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Google Tools and Features

Helpful Tip #7

Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
Everybody tries to optimise their Search Engine Ranking. To learn more tips and tricks about Search Engine Optimization, Google offers an excellent 22 page SEO Starter Guide as a direct PDF-download. Everything on how to optimize your Webpage for SEO is laid out in detail and with the necessary HTML tips. Really cool.

Google Calculator and other Features
Google offers many special features to help you to find exactly what you are looking for. Some of our most popular features are listed below:

– Everyday Essentials (Weather, Stock Qoutes)
– Reference Tools (Calculator, Book Search, Weight Convertor)
– Choosing Keywords (Synonym Search, Dictionary, Spell Checker)
– Local Search (Movies, Real Estate)
– Trip Planning (Airlines, Currency Conversion, Maps)
– Query Refinements (Plus Operator, Related Search, Fill in Blank)
– Search by Number (Package Tracking, Patent Numbers, Area Codes)

Click here to go directly to the Google Features Site.

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Traffic Mastery

When you are looking for a great guide on Free Website Traffic, this A-Z Traffic Mastery eBook gives you some great ideas and tools on over 160 pages. It is a classic and one of the most complete traffic generating manuals on the market. I use the top six methods to enerating targeted traffic to create real traffic streams specially designed for my websites.

Traffic Mastery explains in detail the most important elements you need to build a steady stream of free and low cost traffic to your website. With a little effort, anyone can master it, drive traffic to their website and converting visitors to customers.  

Here are just some of the topics covered:

* how to start and manage multiple opt-in lists and market to your
   subscribers personally and professionally.

* how to take a’dvantage of little-known email features including
   how to sell online using just email.

* learn the power of sublists, how to create sublists, and how to
   cultivate your sublist to produce pro’fits from any product or
   service the same day.

* techniques to utilize the next generation of autoresponders to
   increase sales instantly and automatically.

* discover the single most powerful, free method of online and
   offline marketing – viral marketing, and how to use special
   techniques and tools to put this method into action to generate
   an unlimited stream of fr’ee traffic.

* every detail on how to create, publish and distribute your own
   email newsletter orezine (proper formatting of a newsletter,
   the ups and downs of accepting or purchasing advertising, and
   where and how to promote your newsletters).

* how to become a JV broker, get other people to sell your products,
  persuade people to buy your product by the hundreds, and how to
  find the best JV partners for your promotions.

* real examples of web-marketing campaigns Dan runs, including one
   that generated 41 new paying customers in one day. (you can copy
   this fr’ee strategy – just don’t overuse it).

* learn everything you wanted to know about spam filters that block
   your emails, and a special tool Dan use everyday to increase his
   delivery rate by 40%.

* a brand new method that guar’antees you that when a visitor types
   in one of your keywords into a search engine, your site will be
   the first to come up! (without paying the high prices of Overture
   or other pay-per-click search engines).

* discover how to exploit the power of ezines without paying a
   dime – including exactly what ezine editors are looking for.

Generating traffic is exactly what Traffic Mastery offers! Get your free chapter now!

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7 Ways to Profit From Your Opt-In List

Below is an excerpt of an email I got from Derrick van Dyke. It is a great article and I found it well worth to publish here for my subscribers. Derrick wrote:

“The money is in the list…right? You’ve read all the success stories about people who’ve built a small fortune with opt-in lists. So you decided to create one of your own (good decision).

• You set up a squeeze page with your freebie and your opt-in
   form and started promoting your list everywhere possible.

• You grabbed some great articles from an ezine directory and
   sent them to your list.

• You found a popular product at ClickBank, sent out a solo ad
   and waited for the sales fill up your inbox.

You felt the success welling up inside you! Then reality strikes like a lightning bolt… Nothing… Not one sale! What could have gone wrong? Why have others succeeded where you have failed?

The secret to squeezing more profits from your opt-in list is building a relationship with your subscribers. The following tips will help you establish friendship and trust with your readers so they will listen to what you have to say and act on your recommendations.

1. Establish the terms of your relationship. This starts at the squeeze
    page. Tell your subscribers what they will get and that they will
    need to confirm heir subscription to download your report. Assure
    them that they will not be bombarded with product promotions. And
    of course, you will not share their email address with anyone.

2. Let your subscribers get to know you. The first contact is critical
    and will set the tone for your relationship. Tell your story. Let
    your subscribers know who you are, where you live, how you got started
    online, what you’ve accomplished and most importantly, how you can
    help them accomplish their goals. This bonding period will determine
    how they react when they see future email messages from you in their

3. Tell your subscribers exactly what to expect from you. Let them know up
    front what types of content you’ll be sending them. Tell them how often
    will you be sending emails. If you send special articles or reviews on
    Friday, let them know. Tell them what to look for in the subject line
    like the name of your ezine or an acronym. Make sure they know that you
    will be recommending products and services that you personally use to
    run your business. List all the benefits of being on your list in first
    email so they know exactly what to expect in the future.

4. Write your messages as if you were writing to a friend. Make your
    subscribers feel like you’re writing a personal note, just to them.
    Use a subject line that looks personal: Hey Bob, I think you’ll like
    this… Start your message with a personal story (make it short), then
    move on to the main topic of your email.

5. Get to know your subscribers. Before you start blasting your list with
    offer for the latest, greatest products that everyone else is pitching,
    get to know your audience and what THEY want. The easiest way to find
    out what they want is to simply ask. Have your subscribers send you their
    most important question about a particular topic or make a post on your
    blog. Surveys are another great way to find out what people want. Once
    you know what they are looking for, it’s easier to provide the content
    that they want and promote the products that they need.

6. Ditch the hype. It’s okay to get excited about a product that you truly
    believe in. But make sure you always tell the TRUTH about the products
    you promote. Don’t put a frosty coating on everything. Tell it like it
    is… good or bad. Your subscribers will love you for it and look forward
    to every email you send. People buy from people they trust. So when you
    do send a promotion, they’ll be more likely to buy from you.

7. Be Consistent. You need to contact your list on a regular basis. How
    often you send emails depends on the type of business you run. If you
    sell your own products, you may want to send a weekly update. If you
    promote affiliate products, you may want to send an article or product
    review every Wednesday to pre-sell your subscribers and then follow
    up with a promotion the next day. If they know when to expect your
    emails, then they’re more likely to look out for them on those days.

If you follow these 7 simple steps, you are sure to build a long-lasting and profitable relationship with your list. ”

Derrick van Dyke is top in building the Affiliate Business and I follow his advice for some time already. His coaching and business formula just works. If you are really serious about building your affiliate business in a professioanl manner and with success, then I recommend that you join Derrik’s ACS Insider CLUB.

If you are a Newbie and won’t to have a mentoring from the first step of your internet adventure up to a profitable internet business, then Read this Report here.

Did you like this article? Please leave a comment below…

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Twittering is Fancy

Not heard about Twitter yet? Then check it out immediately and FOLLOW ME!

Networking Sites such as Twitter are in and they are a great alternative to paid traffic like PPC, CPA, CPM, CPL, classified ads, banners, leads and other expensive advertising costs. If you are selling products,  building your list or just want to exchange ideas and blurbs with your Twitter Friends, then sign up for free.

You get a variety of information and advice what’s hot and discussed right now on the internet, you are just part and in the middle of it. For me, Twitter is fun but also a real and earnest source of contacts. If you are not part of this wave, you will for certain miss out many insider secrets, shortcuts, tips and how to save hundreds of hours of research to find valuable tools and resources.

Are you maybe wondering how all these Twitter things work and have to be dealt with? Relax! I found a great report explaining everything about how to use Twitter to your best profit and how to make your life easier. There is also a time limited option for  Master Resell Rights available to this report – Full details are offered after purchase…

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Free IQ Test for Fun

Just for fun, I took a free IQ test and you can see the result here:

IQ Test – IQ Test

Not surprisingly, I am in the average scope. Fine for me as I feel well with the result. What about you? Take the challenge and click the picture above!

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Optimize Your Squeeze Page

Are you also struggling with Squeeze pages on how to create them and, more inmportant, how to get the high conversion you need to build your list and sell your prodcuts fast?  I do! Looking for improvement possibilities and advice, this title of a website immediately draw my attention:

“Cheesy” Squeeze Pages?
Squeeze Pages With Bad Opt-In Rates?

Optin-Design offers two high converting Squeeze pages for FREE, including all instructions, other cool templates, and graphics. They also offer promotion strategies that you can use right away and you can also get a number of great banners too.

In this Free Case Study you will discover “How a Dating Affiliate Increased Opt-In Rate By 50.2%”, and increased earnings by 125% at the same time!  Who would not like such an improvement and these little secrets on how to tweak your squeeze page with with no additional investment? 

Try it out for free and improve your squeeze page opt-in rates instantly with these two free and highly-optimized squeeze page templates. The templates are professionally-designed to look good and to perform well. Drive traffic to them. You should see better results in a short time and have many new subscribers in your mailing list.

Optimize Your Squeeze Page – Don’t Lose Another Subscriber!

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Pick a Niche with Success

Right now, everybody is writing about niche picking and how to do. So do I, because I have reviewed and tried out a step by step guide which helps you to get along smoothly and rank in the top spots of the search engines fast.  Everything is laid out for you in an easy to understand way. Just read along and follow the examples to get first results soon. You can pick any niche and successfully monetise it.
Reality is, that 9 out of 10 Internet Marketers do not exactly know how to generate real sales and money online. I you visit forums of your interest frequently, you will fast realise, that a lot of people struggle with information overload, task management, finding out how to do this and that and not making a great income yet from their online activity.

One reason is that many of them are looking for a quick fix or a push button system to solve all of their financial problems and easy genereate good money. That is simply not possible! Without the necessary research, eagerness and a clear roadmap where to go, there is no success. But for those with patience and the drive to follow their plans, goals and dreams, there will be a bright future.

So if you are willing to put in some work and follow a step-by-step system that’s proven to be successful, you will discover:

– How to pick a niche to promote
– The 4 tested ways of telling whether or not a product will be a winner or not
– How to avoid bad niches
– How to find out which niches you can really settle into, work it, earn money
– How to cheat your way through keyword research
– How to choose your best keywords and phrases
– The words you must avoid in your content because they are profit killers
– How to save time
– Determine your actual chances of taking over a top spot on search engines
– Easy to replicate shortcuts
– How to get better rankings in a shorter amount of time
– Avoid most common mistakes
– To understand the 5 critical steps to take for success in any niche market.

This Insider’s Guide to Successful Niche Marketing will help you to expand into different niches and even give you some more great product ideas. It takes some time and work, but finally it is an easy way to grow your business and to establisch several different income streams when repeating the process over and over again.

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Outsourcing with Push Button Marketer

If you are eager to build your business fast then you might come to your time limit quite fast. A day has only 24 hours and these precious hours should be spent wisely. One of the possibilities is to outsource and automate simple tasks that consume too much of your valuable time.

Think about all the community sites like Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo Lenses, article submissions, blog posts, rewriting PLR material, and many more. It really takes time to build up traffic and to get noticed by the search engines. You need get your content on many different sites just to make it work.

If you are on a tight budget, this could be not so easy since you must pay people before or right after the outsourcing for their time and work that may however not pay off only later. I have identified a fantastic product which offers a way to outsource about any basic task at zero cost: Push Button Marketer.

This tool will make it a lot easier to automate some of your time consuming and repetitive daily tasks. You are offered easy to follow Video Tutorials which work you through the software. You will be impressed what this software will do for you. It will become your full-time employee who works for free 24/7. Just plan your marketing some 10 to 20  minutes a day and then let your Push Button Marketer do the rest.

I will definitively use this assistant more and more as I get used to it.

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How to Create Free Traffic

It really is not a great secret that any website needs a steady flow of traffic and visitors to get noticed online and to grow in business. Without any Website traffic there is no survival! But how do you create a daily supply of visitors into your Websites?

Here is a free and easy way for you to send traffic to your Website. It is a simple technique, but extremely effective and it workes every day for many successful marketers. Once you put this powerful technique into action, it is almost impossible to stop the incoming traffic anymore.

EasyEbookRights offers you to join a free program that gives you the proven tools needed to drive all this viral traffic your Website. Each month, you will be given the rights to several hot ebooks on the most current Internet marketing trends, techniques and strategies. You will then be able to customize these ebooks with your Website url, creating massive viral traffic to your Website.

You can use these eBooks to:

  • Build your List
  • Give them away to Your Loyal Customers
  • Use them as a Bonus to Your own Products
  • Educate Your Website Visitors
  • … and much, much more, just be creative!

The more ebooks you give away, the more your traffic will grow, the more sales you will realise. Work on it steadily and grow the small drops of traffic into a great flood of visitors and sales. It works!

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Place a Peelaway Ad to your Blog

Helpful Tip #6

First you need the HTML snipped for the ad. Most affilate programs offer a selection of banners and often also one or more Peelaway Ads. Go to the affiliate tools page and copy the HTML code from there.

Placing the Peelaway Ad onto your WordPress blog is simple and easy! All you have to do is place the code before the </BODY> tag in your footer.php file.

How to find the footer.php file:

  • Open the “WP-Content” folder
  • Open the “themes” folder
  • Select the folder of the theme you are using
  • Add the script code to the footer.php file

That’s it! You are done!

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How to Set up a 24/7 Stream of Autopilot Income

Would you like to learn how to succeed by selling online as an affiliate? But, are you still looking for the perfect autopilot income tool and perfect home-based internet business? 

Now, you can discover all the truth about Affiliate Marketing from the 2 foremost authorities on the net about this subject. Learn how to create an ongoing, repeat business with the “Blueprint” for Super Affiliate Success, where you can sell over and over again.

By starting your own online business, you have usually challenges. Either you do not have your own product, but you really want to start as soon as possible, or you currently sell as an affiliate for others, but you don’t seem to make more than some rare sales here and there.

Jim Edwards and Rosaling Gardner have just released their “BluePrint” for Successful Affiliate Marketing. They decided to take their unique perspectives on selling as affiliates while building
their own businesses at the same time (instead of just building the business of the merchant’s they sell for)
and create a high-impact training program for anyone who is serious about building their own business as an affiliate.

They reveal to you:

~ How to AVOID the 6 “curse of death” mistakes 95% of all affiliates make…

~ How to quickly write incredibly powerful product endorsements that make people grab their wallets…

~ The BEST ways to market your affiliate sites online to get the money you want!

~ How to find and evaluate profitable niche topics with profits just waiting to be harvested… by YOU!

~ How to quickly and accurately assess market demand… so you can estimate the profitability of a niche 

~ How to become an “Instant Expert” in virtually any niche you want to sell as an affiliate

~ AND – where to find HOT products & services that are selling – RIGHT NOW!

This training is really packed with valuable information you will be able to use immediately! If you are ready to make this your “breakout” year 2009 and finally creating your own unique online business, this is
exactly what you need to do:

Go here and get more information about the Affiliate Business Blueprint.

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Working on my eBook and – RSS

All the weekend I was sorting out ideas ant items for my eBook to come soon. Actually I thought about an compendium of Intenet Marketing Tools but then I found out that this is just a to big task to tackle professionally in a short time.

Sleeping over it, I came up with the solution this morning: The ebook will have 6 different parts and in every part there will be a specific Marketing Tool explained and put at the readers’ disposal for step by step use and/or implementation. OK, that’s just a glimpse. I still have to work on it and quite fast, as I am way behind my own set time goal for delivery. So wait and see till I can tell you more…

RSS again? Yes!

As you might have noticed, I have written my own article about RSS feeds and what they are. Now, my good friend, Paula Brett has done an even better review and I feel that you also should check her contribution to this theme. It is well worth and very well explained. Thank you Paula. You can read Paulas Post Here.

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Broadcast Your Expertise on Free IQ

I came to know this new program for idea sharing and it is something to consider for free traffic and marekting of your products. At Free IQ, the best content appears at the top of every search, based on actual reviews. Search for any topic – from business management to marketing to software to your favorite hobby – and see all the experts, authors and speakers on that subject.

In fact, other Free IQ users all over the world screen all the available information for you, so when you want to know something, the best video and audio presentations come out on top. And if you’re an expert,  author or consultant, you can upload your own ideas and products to Free IQ which hosts them for free, like books, courses, extended learning materials, seminars, coaching and consulting.

But the ones that come out on top are the ones that give the most valuable information for free. And you can watch or listen to entire presentations anytime you want. You don’t even have to register for Free IQ – just click to play and start watching or listening right away.

Later, if you want to give your opinion, write a review or leave feedback for others, just click ‘Join’ in the upper right hand corner to create a free account. And if you decide to buy more materials or consulting from an expert showcasing his or her talent on Free IQ, you’ll know what you’re getting because you have already seen or heard them talk and teach.

By broadcasting your expertise on Free IQ, you can generate publicity, interest and revenue by showcasing your knowledge in the Marketplace for Ideas at Free IQ which is attracting a world-class, information-hungry audience. Free IQ users search for free, valuable information as well as premium media products such as audio seminars, video webinars, ebooks, subscription newsletters and more.

With Free IQ, you can do – all for free:

Host and stream an unlimited amount of video and audio. Stream entire seminars, presentations, speeches, teleseminars, webinars and demonstrations with no limits on the length on Free IQ or your own web site.

Create your own mini-web site on Free IQ to display your own content or your collections and reviews of other experts’ content. Sell your premium media products (audio, video and more) through our huge network of affiliate marketers.

You only pay a small transaction fee on the sales you refer plus an affiliate commission when others refer sales to you. Collect email addresses from people interested in your content to build your opt-in email list. Deliver your premium media products to paid customers via online streaming.

To add your Free Content to Free IQ just choose a username and password –it’s very simple and it’s free!  As soon as you Join with the very simple 1-page signup for free, you’ll be able to:

Upload free content
Write reviews
Rank the reviews of others
Save content you like in your “Favorites” section
Use the “Forward to a Friend” feature

To sell content on Free IQ as a Content Provider or as an Affiliate, just complete the second page of the registration – that’s free, too!  Just Login and click the button that says “Upgrade account for free to add paid products” under the Free Products or Paid Products tabs in My Account Manager. As an upgraded member, you’ll be able to add paid content and sell premium media products.  You can also receive Affiliate Payments by referring other customers and content providers to Free IQ.  Click here to Join Now.

After your content is uploaded you can add your titles, descriptions and keyword tags, plus you can upload your photo, create your content descriptions, and change your display thumbnail or sample clip as you like.

FreeIQ is undoubtedly one of the most ingenious Web 2.0 sites to hit the Internet. A healthy mix of new media, internet marketing and affiliate program, FreeIQ has found a model that works for everyone.

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Dental Health

Uhh… Have been at the dentist yesterday and lying on the bank, I got inspired to write about this theme. Well, for me all went quite smooth. I had the periodical dental hygiene cleaning of my teeth. Not so pleasant actually as this laser thing goes all around the teeth with a high tone sound and scratches away all the film. After 30 minutes this operation ended and then Mrs doctor checked thoroughly about eventual holes. I got none! Freedom from Dental Disease. Reliefed, I went to work again.

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5 Criteria to Join an Affiliate Program

Helpful Tip #5
Do not join any affiliate program unless it does absolutely and positively cover the following 5 criteria:

The Affiliate Program must have effective and motivating ads that grab the attention of your visitors.

It must also have a sales letter that grabs your visitors’ attention, overcome their objections, create urgency, and convince them to buy immediately.

Provides you with all the tools you need to attract visitors to visit the affiliate program’s site.

Have a “two tier” structure so you can recruit sub-affiliates to make you even more money.

The Affiliate Program must have a world class tracking system that automatically tracks your sales in “real time” and have other important features to help give you the check that you deserve and to prevent any human errors.

After these top criteria are fulfilled go down to the small print and terms, look for low payout rate ($ 25 to $ 50 is OK), join and set up your affiliate links and payment processor codes, select your preferred promotion tools (email, blogpost, banners and ads, etc.), create a Splash page to promote, link it to your affiliate page, start promoting, write an article, from that create an eCourse, make a Squeeze Page (Splash page but with sign up box) for the eCourse, drive traffic, repeat with another affiliate program.

Clickbank or Paydotcom are your first sources, also search for “Affiliate Directories” and you will find many sites with great programs. If you own a CBmall Storefront, then you can profit twice in commissions…

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