP when the file is uploaded to your web server. For right now, you can just save it with a .txt extension.

Next, insert the following JavaScript within the actual page HTML code, exactly where you want the copyright information to appear (you’ll need to replace each “[” and “]” with “<” and “>” respectively).

[SCRIPT language=”javascript” src=”copyright.js”][/SCRIPT]

The final step is to upload both the revised web page (with the JavaScript) and the copyright.js to your web server in ASCII mode. If you saved the latter as a .txt document, transfer it through FTP first and then rename it with the .js extension right there in your FTP program.

Now let’s review all the steps.

1. Type (or copy and paste) the document.write command shown above into a blank Notepad document.

2. Replace the x’s with your actual copyright information (i.e., “Copyright 2000-2003”).

3. Turn off “word wrap” to make certain there are no extra spaces or line breaks.

3. Save the document using a .txt extension for now.

4. Upload both documents (the HTML page and document.write file) to your web server directory via FTP in ASCII mode.

5. Change the .txt to a .js extension.

If the copyright information doesn’t display on the web page, re-check your code in both files. You either typed something incorrectly or there’s an extra space or line break in “document.write” that’s preventing the JavaScript from working.

Assuming all went according to plan, you now have a system in place that will save you a whole lot of time and effort. And when the last day of this year rolls around, you can simply input the new date in your copyright.js document, upload the new version to your server, and you’re done!

And while everyone else is scrambling to manually change the copyright date on each and every page of their website, you’ll be out enjoying all the New Year festivities.

Now, that’s dynamic! 😉

Maggie Lietz

Maggie Lietz specializes in writing, creating, and publishing ebooks. Plenty of valuable information about ebooks, online business, and Internet marketing is available on her website at Professional services include website and graphic design, copywriting, and ebook cover images.

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How to Organize Your Business in 2010

Tips to Grow Your Business…

A Simple Solution to Keeping Up with the Experts and Growing Your Business
As a business owner you know it’s important to spend a good chunk of your time planning and growing your business. Much of that time is also spent collecting and reviewing information from various industry experts.

In fact, each particular aspect of internet marketing and entrepreneurship has experts whom we turn to for advice. This expert advice and information is valuable and is used to help you plan and grow your business. And when you find a reputable, successful, credible and easy to understand expert it just makes good sense to learn from them.

Think about your own business and your own collection of expert advice. You probably have specific experts or websites you turn to for:


List builing & email marketing

Resell rights & private label right products

Product creation


Technology & software

Content writing

Teleseminars and webinars

Marketing blueprints and templates

Traffic generation

Affiliate marketing

And more.

Trying to keep up with all this content poses a problem, actually it poses several problems.

The first and maybe the biggest problem is that you have to keep track of all of this content. Most of the time this means organizing the PDFs, audio and video files you download into labeled files on your desktop. This of course is bulky and by the time you get around to reading it, the information is outdated. You’ve wasted your time and potentially your money.

If you actually took the time to read all of the content you download from your chosen experts you’d spend weeks just reading and not really getting much else done. While there’s a lot to say for getting an education online, you’re a business person and your time is money.

You need faster, easier access to all of the most recent information.

The Simpler Solution Is a Membership Site.

A membership site makes it significantly easier to stay on top of the most recent changes, trends, and information in your industry and in the world of internet marketing. Internet marketing changes quickly as technology changes, customers’ needs change and marketing techniques and strategies change.

A membership site beats a static e-book or even a multi-media course, because it is a living entity, which grows as you do. Membership site owners, if it’s a quality site, are always adding fresh material, as better ways and new techniques evolve.

And when it comes to buying resell products, to sell, giveaway and/or promote for affiliate income, it makes much more sense to belong to a membership site where you know the content isn’t being distributed to thousands of people and you know the products are quality products.

So this makes the content overload problem a bit simpler, right?

Now, instead of downloading tons and tons of content to put in the “To read soon” file on your computer, all you have to do is schedule time during your week to visit your membership site and see what’s new. Many membership sites also have an RSS feed and are great about keeping you up to date on all the new information being added to the site.

Or better yet, if you’re planning your business, as you should be on a regular basis, and you’re working on say your product launch plan for the next couple of months, you can simply go to the membership site that focuses on product launching techniques and strategies and use the most recent and up to date information to help you plan.

But there’s still a potential problem.

Too many membership sites can also be overwhelming not just because you have to remember all of your membership sites and log-on information but perhaps more importantly all those membership fees really add up.

It’s like belonging to ten different gyms. One for weight lifting, one for swimming, one for yoga, one for cycling and so on. Sure you’re getting the best of the best information but you’re also spending a ton of cash on all of those memberships.

A Simple Solution

A simple solution has been found. It’s a single entry point that accesses the best of all the membership sites online and groups them into one single membership. The benefits, beyond not having to keep track of all of the membership sites you belong to and their corresponding log-in information is the fact that it’s just plain cost effective.

This simple solution means you can access copywriting experts, product creation experts, access resell rights products, utilize cutting edge software, find blueprints, templates and everything else you need to build a successful internet business all on one membership site.

To learn more about how you can grow your business with this simple solution to expert content overload and how you can access the best membership sites from one single privileged membership, visit

Article by Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodginson.
For more information, please visit their Blog here at

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Get Your Newbie Quickstart Guide Now

Everything You Need to Get Started Quickly Earning Cash

If you are just starting out marketing on the Internet, you have PERFECT timing! Ken McArthur and Chris Moos have just launched a very limited BETA mentoring program that’s designed specifically for people just starting out who want to make a decent living online. You can opt-in for the zero cost video series and then check out the beta program for free here.

Ken McArthur is the best-selling author of “Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World,” has enabled thousands of people to achieve amazing impact by championing the philosophy that partnerships and collaboration build value for everyone.

The popular host of jvAlert Live — a series of live events that bring top-level marketers together to create multi-million dollar joint venture relationships — he creates incredible, intense impact for product launches and multi-million dollar profits in surprisingly short timeframes.

Regularly asked to speak at leading marketing events, he has managed product launches ranked in the top 400 sites on the Internet.

And then there’s Chris Moos!

Chris is the brains behind the entire application platform for the IMPACT system. He was one of the guys behind the Democratic Nation Convention,, SprintPCS and many other websites. One of the early pioneers on the commercial Internet, Chris’ major industry clients include:

AOL, Compuserve, AT&T, Sprint PCS, First Data Corp,
Swissair (today Swiss Airlines), Shawmut Bank,
Bank of New England, Telegea, Elcom Services,
Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Abbot Labs, Philips Medical,
CompUSA, Stride Rite Shoes,, Reebok,
Metropolitan Life, Pitney Bowes, Exxon Mobil, CMGI,
Navisite, Canadian Pacific, Verizon (,
Westin Hotels, Local, State and U.S. Government
Agencies as well as many, many others.

For the first time ever, you can be personally mentored by BOTH Ken and Chris!

Ken and Chris are accepting members into their Beta team for the all new Newbie Quick Start Mentorship Program right now, but it won’t last long. In fact, there are only 50 slots MAXIMUM available in this entire beta program and it will never be offered again..

If you aren’t familiar with what Beta programs are like, don’t worry because this one is a little different anyway. For just a moment, throw away all of your ideas about what a beta program is like and imagine that you could grab a multi-thousand dollar home study course for pennies on the dollar.

Then imagine that you had a team of people who wanted to help you create a very quick and significant success story and who would do anything that they could to make it happen.

The entire team WILL be very highly motivated to do exactly that, because the whole idea of the beta program is to ensure that Ken and Chris have success stories to share when the full launch happens.


The materials covered in this course have been sold repeatedly for $1,497.00 and that course is not even available for sale anymore. Imagine that you could get the entire contents of the original materials for a fraction of the cost of the original package.

Then imagine that you got personalized mentoring for 12 solid weeks to help you get started. That’s personal hand-holding every step of the way.

Then imagine that you get EVERY single element of the brand NEW Newbie Quick Start home study series as it is released and that you can continue getting advanced PERSONAL training for as long as you want to get it. Your success story could be the very next one to be plastered all over the Newbie Quick Start launch page.

When Ken launched the original Info Product Blueprint, he mentored Sterling Valentine from no product, no list and no joint venture partners to over $100,000.00 in sales in 92 days. For this launch, Ken and Chris want YOU to be the success story.

“World-Class Personal Mentoring You Can Afford!”

So what’s the catch?

Well first of all — EVEN IF YOU DON’T WANT IN THE BETA –you can pick up some great video resources that won’t cost you a cent right here

Once you fill out the simple form for the videos, you’ll be instantly taken to a page that spells out all the details for the BETA program. In the personalized mentoring calls Ken and Chris will be mentoring you directly on your own personal project as you start the creation process and overcome any challenges you may meet on the way to massive success. Those sessions are high-level, personal mentoring sessions to get YOUR business ideas completed and profitable.

Think about it.

If you take $1,497.00 worth of solid content, are personally, taught, coached and mentored for 12 solid weeks by the best of the best — there’s no way you can’t produce a quality Internet business that can earn you back your investment ten times over.

You Get To Keep These Skills for Life! This is not a “do one project and your done” kind of return you are getting here.This is a life-changing, quality of life skill set that no one can take away from you! Sterling did it and created a product that sold for $997. Tons of copies were sold and his life. changed…

Ken and Chris are only accepting a MAXIMUM of 50 people into this one-time program and it’s first-come, first served. This Beta Program Will NEVER be Repeated. So its your choice!

Option One:

You can wait until Ken and Chris send this out to their full lists, hold a kickoff teleconference to get people excited and then take action. Or …

Option Two:

You can sign-up right this second and claim your spot.

The problem with option one is that it’s first come, first served and they can’t give you a slot once they pass the magic number. Once the slots are claimed, that’s it. That means that you could miss out. Will you?

I am really not sure about you, but I do know this. I’m going to promote this offer my entire list It’s hard to imagine that Ken and Chris cannot fill all 50 slots quickly at this special beta price very fast. And to make your decision easier, Ken and Chris are going to give you a full 30 day guarantee, so there’s no risk at all.

If you don’t see the value after 30 days of incredible materials, personalized mentoring and support from some of the best in the world, then obviously it’s not a good fit and they don’t want your money. There is nothing to lose! All you need to do is claim one of the remaining slots here.

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The Downside of Shared Web Hosting

A stable, well managed website is the goal that most site owners have for their work. When it comes to hosting their sites though, the one factor that overrides everything else is that of cost. Not everybody has sufficient funding in place to pay for not only a web design team, but proper hosting as well.

It is for this cost consideration that the majority of website owner’s sign up for shared web hosting instead of dedicated. When compared to free web hosting, shared web hosting is a great alternative, while still being fairly cheap. But for this very reason, shared web hosting also has a lot of disadvantages to contend with. And some of these could affect the future growth of your site. A couple of these disadvantages are outlined below.

Reliability is a huge issue to take on board. Shared web hosting services are not always deemed to be very reliable. The reason is because there are so many websites being hosted on the same server, probably hundreds, and that are all sharing the one server’s resources. It is this sharing of the resources that causes the main reliability problems.

You also have to think about issues with upgrading. As you will have to pay the extra money to upgrade, whether it’s from free to shared, or shared to dedicated, can you be guaranteed the service will be that of what you are paying for? What guarantees do you have?

There could also be issues with the number of add-on domains a particular shared web host offers you. This is not to say all shared web hosts don’t deliver on what they offer, but some struggle to give you even a percentage of the add-on domains they promise. You will also find that technical support can cause some problems for certain hosts. Or rather, lack of proper technical support. Most web hosts have a good tech support in place, but then again some don’t.

If you have a site then you need to choose the best web hosting by pixelinternet, whether this is wordpress web hosting or oscommerce web hosting you must make sure that you choose a cracking and reliable site.

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Invitation To The New Year Giveaway JV

The Biggest Ever New Years Event 2010 Is Here!

When it comes to giveaway events certainly not all of them are created equally. In the last year we have seen hundreds of giveaway events crop up all over the place. Some of these switch between niches, and also try to cater to a different theme to give a giveaway event a certain uniqueness. Some can be fairly successful, and others, well – sort of fall flat on their face.

The original and most successful giveaway New Years Giveaway event has just swung open their doors for the third time. Guido Nussbaum and Davin Ogden brought this event to list builders everywhere in both 2007 and 2008.

Both years were extremely successful, especially last year. Last year the event completely smashed many records for the amount of contributors and members who came through their doors. In total there was over 20,000 contributors and members who were signed up for this event! Now if that doesn’t tell you that these guys know how to put on one hell of an event, I’m not sure what does!

Putting on an event like this does take some planning. With their events they offer contributors many more ways to profit from the event as compared to many out there. Also, with their contests and prizes it’s become a complete favorite for marketers every year. If there is one event out of a year that you want to be a part of, this is the one!

You can generally expect a ton of signups for your list through this event. Promoters work this event very hard. They make it a win/win situation for all that are involved. If you are a new marketer on the scene, looking for a way to kick start your list into overdrive, then this event will help you a lot! That said, do not think you can come into this event and simply ride off the tails of the bigger marketers promotional efforts. If you want to benefit you must promote the event yourself.

Promoting the event is only fair for all involved. The great thing is, that Guido and Davin provide newer marketers with training material so they can successfully promote the event themselves. You’ll receive marketing tactics that bring results every other day by email. They make it so easy for you!

I suggest you hop onboard this event right now! This is definitely one killer event you don’t want to miss out on. It’s time to enter 2010 with a bang – enter it with hundreds of new subscribers to your mailing list – get on it!

Right now there are some 100 free products ready for download. This will grow every day and finally you get a choice of more than 1000 free downloads. Alone this great selection of valuable stuff makes it worthwile to sign up and get what you need.

I recommend to sign up as a Contributer. However, if you have no products to give away for free, then you might be interested in downloading free products. In this case, please sign up as a Free Member.

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Affiliate Marketers Critical Mistakes

10 Critical Mistakes that Most Affiliate Marketers Make
by Derrick VanDyke

If you promote products as an affiliate and you’re not experiencing the success that you want and deserve, then I can almost guarantee you’re making one or more of these critical mistakes…

Critical Mistake #1: Not Building a List

The biggest mistake that affiliates make is sending prospects directly to a merchant’s website. If you do that, you’ll miss out on the chance to build your own list, and that list is the basis of your long-term profits.

Think about this…

If you spend time and money to drive traffic to a merchant’s website, fewer than 5% will buy. So what happens to the 95% who don’t buy? If you aren’t capturing your visitor’s email addresses, you’re throwing money right down the drain.

Why drive traffic to a merchant’s website and hope for a sale, when you can get them on your list first and have more control over the conversion process?

If you get people to join your list first, that gives you a chance to build rapport with your subscribers and they’ll be much more likely to buy the products that you recommend.

The long-term profit potential of your business will rely on repeat sales from the same customers. If you have a list of subscribers who trust you and believe the products you recommend will truly help them succeed, then you can sell multiple products to the same people and maximize your income.

Can you see why it’s so important to capture leads? That ends up being the most critical skill in affiliate marketing, and many people neglect it entirely.

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you simply have to capture leads and build a responsive list of raving fans and repeat buyers.

Critical Mistake #2: Focusing on Short Term Profits

Most of the “How to make money products” focus short-term profits. Because that’s what the market wants! It’s like illegal drugs: if there were no demand, the supply would dry up and go away.

The problem is that once the techniques stop working, your income stops and you have to scramble to find the next shortcut.

When AdSense was hot, I bought some software that created hundreds of pages that were picked up by Google and I was making $50 to $100 every day from one site. So I thought I was going to be rich practically overnight! All I had to do was make hundreds of these sites and watch my income skyrocket…

Shortly after, Google “slapped” the whole industry and I watched my income dry up overnight. Thankfully, that wasn’t my only source of income. Short cuts don’t give you the consistency or confidence you need.

What you really need is a business that produces consistent income that grows over time and is impervious to Google or any other factors.

Critical Mistake #3: Choosing the Wrong Niche

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Well I say, “Follow the money and then you’ll have the time and freedom to do what you love.”

You don’t want to waste your time promoting products that won’t make you any money. So you need to select a market in which there is already money being made.

Many new marketers think you need to find untapped niche markets to be successful. But markets with high demand and no competition are rare. You might be able to make a little money in a niche market where there is little competition. But you can’t build a business in a market with low demand.

You want a passionate market of people who will do anything for a solution to their problem. And you want a competitive market where a lot of money is already being spent.

There will always be room in a market of cash-in-hand buyers. All you need is a small slice of the pie.

Critical Mistake #4: Promoting Too Many Niches

When I talk about niches, I mean categories and subcategories within the same market. For example, let’s look at the “Make Money” niche.

There are many ways to make money like Forex Trading, playing poker, and betting on horses. So “Internet Marketing” is actually a niche market and “Generating Traffic” is sub-niche of that market, and “pay-per-click advertising” is a sub-sub-niche of that market.

That may be confusing, but stay with me…

If you promote a Google AdWords product to your list one day and then a Twitter product the next day, your readers will just get confused. Instead you should survey your subscribers, find out which traffic generation technique that their most interested in learning about, and then get those people onto a sub-list.

Then you can provide them with the content they really want and will be more likely to buy the niche product you recommend.

Critical Mistake #5: Promoting the Wrong Products

The products you promote to your list will reflect on your character and your marketing ethics…and will eventually affect your income. If you promote the latest, greatest product launch just because everyone else is, or you promote products that you haven’t purchased and evaluated, you risk losing the respect of your subscribers. You may a sale, but you won’t sell anything else to a person who bought the junk you recommended.

If you don’t truly believe that the product you’re promoting will help your subscribers succeed, then you shouldn’t recommend it.

I know that’s difficult to accept, but it’s true. When you believe in the product you’re promoting, it’s be so much easier to sell and you’ll make much more money in the process.

Critical Mistake #6: Promoting Too Many Products

Have you ever been to a web page or blog where there are dozens of flashy banners and affiliate links? It’s scary, I know. That type of “shotgun” approach is another huge mistake that most affiliates make.

But it’s not their fault…they’ve been fed the wrong information by “me-too” marketers who don’t know what the heck their talking about. And it’s not their fault either. They just regurgitate information that they were fed by someone else!

Let’s set the record straight…More is not better! And the sooner you realize that, the sooner your income will start to grow.

Focus on one product at a time. Learn everything about it and develop unique marketing materials to promote it. Create a free report, set up a squeeze page, and add multiple followups to your autoresponder. Once you have consistent sales, then you can repeat the process with another product.

Critical Mistake #7: Only Promoting Front End Products

The most expensive cost of any business is the acquisition of a customer. And even if you’re promoting as an affiliate, it still costs you time and money to get people to buy.

If you just focus on front-end sales, you’re missing out on the life-time value of your customers. You need to focus on converting front-end customers into life-long buyers and make more money on the back end. And if your market doesn’t have a back end, then you’re in the wrong market.

You also want to make sure that your front-end product has massive value, because customers are more likely to buy additional products in the same niche if they had a pleasant experience with the initial sale.

Critical Mistake #8: Trying to “Sell” Your Prospects

Have you ever been in a store and you know exactly what you want, but you can’t find anyone to sell it to you? It’s very frustrating. On the other hand, it’s annoying when you walk into a store just to browse and you’re hounded by relentless salespeople!

The only time I like to be sold is when I’ve already made the decision to buy. I’m sure you feel the same way. You want to make an informed decision and not be rushed into a purchase.

Your job as an affiliate is to be a trusted advisor because people buy from people they trust. And if you only promote high-quality products that over deliver, then your subscribers will look forward to your next promotion.

That doesn’t mean you have to wait weeks to promote anything to your subscribers. In fact, you should promote your front-end product right away. It does mean that you should give first and sell second.

Give your subscribers valuable content to that’s good enough to sell. And don’t ask for anything in return. Then give them a special offer that they’d have a hard time turning down. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Critical Mistake #9: Believing in the Easy Button

I’ve always been told that the word “work” is a “four letter word” when it comes to writing sales copy, and that it should be avoided at all cost. The reason is because most people truly want to believe that there is an “easy button” somewhere that they can just push and money will come flying out of there computer.

Does this sound familiar? “Make money online without a website or a product working just 15 minutes a day in your pajamas!”

The sooner you acknowledge that the “easy button” doesn’t exist the faster your business will grow. Once you accept that you have to build a real business to make money online, you’ll see more success that 95% of all affiliates.

As long as you believe or even think that there might be an easy button out there somewhere, you won’t invest in yourself and you won’t have the drive or determination to build a real online business.

I don’t mean to scare you, but it will take some work. But compared with starting an offline business or getting a college degree, this is easy and you can get started with just $100 or less!

Critical Mistake #10: Not Believing in Yourself

Have you ever tried to explain what you’re trying to do online to a friend? Did your friend think you were crazy and tell you not to quit your day job?

That’s the same reaction I got when I first started and I know it’s not easy to stay motivated and committed when people are telling you that you’ll never make any money at this and you’re wasting your time.

Here’s the cold hard truth…

If you don’t believe in what you do, then no one else will believe you either. And if you don’t believe in the products you promote, then no one will buy from you.

If you’ve tried and failed, you can’t put the blame on anyone else. You and you alone are responsible for your success and your failures.

Stop looking for excuses and accept your results. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Make the decision to succeed and keep taking action until you reach your goal.

If you believe in yourself and what you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll open a new door that leads to an abundance of wealth.

I hope this article inspires you to make some big changes in your marketing that will help you prosper in 2010!

This article was written by Derrick VanDyke of Affiliate Cash Secrets which i higly recommend to get your online business going fast. Read more from Derrick at his Blog.

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3 Affiliate Marketing Tools

To assist you in developing a plan, Web Business Tools has created a list of affiliate marketing tools that are essential for every work at home business.

Tool Number One
Your Own Website

When it comes to affiliate marketing, your website is not only your most important tool; it is the key to your success. In addition to being user-friendly, your site should also be credible and professional looking. If you are interested in using one of these programs as an Internet home business opportunity, you will want to begin by building a website that will serve your needs. To come up with ideas, search the web and see what others are doing.

If you are unable to build your own website, there are many different professional web development companies who can. They may also be able to help you develop optimized content that will be relevant to your Internet home business opportunity. If you are not interested in hiring someone, there are also software programs that can be purchased which will teach you all about website building and website development.

Tool Number Two

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you must encourage people to click on links for the products and services that you are promoting. To help build a clientele, create an opt-in email list, newsletter, or e-zine. If you really want to increase the profits of your work at home business, offer incentives, such as free software, services, etc., that will encourage people to subscribe to your publications. As with any Internet home business opportunity, promotion is the difference between success and failure.

Tool Number 3

Affiliate marketing success depends heavily upon the traffic that comes through your website. Your search engine ranking typically determines your traffic level, but another factor is link popularity.

To gain link popularity, you can submit your site’s link to other websites, free newsletters, etc. The more times you submit, the more chances you have to become a popular destination, which in turn, provides you with more chances to make your Internet home business opportunity a success.

Having your own work at home business can be a satisfying experience. If you want to make the dream come true, give affiliate marketing a try. By taking time to learn more about affiliate marketing programs, affiliate marketing tools, and other Internet home business opportunities, you can develop a successful work at home business.

About he author: Jeff Anderson works on green hosting and affordable web hosting.

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Set Up Your Surefire Success for 2010 Now

Hhow to set yourself up for success in 2010…

Time passes fast and we are already heading towards Christmas in less than two weks. So let’s turn to some positive thoughts and what to do best in 2010 to get our online business on a succussful and prosperous path.

I am myself a member of quite a few  sites of Jeremy Gislason and he has always delivered great stuff and advice. Now he has devised a sizzling, take-it-to-the-bank package, just for you, to make sure 2010 can be your best year yet. And I think it is an absolutely great selection of high end tools and information.

It really is a complete no-brainer, because he’s giving you a lifetime’s top level access to his top ten, five-start membership sites. And if you get some time, I recommend to take a full 30 days to test drive it all. And, here are all the the advantage Privileged Membershis gives you…

Because you’re getting a boatload of Master Reseller and other licenses on red hot products, such as books, courses, videos and software (and other items too hot to mention in an open blog), which you can use to pour cash straight into your PayPal account.

That way, when the 30 days trial is up, you’ll not only have enough to cover the pitifully tiny payment for all this PLUS enough left over for the best ever New Year’s party.

This is really such a lucrative giveaway, so don’t waste another minute before you go and get this high level membership.

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How to Unleash your Web 2.0 Income Traffic Storm

How to get highly targeted traffic with web 2.0

Yesterday, I launched my Income Traffic Explosion eBook which is all about how to generate an avalanche of Web 2.0  traffic, focussed to your niche. In this over 100 pages strong manual everything is revealed. A complementary series of videos helps you to implement all the many opportunities step-by step.

Here is a short overview on what this eBook and Videos are about.

Basically, web 2.0 is a platform that allows people to connect and interact with the website, as well as with each other and share information online. Therefore, web 2.0 encompasses all those online communities like

– Blogs
– Squidoo, Hubpages and others
– Social Networking Websites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
– Video sharing websites like YouTube
– Social book marking sites like Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.

The question is, how do you get the web 2.0 to give you a steady and growing flow of highly targeted traffic? And it is a fact that every Internet marketer loves free and niche focussed traffic!

As users have a highlevel of interaction, passing around information to each other, the Web 2 Sites have become very popular recently. As a result of this, there are hundreds of niche topics and markets people tend to be a part of. And just because of this, the web 2.0 social networking sites have become a goldmine for us Internet Marketers.

That means, we all are part of a huge market to which we can market our products and services, and not spend a dime towards this effort.

The first task is to find the most popular web 2.0 community based websites where you are allowed to insert your URL. This will help people who want to share your information, making your URL more visible as it gets passed around and this, in turn, brings back laser focusses traffic to your website.

You will be amazed at the number of marketers who are still not using the power of the web 2.0 to get an income traffic explosion, even much more than the search engines can turn up. Therefore, please create your free account right away with the following top ranked sites, and start building your community, with links that point to your main website.


Creating a profile on these sites is quite easy and all you need to do is spend around fifteen to twenty minutes on these sites every day. You can increase your page rank with the search engines by creating multiple user profiles for related topics. Once this is done, link these profiles to each other.

On most of these sites you will find a Forum or a Discussion Board that allows its members to discuss any topic. These are highly influential locations where members share their stuff, ideas and questions. Social networking sites allow you also to belong to different groups or networks within the site.

Web 2.0 sites are great places to share viral videos, which are a very effective marketing medium online. Millions of viewers see and share videos that appeal to them, thus spreading the marketing message and driving traffic to your website.

Most of these social networking sites let you feature links to your website and blog. For any Internet Marketer, one-way links and traffic along with high search engine page rankings are crucial to their success. Web 2.0 helps you to achieve all these, free of cost and fast.

You only have to unleash your Web 2.0 Traffic Storm and it will be in a short time only that you will see results in increased website traffic and thus income. So, please take advantage of these great and free tools right now. Do not hesitate, get started!

To find out more ways to leverage web 2.0 you can grab your copy of the “Web 2.0 Income Traffic Explosion Guide” here. Do it now! Read it, implement it and then tell me your results. I love to hear from you soon to share comments and ideas.

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Web 2.0 Income Traffic Explosion Released

Unleash your Traffic Storm – Get your Free Ebook Now!

I have just released my Income Traffic Explosion Ebook which explains on over 100 sites all the essential features about Web 2.0 Traffic and how to explode your Traffic Storm Stampede.

Would you like to have unstoppable Traffic to any of your websites, day and night?

Do you think this is impossible?

It is not!

Grab this step-by-step tutorial and Kick off Your Web 2.0 Income Traffic Explosion now. You will be surprised how fast you can double and trible your website traffic, just using these proven Web 2.0 tools and tricks.

And it will even be fun to do. I know it, I actually do it right now. Unleash your Web 2.0 Traffic Storm now and implement all the strategies to boost your online income.

And you can get it all for FREE here…

Please let me know what you think and how you are working on your Web 2.0 Traffic Storm Success.


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How To Screw Google

Learn From The Screw Google List Profit System

No Seo Results? No Sales yet? Maybe you’re  just trying too hard…

I think it is our most wanted goal to have our sites ranking on the first site at Google, not just some time in the future, but really fast and not for one day only. So it seems to me that many marketers and newbies are trying very hard and become a kind of obsessed with it!

That is the reason why there are so many SEO courses on the market. The audience is huge, for sure. But there is just no guarantee for Google success!

Imagine: What would happen if one or even many of your website got 1000 to 3000 visitors today? Could you also imagine that eventually this could have just nothing to do with Google? It really can happen!

It’s a brand new release…

You get the chance to copy The Exact Same System that can produce 2,000 Visitors, 600+ Leads and a cash amount of over $300.00, all in one day and – believe it or not – without the help of a Google ranking.

If you get to apply this proven system, you never need thinking again about SEO, Backlinks, PPC or the dreadsome fighting for top spots at the search engines. It convinced me, so it might do the same for you too…

Get all the details here.

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