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How I Made My First Million

Ewen Chia released his new 380-page printed book How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too! on 26.02.2009 and you should get your copy fast, it’s so complete and really step-by-step top marketing education. Click above or on the book below! 



Ewens book offers a vast amount of top solid information to start building your first internet million step-bystep (over 400 videos and other information tools). A Winning Mindset is the start point for success and Ewen has just done that, with much drive and determination to make things work – and most important – stay focussed and get it done.

This book will train you exactly how to research, create and profit from an Internet-based business. Market research, product selection, getting traffic & lead generation are excellently explained in this book. So if you are looking to improve in any of those areas as well as your backend, automationa nd duplication methods you can learn from the master at these in this book.

I highly recommend you to check this brand new, famous book and considering to learn from Ewen’s huge knowledge immediately.

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Bonehead SEO Training Course

Did you ever search for a way to take SEO Training? One that made it easy to understand and gives you a step-by-step process? Then BoneHead SEO is exactly what you need as it lists every experience taken by Kristine Wirth from 8 years in the SEO and Online Marketing Industry.

It is not your fault that your websites are not listed in the top search engine positions like they should be.  99% of the quick and easy SEO techniques are dead wrong! In fact, many of them will make your site come out even worse than without it. For example, if you use the Google Keyword Tool in order to locate those keywords that people are searching on in the search engines, the keyword that you find and that gets thousands of searches done on it a month, are being pulled out from all kinds of Google data, including Gmail, Blogs, and “other products”.

In other words, this data is being pulled out from Google’s content network and not from their search network only. Therefore the keyword data is quite unreliable as far as SEO is concerned. But everybody knows that you must find those keywords that are getting great searches, right? The real trick is to use a program specifically created for that purpose and that gives you hard numbers on what people are really looking for. 

There are still more things which are hidden from you! Nobody exactly tells you the right way to get your site to the top of the search engines because if you really knew how to get there and stay there, you would  never have to buy another product about SEO again!


This is Your Bonehead SEO Course

This is Your step-by-step Bonehead SEO Training Course

These two hints are just a fraction of what is exposed and thoroughly explained in The 213 pages Bonehead SEO Training Course. The bottom line is, there is no simple and unique secret tactic that will magically take your website to the top of the search engines. It is a systematic process. And Krisitine shows you how in this course.

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Dominating CB Report

Today I want to draw your attention to the secret of how Andrew Fox was able to get $633,799.55, all done from                      

                      – A Small Home Office
                      – A One Part Time Employee and
                      – Almost ZERO Overheads
Clickbank Domination is a step-by-step video tutorial guide where Andrew lays open everything how he was able to create such a strong income from Clickbank products. You can read more details in the

                       Free Gift Report about CB Domination
                        (direct download, no sign in necessary)

The guide outlines exact steps and tools you need to achieve what Andrew did so successfully. The proof is shown in this report and also on the website itself.

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New Issue of Educational Newsletter

Welcome to the next edition of my Educational Newsletter. I hope I can offer you some good ideas and information to help building your online business successfully. 

Since the last issue, I had a very busy time and I am still totally engaged working on my eBook. It will be about Building an Online Business but there is still much more research, writing and fine tuning necessary. Then the sales page, graphics and promotional tools must be tackled, still enough work!

These are the Themes of this Newsletter
1)  Choose the Right Affiliate Product
2)  Guaranteed Free Traffic System
3)  The Niche Marketing Checklist
4)  Recommended Resources
5)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

You can read the full Newsletter here.

To be the first to get the next issue and also to have access to all past issues, please sign up here:

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Your $1 Million Ecommerce Business

That sounds great right? But it is true and there is a blueprint which explains how to get to your $1 million ecommerce business step by step. When this was first launched, only 700 copies were released. Due to the extra dinatory business model offered, these 700 copies were sold out fast.

But right now, there is a second chance as this Niche Blueprint has re-aunched for a short time only and it may never again become available later on. If you want to create your own niche empire and build real niche businesses which can produce an income stream of as much as $14,134/month from “weird” sites, then you really should check out the program.

I is a great program and many people who bought it the first time could already quit their job. With selling something as bizarre as bird cages, they got featured in both the New York Times and Fox News. There is no need to stock products or do any shipping or pay for traffic. The whole system can be run with an average time investment of about 10 hours a week.

Niche Blueprint is totally different and does not involve affiliate marketing, Adsense, selling eBooks or any of the usual online marketing tools. There is also no need for an email list, your own product, JV partners, pay per click expenses, marketing experience, copy writing and website skills. Because you are free of all these things, you can start earning faster than in any other type of online business and you fully concentrate on your defined niche markets. Once set up, choose another niche and repeat the process again.

Even if you need to invest something, I highly recommend you this Niche Blueprint and you will almost for certain get back your expenditure fast enough to be a happy owner of this program.

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Free Website Signatures

Did you ever wonder how to create a real signature on your website or blog to make your wording and posts more trust worthy or give them just a nicer and personal touch?

I found a nice little program which lets you create your own personal signature for free, simple & easy!

You do not need to register to create your signature. However to have all your different signatures in one place, to gain access to free downloads and plugins, I recommend that you sign in for a free account.  You then also can manage orders and access settings, get special pricing, discounts and offers on different signature art products. With the MyLiveSignature tool you can

– Create a new signature using our wizard
– Draw a new signature on your screen
– Download a signature
– Generate code for using a signature
– Order an animated signature
– View the order status
– Visit the download and plugins page

What is a signature? It is your name written in your own handwriting. Using signatures is a simple and effective way to make e-mail messages, blogs and websites more stylish, underline their individuality and get the author’s energy across.

You can also create animated signatures that give the real impression that the author is signing right in front the reader’s eyes. MyLiveSignature offers you everything necessary to create both static and animated signatures and add them to your email messages, to blogs, to your posts on forums and on websites.

There are three ways to get your signature:

1. Imitate your signature yourself using the step-by-step signature
   creation wizard.

2. Imitate your signature yourself using the on screen signature draw widget.

3. Write your signature with a pencil, pen or a felt-tip pen on a sheet of
   paper, scan the sheet and let the designers of MyLiveSignature create the

Finally you chose the filed signatrue and download it to your computer for future use. Just right-click the signature and select «Save Picture as…». From now on, you can use the saved signature to sign your e-mail messages, blogs and websites.

Beside the free wizard to create imitated signatures, MyLiveSignature has also moderate prices if you order a realistic signature from a scanned image ($9.95) or a signature animation ($19.95).

What are you waiting for? Click here to get your free signatures now!

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Rapid Action Expert Content Monthly

As an active blogger, you may also suffer from these 2 biggest problems which 99.9% of all bloggers deal with:

1.  Niche Research
2.  Quality Content

It is a fact that Niche Research is one of the biggest obstacle that keeps a majority of bloggers from  becoming profitable. Only those who master the skill of doing proper Niche research manage to pull massive amounts of income from their blogs.

Still, researching and locating those small but profitable markets can be quite a daunting and boring task that consumes an endless amount of time. And after all, success is still not sure! Once you have located a niche that seems extremely promising, you still have to come up with unique and first class content. Of course, you can perform the research and even outsource.

There is a great solution: Expert Content Monthly is a membership that provides you with quality Private Label Content each month.  It is the most cost effective solution to solve both issues identified above.

You get unique content you can call your own and do with it as you like. All the research and writing is already done for you. The only thing you need to do is to create a blog and Schedule the content to run on autopilot while your job is to drive the traffic to it.

If your chosen niche proves to be profitable – you can expand it and even take a dominating position, using the training and tutorials your Expert Content Monthly Membership provides you.
These are the main details you will get with this membership:

1. Each month you will get access to 12 different niche markets,
    researched and analysed for profit.

2. Each month you will receive 300 unique Private Label Rights
    (PLR) articles covering 12 different topics. Each article is
    written by experienced niche writers that have already been
    pre-screened and found their work to be top-quality. This is
    a $3000-$3600 value!

3. Every month, each of the 12 different topics chosen are
    delivered with two different Website Header Graphics. That
    is a total of 24 professionally designed website headers.
    You will be able to give your website a really top-notch
    and professional look without any work by yourself. Again
    a $480-$720 value!

4. Every month you will get 3 Private Label eBooks together with
    a complete sales website. Each eBook is written by an expert
    writer and is based on one of the niche topics provided during
    that month. Besides, the complete sales to the eBook helps
    you to start earning as fast as possible. A $900 value!

5. Finally, you also receive a Ready-Made Niche AdSense Website
    for every one of the 12 topics! A total of 12 professionally
    designed VRE AdSense Websites. Again a $600 value!

6. And there is an additional and superb bonus package put together too.

These offered solutions to the above mentioned two main blogger problems will allow you to enter into 12 well researched niches right from the beginning of your membership and thereafter each and every month.

The amount of various articles, topics, graphics and bonus PLR products make each combination nearly unique, minimizing the competition from fellow members of the program and increasing your visibility with the Search Engines. 

It is a true fact of life that only about 10% of people take action – will you be one of the 10 % ?  Are you willing to invest some basic work to kick-start your blogging to profit very fast, creating a steady and growing flow of search engine traffic and income?

Here is your chance – Start now! I wish you every success and see you on the blog.

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Easy Offline Cash

Every day local small business owners need to promote their offers and are seeking fast help to put up a website and get noticed by the market fast. Usually they have a great understanding of their business and how to organise their sales campaigns, promotions and customer events. However they lack short term and professional help to set up their online presence.

Here you can come in and fill this gap, offering to set up their internet presence, website, promotions and newsletters. If they already have a website, they almost for certain lack SEO. And yes- you can do this! Do not have fear of technical stuff or missing knowledge. Just imagine what you do online every day, even as a newbie. You know how to use a computer, what websites are better than others and how to upload your files to the host. Setting up an autoresponder is also not too difficult. And the SEO tricks are included in the Easy Offline Cash package.

And voilà – you are able to offer the small business owner a fast and ready made solution. Put your knowledge together with the “Easy Offline Cash” tool and you are able to start your own home business in this niche very fast and with practically no investment. Every help and information is included to get you off and running fast.

>> Click for Easy Offline Cash Business now! <<

This Money Making Business Builder Package comes fully packed with:

  • The “Easy Offline Cash Report”, with easy to understand step by step directions that show you how to earn hundreds of dollars from local business owners.
  • Helpful and informative Videos that show you exactly how to perform each of the simple tasks in the Easy Offline Cash Report.
  • An appealing and highly converting website with a lead capture page designed to earn you money.
  • A money making Video with the voice of Todd Gross for your website that practically forces business owners to take action.
  • An informative and sales focused special report that practically does the selling for you.
  • Business cards, PPC ads, online ads, newspaper ads, keywords and everything else you need to get clients and make a great first impression.
  • So all you finally need to do is look around in your region, spot potential businesses, contact their owners, offer them your best services and a fast, ready made concept and soon your own website and SEO business starts to grow and is expanding.

Take the chance and good luck!

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Change Your Fortune Starting Today!

Are you also struggling to achieve a better income and lifestyle?
Do you want to improve your mindset in a positive way?

Then please read on and see how you can create a new life of success, wealth and happiness – Starting today! In his new book called “MindMap to Riches”, Jeremy Gislason is sharing his secrets on how you can create a new life of success, wealth and happiness. To get an idea what this is all about, you can listen to a free chapter online here (please scroll down the page a bit). Also be sure to check out the special ‘Twitter’ free option!

This book, with its life changing material and information that will help you to improve your life and create a higher income online, really opened up my eyes. In this MindMap to Riches you will discover how to

* Create more than just a website
* Take action versus sitting still
* Define your role in your business
* Find and keep loyal customers
* Set and reach your business goals
* Learn why passion and marketing are so neatly combined
* Find the tools and resources to run a tight business

Please check out the raving testimonials from some of the most successful marketers online. Also do not forget to Twitter for your free copy! Get out of the Rat Race now and start the life you dream of. I have put this famous book to my library already and I hope you will do the same soon too.

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The Twitter Trick

Twitter increased it’s user-base by an unheard 33% last month. Yes, thirty three percent in one month! And for this summer Joel Comm predicts that Twitter will grow from 8 million to 50 million members in the US alone…

To help you to get as many new Twitter friends as possible and in a very short time, there is a brand new prodcut called “The $5 Twitter Trick”. With about 1 hour of work, you can get thousands of Twitter followers.

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Basic HTML Ebook and HTML Editor

Helpful Tip #17

Dan Tompson wrote this Basic HTML Ebook wich helps you to understand and easily use HTML code to fix or create your own websites. “Basic HTML” explains step by step how to create a website from scratch and all the HTML terms to be used. You can download the ZIP-file drectly to your desktop. 

Further, you need an HTML Editor. To make it easy to start right away, please download this free HTML Editor

I hope you find this useful. If you like it, please leave a comment and feel free to pass this tip on to your list and friends.

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Review Ultimate Content Creator

Ultimate Content Creator is a revolutionary new software that builds profitable and content rich websites within seconds, just ready to upload and start earning traffic. You must see the Video here for a first impression of this powerful software tool. 

This single All-Inclusive Software Tool does Site Building, Content Writing, Article Downloading, FTP Uploading, spill out Content-Rich SEO Sites that all search engines will love and catch in minutes. 

If you are serious about making web sites that get traffic night and day, then this helpful tools is certainly a great help and an instrument to get your sites indexed and viewed very fast.  With this user friendly, all in one desktop based solution you can concentrate on creating the actual content instead of wasting time fighting the software and using multiple tools on different programs.  
These are the main features of UCC Pro

*  Keyword based Article Writing tool with Speed Writing Template
*  Article text suggestions downloaded automatically based on keywords
*  Ability to add additional text suggestions manually
*  Keyword density checker and article saturation checker
*  Specialized Niche, RSS and Affiliate browsers plus Latent Semantic
    Indexing (LSI) Assistant
*  Automatically download articles from any web source and save the pages
*  Automatically import and format plain text PLR (or similar) files
*  Batch process old content pages for reuse in new sites
*  Build the entire site ready to upload
*  Templates supplied for building your web site and easy integration of
    Adsense and other revenue streams 
*  Templates supplied are multi media enabled and have built in language
*  Can easily add to your site after the initial build
*  Dynamic content capability: text, pages and files (images, audios
    and videos)
*  Text only
*  Mix and match from several RSS Feeds for additional dynamic content
*  6 months only Simple RSS Feeds
*  Create customized contextual advertizements that are are relevant
    to your site’s keywords
*  Multi line text search and replace tool
*  Define any text editor to be used with the program
*  Fully integrated tabbed browser for viewing your pages as you work

To make real money online you need to spend your time on building content to get the money. And if your content creation becomes so effective that you can send your valuable life time on other and better things, you are at the beginning of living your dreams. And UCC Pro can be one of the tools to bring you just there…

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WordPress Sites that Soar

If you are blogging for a while, you certainly have compared many blogs with yours and tried to optimise your own blog to a better style and more. As I have not much programming skills, it is quite difficult for me to properly and easy implement themes, graphics and other niche tools to use on my blog. For that reason I was looking for a good tutorial to help me safe time and get results fast.

I have found an eBook for only $ 17, written by Aisling D’Art with the title

 ‘Sites that Soar!’

If you want a professional-looking (blog) website that

– Attracts repeat customers,
– Ranks well and quickly at Google, and
– Is as easy to maintain as a blog  (but doesn’t look like one)…

You need to read this book and apply the offered techniques and recommendations.

The book is a WordPress blog design guide for non-techies.  It explains, step-by-step, how to customize a WordPress blog so that it looks like a news portal or magazine, not like a blog. It features lots of screenshots and is written for beginners with no HTML skills.  However, it also covers CMS topics and provides tips for using WordPress with large and over 200 articles websites.

The author even includes a timeline, showing exactly how she started with nothing (not even a domain name or hosting) and set up a complete, magazine-style website. This 56-page book is a PDF-file with links to every resource Aisling uses, and — except for domain registration and hosting — they are all free resources and tools.

Bonuses include 40 WordPress-ready graphics that you can download at the author’s website.

Using this system, Aisling took her website from page five at Google to the top three in her niche in only three days.  And, the site was still there at this hig ranking a month later. 

See what’s covered in detail by this ebook:

    Getting started
    Customizing your theme
    Important backups
    Branding: Your header graphic
    Adding articles
    Finding your Category ID numbers
    Editing your website code
    Sidebar changes
    Tabs: Changing their names and contents
    Customizing your homepage
    Homepage graphics explained
    Custom fields and graphics  
    Uploading graphics in WordPress
    Adding homepage graphics
    Managing a large site with WordPress
    Copying older pages into WordPress
    How to add articles (step-by-step summary)

    Appendix 1: Installing WordPress (auto)
    Appendix 2: Installing WordPress (other)
    Appendix 3: WordPress for SEO
    Appendix 4: Creating an .htaccess file
    Appendix 5: Changing header background, image size
    Appendix 6: Navigation bar changes
    Appendix 7: An actual timeline

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YouTube Videos with Your Affiliate Links

This brand new and incredible video product can help you to increase your affiliate commissions and become a super-affiliate in just a short time.  “Affiliate Video Brander” works with only 3 simple steps:

Step 1 
Type in the URL of the video you wish to brand, and choose the folder where you want to save the files. The program will generate the files in an easy format so you can instantly upload and start profiting from the branded video.
Step 2
Enter your affiliate info so you can earn commissions as a result of showing the video! There are also lots of customizable features so you can make it look how you want it. You can add your own text to the page, choose the color, positioning, etc. You can even enter custom META-tag info for search engine optimization.
Step 3 
Upload the files to your website, and you are done.

And how does it work?
With only a few clicks and in under sixty seconds this powerful new software searches YouTube ™ and will find a video that is relevant to the product you wish to promote. It builds a complete video sales page, completed with your affiliate link, and opt-in form! Then it automatically uploads the created webpage to the web.

Imagine,  you have an affiliate link for a hot new Clickbank product and then…

=> Grab someone else’s video from YouTube ™.

=> Brand YOUR affiliate link to that video.

=> Turn that video into a squeeze page and load it to the web.

Now, your web page is ready to be indexed by Google. This creates natural traffic and will drive still more traffic to that site. Then, anyone who purchases the product or “opts-in” to your squeeze page will become your subscriber and customer. 

So why not start to make your own experimets with “Affiliate Video Brander” right now?

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Free Suite of SEO Tools

If your websites are stuck in the search engines and you cannot push them up to a higher first site ranking, no matter what you do, then you should consider using helpful tools. There is nothing like serious SEO to push your sites and the experts Jeff Alderson and Charles Kirkland have created an excellent software which is very effective – And it is available for Free.
Keeping on top of the latest SEO trends is time-consuming. Things changes constantly and using software that stays on top of the latest trends saves you a lot of time and boosts your profits at the same time. 

Now, you do not just need traffic, you also need affiliates to promote your product too. These affiliates will send highly targeted traffic to your site but only if you provide them with the tools they need to promote your product. 

This is why Free Web Tools gives you software that automatically generates a resource page for affiliates and templates for all the promo materials they need. It even automatically embeds your affiliates’ code into the materials. 
Writing comments on blogs is a great way to build backlinks and increase traffic to your site. Again, it is quite a lot of work to manually find the right blogs where you can post your coomments. Free Web Tools Now provides you also with software that does checkt the net for content rich and niche related blogs with some clicks. 
Within a short time, you then get a list with sites that are worthy of your time and you get all the relevant data about those sites at a glance. There is no cost to you whatsoever so you really can try out and explore these free tools and see how they can help you grow your business.  

Click here to get you FREE SEO software

Amazing FREE Suite Of SEO Tools Can Help You Generate More Targeted Search Engine Traffic, Even If You’re A Complete Newbie When It Comes To SEO… Click here!

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