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Remote Working Part 3 – Best online software

Quickbooks Login

self management more….

Before I show you my collection of great net tools that will definitely help you to work remotely, I should discuss one more point concerning self discipline and especially to do with maintaining your focus and powers of concentration

I’ve observed and confirmed a consistent behavior in acquaintances who work online and I’ve known for some time and I call this trait the 50 min rule. I uncovered these colleagues who apply themselves and work for fifty minutes and then always take a whole 10 mins. rest and are considerably more productive and generate a substantially greater quality of work than members of both sexes who don’t have such distinct working practises.

OK as promised I present you with my list of preferred remote working online services:


Google Mail doesn’t cost anything. My friends and I all agree the search & label (categories) functions are second to none. So far the only gripe I have is that it runs a bit slow on not so new PC’s

Phone calls

occasionally drove me to despair as the connection quality and reliability was atrocious, but hats off for the software tech’s at Skype now as they have considerably refined the quality of the service. For just a few bucks a quarter ! can call and conference in any telephone and Skype user on Earth. The current edition of Skype has a wealth of excellent features and there is an ever growing list of practical add on applications.

Organising Content

has reached over a million users in a very short space of time – it lets you to store, organise and annotate any type of digital content on the web. Just go check it out…it’s free.

Invoicing, Time and Expenses capture, Accounting and CRM

You surely know that my desire to work remotely was originally inspired by Quickbooks Online, a small business accounting software system. But it is shadowed by the free edition of – a lead to cash system that’s as easy to use as a pc mouse I looked at NetSuite whose pricing (and people) scared me off. My choice here is – Go check it out.

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Learn How To Get Backlinks In Enormous Quantities For Free

One way backlinks is one of the finest and best methods to get free web site traffic in high positions in search engines and milk these positions for centered traffic. But to get more web site traffic is a gigantic job.

Free Traffic System is a new project that helps to increase site traffic free for you and get high quality one way links at no cost – unlimited number of one way links, because you build as many as you need. Moreover, Free Traffic System has integrated a brand spanking new idea of viral selling, helping to improve web site traffic for you and giving perks to its members with bonus one way links.

Before getting to the viral part of the project, it’s vital to explain where precisely you are getting these backlinks. The backlinks are built inside real blog posts, not in the footer or blogroll – in the very body of the genuine, unique blog post. This is the most safe way to build one way links, because you give real unique content to the visitors in the blog articles and search engines will always welcome it – search engines were made to help folk in finding quality information in the Net.

You get backlinks from important sites that belong to real folk in different niches. Natural, safe and smart way to increase backlinks at no cost. You submit one article to Free Traffic System and it converts into up to sixty high spec one way backlinks! And – unlike conventional article promoting – no one will remove your backlinks from the article, like they do when stealing your content from article directories.

The viral part of Free Traffic System is straightforward – they reward folk for bringing others into this free project. You are getting a BONUS backlink on each 3rd post that folk whom you referred to Free Traffic System are making. This implies you get bonus backlink on article no 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, sixteen, etc . Of all folks who got into the system thru the associate link.

As every article can be republished on up to thirty sites in Free Traffic System, this suggests that one article with your bonus link equals to thirty free backlinks from Free Traffic System. Two articles = sixty bonus backlinks, three articles = ninety bonus backlinks. And this is in addition to the unlimited backlinks that you can build inside Free Traffic System yourself.

And the final advantage of the viral strategy. If you add 1 WordPress blog to Free Traffic System, they right away increase the number of bonus backlinks by 7%.

So, in Free Traffic System you get :

– free backlinks that you stock up on yourself
– viral bonus backlinks for associating folk into the project
– viral bonus backlinks for adding your blog ( s ) to Free Traffic System

With this free backlink building power centered traffic from search engines becomes simply a matter of time.

Click on the following link to get your UNLIMITED Free Backlinks!

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Instant Private Label Resell Videos

Monthly Resell PLR to Hot Internet Marketing Videos…

                     …This is your missing link to boosting your income

For good reasons you will  understand in just a moment, PLR videos are really your missing link to accelerate your income day after day. Be it through affiliate marketing or through resale rights!

There are many Private Label Video Sites popping up everywhere – but which one will seriously help your business? Producing videos “that sell” is a very time consuming and tediuos process. Many PLR Video providers tend to be fast and make short videos with not much useful content, leaveing you and your customers in the dark about the real purpose or facts.

My tip:  Don’t make the mistake and put your name on something unprofessional and not exclusive enough. You will only risk to lose your reputation in the long run. If you, for which reason ever, want to use such prodcuts, then do it undercover, using a nickname and separately hosted domains.

I use the excellent Web 2.0 PLR prodcuts of Aron Danker and in one of his instructions I found exactly the solution that will save you time and the headaches that producing Internet Marketing related videos can provoke. I stumbled upon Stephen Luc’s Instant PrivateLabel Videos site that solves all those problems and it continues to be updated with videos that you can vote on.

What do you get every month and what can you do?

==>    PUT Your Name on professional grade videos that allow
           “any newbie” to understand different Internet Marketing
           topics from scratch w/o any technical knowledge whatsoever!

==>    DOWNLOAD on hundreds of MB worth of videos source code
           files. AVI, Camtasia, and Flash files are available to you
           to fit any newbie to advanced user’s needs.

==>    RESELL Private Label Rights to Others…(Other sites allow you
           to put your name on it and that’s it.) Make back your monthly
           investment with a sale or two!

==>    Access MARKETING MATERIALS that help you increase your video
           sales – Salesletters (including Graphics), Promotional Sales Videos,
           and much more…

==>    LEARN from a Training Center so you can get ahead of the
           rest of the PLR video crowd.

Ok, So how much does it cost?

It is $47 per month, a well worthy investment, for sure!

You see, many previous IPLV customers have joined and made 10-20 times their investment by reselling PLR or the video series. Stephen keeps on giving and giving and best of all he will be there when you need help. So whether you are a newbie wanting to learn or a reseller, this is a MUST for your business to grow…

Stephen will be closing his doors once he reaches 450 spots, so if you really want to boost your profits with PLR Videos, then you should invest into your future now.

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Keyword Elite Helps Your Business

If you are just starting a website, it is important to recognize that keyword research will make you or break you. Many people start websites, and they don’t do keyword research. Without keyword research, many people put their businesses at risk of failing and not making any money. There is an excellent software called keyword elite which will help you find the right keywords. 

With keyword elite, you plug in a keyword that you would want to rank well for. Then, the software will generate thousands of different keywords that are similar to the one you chose originally. You will then be able to evaluate the keywords that were found and see if they are getting searched a lot. It is important that you select keywords that get searched a lot, but they must be low in competition. 

A few years back, I used keyword elite for my keyword research, and it helped me out a lot. I made a great decision by deciding to buy the software when I started my first website. If I avoided keyword elite, I would probably be poor and not making any money. Now that I have chosen the right keywords, I am seeing a lot of success online with my businesses. 

You should realize that optimizing your site after keyword research is crucial in achieving high rankings. To move up the search engines, you have to get backlinks to your website. However, you will realize that some keywords are much harder to rank for than others. Since there are a ton of keywords out there, you have a great shot at finding some that will make you a lot of money. 

Making money online is very easy, if you know what you are doing. There are some people that pass up keyword research, but you definitely should not. The keyword elite software is the first step to finding keywords that are very profitable. In the future, you will understand how important it is to have keywords that convert into sales. If you get yourself to rank for buying keywords, then you will get a lot of sales.

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Free – Easy Organizer Plus to Love

You can Download this handy Tool for Free!

It is every Internet Marketers Dream to have all Programs, Tools, Passwords and Other Information packed together in One Place!

With “Easy Organizer Plus” you can manage:

       *  Projects & Ideas
       *  Newsletters & Lists
       *  Websites Affiliate Programs
       *  Ad Campaigns Ads & Classifieds
       *  Banners
       *  Search Engines
       *  eBooks Articles
       *  Contacts
       *  and more…

See a screen shot below:

You can also Backup your Organizer, Copy and Print or Export your Files as CS.

What are you waiting for? Get it FREE now an become perfectly organized!

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Trademark Registration – How and Why to File a Trademark

Filing a trademark is not an simple task. There will be a lot of pros who can actually do filing a trademark request for you, freeing you from the hassle and concerns of the arduous process. The easiest way to get this taken care of would be via the Trademark Electronic Application System, also known as TEAS. TEAS requests are usually reviewed more quickly and the charge will not be so excessive.

Trademarks show symbols, words, and pictures which describe a company. The trademarks are registered through the US Patent and Trademark Office and their rights go to the owner. Today, trademark register are getting more and more popular as people appear to acknowledge the importance of brand registration to keep people from stealing as well as using comparable images and marks. Copying, regardless of the method, is among the ugly worries in the business environment.

If you would like to fill out the pertinent application, you must go to the USPTO Internet site and find the area that delivers you to the online requests. The process will be very simple not to mention trouble free. You’ll be asked to illustrate the marks and list the effective date in which your business started utilizing the particular brand. You will also want to select a classification of your trademark followed with choosing the genre which is applicable to your business then select the one which suits your business best.

You’ll need to provide a real picture and information regarding the use of your branded item. The cost of trade mark application will be $325. As you might imagine, not all brands will be approved. Once you submit the application, it’ll be reviewed for acceptance.

If it’s really qualified, it will be posted in the Official Gazette area on the website, allowing citizens as well as entrepreneurs to object on the marks. If no protests are filed, then the procedure will be finished in about a year’s time. Therefore, you must be willing to wait. Should you not get any news no later than a year’s time, you might want to contact the USPTO or a brand attorney.

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Make Money Without Spending A Dime

This Free Step-By-Step Video Series Shows You Exactly …..

… to start building up and earning an income online still today. With this simple and proven system you can find the hottest daily trends to profit from immediately, even if you have never made a dime online.

           * With one very simple method for setting up a free website in minutes.

           * With the most simple ways to monetize your website.

           * With the easiest and fastest ways to get visitors to your new site.

           * And how to duplicate this method in minutes to maximize your profits.

You can get Over One Hour of Step By Step Video Instruction plus a no-fail Action Guide which will show you exactly how to do it and how to earn online at absolutely no cost. All for Free. Enjoy!

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Affiliate Jump – Why Is My Affiliate Promotion Efforts Failing?

If you end up asking Why are my internet marketing efforts not working? you are not alone. Anyone can make an affiliate promotion program work and become successful at it but there are many things that you need to make certain of to be able to find success.  They are included in Affiliate Jump.

My affiliate promotion efforts are going to need a program promoting something that I’m interested in. My affiliate marketing is going to need something that is high quality catering to an expanding market. My affiliate marketing efforts are also going to be well paid if they’re successful.  

If your internet marketing is going to achieve success, particularly if you are comparatively new to affiliate promotion, you want to be promoting something you have an interest in. It helps if you are keen about it or at least coming with a good background in the field applying to the service or product. The rationale is, you’re going to have to find a way to hook up with people who would be interested.  

To be convincing and effective, you’re going to be forced to know what those having an interest in it are actually needing to understand. If it is something that you are interested in you are going to know all of the right WWWWWHs. You’re going to understand who, what, where, when, why, and how. You know the questions to ask and you know what the right answers are that are going to give them confidence. You also understand how to look for what actually works.  

My affiliate marketing with Affiliate Jump efforts are going to have to be promoting something that could be a high quality service. First it will help you feel good about what you do in offering the people that have needs something which will basically help. You don’t want to have folks returning what they buy but you wish to have them returning to you. If they see that you are going to be pointing them towards something that they can trust, they’ll look for your direction more. Look for services and products that have favorable testimonials. Sharing these will help bring credibility.  

The good affiliate internet marketing program that may help you become successful will be something that deals with a growing market, such as Affiliate Jump. Find a wave and ride it. Just try to discover a wave that isn’t dissipating. Observe the things that you are most interested in and see what has the biggest number of folks interested in it. Look for markets that are expanding.  

Also make sure that the compensation will be worth the advertising efforts. You may want to put a lot of energy and time and perhaps some good money into promoting the service or product but if it doesn’t pay out a good commission, it might not be worthwhile. Finding something that is actually going to reward my affiliate marketing efforts will make me wish to work harder. This can also help bring my affiliate marketing efforts more success.

References: Affiliate Jump

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URL Rotators Help to get Traffic

Since I uploaded new or modified other website and affiliate links on my several URL Rotators, I thought this could be an interesting hint for my blog readers too. So here I go!

An URL Rotator is a free or paid membership where you can add all your important website links you are promoting in one single place. This is a great advantage as this feature allows you to promote only one link on your website, blog or in traffic exchanges. The program rotates then all links and you get traffic very fast.

From time to time I change or upload more URLs to my rotators and I group them in categories or special promotions inside the rotators. In that way I keep the oversight and it is very easy to change links if a promotion ends.  The best advantage for me is that I have to change my links only within my rotators. These links start showing up on all traffic exchanges where I have placed my rotators. A real time saver.

My favourite rotators are PageswirlTPM Rotator, Free Rotator and Traffic Splash, just to name the best ones. All are free and offer also a paid option. Pageswirl has great additional resources like the excellent Ad Co-op, Free Monthly MRR or PLR product, ready to go with fully customized website (Pro Members only) and a very instructive newsletter.

You certainly should use rotators for any of your marketing promotions. To get the best results. Load Splash and Squeeze pages instead of the often too heavy full affiliate websites. Also videos are not ideal as they take to much time to load.

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Can You Really Learn Niche Blogging From The Keyword Crash Course?

Just open up a web browser and you can find loads of ads for programs stating they’ll help you make a million. However, one quickly finds out that these programs are generally light on content and big on hype. I’ve seen quite a few of these programs and most are either scams or written by people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Beginners need an honest program that will give them the info they need to set up real websites that make real money. I can honestly recommend one program that does this. The one program that truly helps people learn how to build profitable websites is The Keyword Crash Course.

What is the Keyword Crash Course? The Keyword Crash Course was created by two long time Internet Marketers to help beginners learn the ropes of creating niche websites. Even though they use Adsense to monetize their web pages, it’s very simple to substitute affiliate programs instead of Adsense.

When you first join The Keyword Crash Course, which you can do for only $1, you’ll have access to 10 video tutorials that outline what you’ll need to do in order to set up websites that will bring in free targeted traffic from the search engines.

You’ll get to watch as they take you step by step through the process of building websites that create income and teach you how to make money on the Internet. If you’ve ever wanted to watch real life Guru’s as they go about making money on the Internet, then you’ll want to sign up for this course.

Once you’re done with the ten video’s, you’ll have the knowledge to go out and set up your own network of niche blogs that will start making you money. Other benefits you’ll get for joining include access to the Members forums where you’ll find people just like you that are willing to help if you hit a stumbling block.

The forums aren’t the only benefits Members receive. TKWCS members have access to monthly webinars and access to 30 blogs where they can post backlinks to their websites. Some past webinars, which members have access to also, have covered setting up and making money with Hubpages, advanced Word Press creation, advanced keyword selection and much more. These webinars cover a great deal of information and are very specific. These webinars and everything else is included in your one dollar first month offer.

Probably the most valuable benefit you get as a Member is access to the 30 blog network. You can add snippets of content and put your own links in the post to help you get higher search engine rankings.

If the thought of owning a blog network that keeps paying your money over and over each month sounds thrilling, look into The Keyword Crash Course.

There isn’t any place on the Web where you can get this much information for only $1! You don’t have anything to lose and a lot to gain, so what are you waiting on? Get to started on a path of financial freedom by learning how to build websites that bring in passive income month after month.

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Avoiding Black Hat SEO

Unethical methods that are used to get higher page rankings constitute black hat SEO techniques.Some types of black hat SEO techniques are unethical presentation of content to search engine spiders, breaking search engine rules and creating a poor user experience.

Black hat Search Engine Optimisation techniques usually only give short term gains in page rankings.If you are caught using these techniques on your website, there is a chance of the search engines penalizing you.A very popular SEO technique is keyword stuffing.

It is true that you need keywords in your articles and web content.The number of keywords that you can actually add to a webpage is however limited.Too many keywords, with nothing else on the site will eventually lead to search engines penalizing you.This is why you should not stuff keywords in your website and use them only wherever required.

The use of invisible text is another black hat SEO technique.To attract more search engine spiders, keywords are thus placed in white text on a white background.This isn’t actually a great means of attracting searchers or search engine crawlers.

Doorway pages are another black hat SEO technique, which is basically a ‘fake’ page that the internet user will never get to see.With this page, search engine spiders are tricked into giving your site a high page ranking.

Using black hat SEO techniques on your website proves to be very tempting.However, though they may give you high search engine rankings, remember that one day your site may get banned because of this.

As this is not worth the risk, practice using safe SEO techniques on your site.These safe SEO techniques can improve your page ranking; so stay away from any SEO technique that may look like black hat SEO.

For all your article marketing needs

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RRM Free Bonus Gold Membership

Building Content Rich Sites and Info Products with PLR

I use a lot of PLR content for articles, free reports, eBooks, website content, blog posts and as ideas for eCourses and more. For this reason, I’m always looking for fresh and first class PLR products and I find all this in my ResellRightsMastery members area.

Today I am able to offer you a free and lifetime Gold membership pass to ResellRightsMastery (this is a $197.00 value). You can gain instant access to:

* A rich collection of consistently adding Resell Rights items that you
  can resell and pocket all the sales.

* A generously proportioned archive of Private Label articles which
  you can compile to your own E-Book or Report or submit to directories
  with your links included, build content rich sites, and more…

* Beautiful web templates you can use to design your own E-Covers,
  mini sites and other images.

* Beginner Reseller Strategies.

* Cool business-building downloads and resources.

* And a lot more, all lifteime and free!

So please make best use of this Lifetime Gold Membership. I wish you best success and invite you to write a comment with your own experience you get from this great resource.  I hope this helps you to expand your online empire exponentially. And there are really no strings attached. Enjoy this free gift.

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Quality admittance of E-commerce website proposal

Renowned largely for its wide range of best website designs and the diverse other amenities, the Glimpse-media is considered as the most expert website design centers. You will find a variety of high superiority website designing solutions to cater all your necessities at Glimpse-media. Everybody wishes to have an stunning and impressive layout of their website. The gorgeous digital colors, selective fonts representing the correct scripts, suitable and easy design that provides all the essential information about the venture or product is the pre-requisite of any business entrepreneur.

Eye catching constituents in the website would invite better traffic of the users. Apart from making a novel website, they also concentrate on the visual appearance and result making capacity of the website. The entire placement of the website is organized in a way that it emerges in the enquiry result on the top slot. If the wished traffic is not obtain through the website, they take an instant action to change the placement and club it with a group of similar other websites where it could be noticed straightforwardly by the surfers. They are the preeminent known website related service provider offering the affordable website design.

While preparing the website they always emphasize on the perfect presentation of products, services offered, logo design, brand name and text. Moreover, they make sure that the contact address of the customers is highlighted properly for the distinct visibility by the clients who wish to learn about all the essential facts about the corporation though the provided right scripts. Today in this highly competitive modern era of venture, you can make your corporation distinguish very easily by creating exclusive and very inspiring business website designs. Thus through the assist of a well planned custom website design, you can ensure a better targeted traffic of all your potential clients. Hence, a highly reliable and reputed website designer can effortlessly help you to achieve your enterprise goal. Today, although the inline marketing is an expensive task, but by taking the essential assist of a good website designer you can very effortlessly hit the desired target of your company.

WordPress is one of the most briskly used blog system on the internet. It mainly allows people to share their opinions, thoughts, confer the issues on the current happenings. Hence, it gets significant to always select the top worth WordPress platform in order to create the paramount, most eye-catching and also stirring blog with the most unique features. It is a place where people express their views on certain issues. At the Glimpse-media also offers you the assist vital to create various types of professional WordPress themes along with best website designs which will automatically communicate with all your web prerequisites.

Glimpse media is the greatest source to get high quality WordPress themes at the most cost effective and budgeted price.

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SEM Business Blueprint Review

Are $100,000 from 10 customers really possible?

Obviously that level of income from such a small number of customers may seem a little unbelievable at first but this is a very unusual type of online business, one that nobody had previously thought of. You will however quickly understand how this really works when you see this SEM Business Blueprint Video

There is also a fascinating aspect that in order to do this yourself, you don’t need any previous experience with internet marketing. You learn as you go along and you get absolutely everything you need to get started fast and easy. See these facts that speak for themselves:

– There is a huge market demand.
– The economic downturn actually benefits this type of business.
– You don’t need to be an expert in Pay Per Click or SEO.
– There is no additional investment necessary.
– Between 5 to 10 customers will create a six-figure income and
  allow you to quit your job.

These are only some arguments and I highly recommend to check out the video and the extraordinary potential the SEM Business Blueprint offers.

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Exclusive PLR at Platinum Resell Rights

PLR – The Fastest Way To Make Money On The Internet

As you may already know, the absolute fastest most effortless way to start a profitable online business is through buying the Resell Rights to someone else’s product and selling that product to keep 100% of the profits. It does not cost too much to start an online business with resell rights. Already a few hundred dollars can buy you a membership with great content as well as some first ready made PLR prodcuts. 

With Resell Rights you can often get up and running in less than an hour. On the other hand, creating your own product can take months of pain staking research, work and effort. So I think you should start first with PLR and see how everything works.  You need not too much:

– a wordprocessor, get it free at

– a good host (better do not go for free ones!), I use Hostgator
   and ThirdSphere

– a free program to modify the website content, NVU is great

– a free FTP-Application to upload your files to the host, I use FileZilla

Then start writing articles and short reports, using the PLR material you have already at hand. Besides keep good content in a file, decide on a possible title for your ebook (or video), prepare an index page with about 10 chapters and start writing your own text which you can blend with PLR content you re-write in your own wording and fitting smoothly into your work.

Some tuning and niche graphics for ecover and website. Your first ebook is ready! And in the meantime you should have earned already some cash from your PLR-promotion.

There is usually no need to create the sales letter, graphics and other sales material when you buy the Resell Rights to someone’s product because all the sales material you need is in most cases already included!

With Resell Rights, you can set up many online businesses within a matter of hours, simply because you can buy the Resell Rights to just about as many products as you want!

High Quality Resell Rights

With the Power of Resell Rights, you can set up as many online businesses as you want, all earning you a nice monthly income within a matter of hours…and the best part is: you don’t have to create your own products or write sales letters and hire graphic designers.

Visit Platinum Resell Rights for exclusive high end resell rights products. I am a member myself and can highly recomment this membership. You will get back your monthly fee manyfold in a very short time. I know it!

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