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Free Article Writing Software

Do you struggle with Article Writing, doing all right and to the best? Since I use a structured software for my articles, it is fast, easy and without stress to get out nice articles in a very short time. Download and try this Free Software which I use for my articles. Have fun and write fast!

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Resell Rights Express – Free Trial Ends

I want you to inform about Derrick van Dyke’s announcement that he will be extending free access to his “Resale Rights Express” until Friday, 1/9. That means you can go in, grab 99 (NINETY NINE) quality Resale RIGHTS products during the free access period.

What is Resale Rights Express? Well, imagine almost all those products that folks sell to you.. for just one low monthly charge, INCLUDING resale rights.

Derrick hand-selects each product and delivers a complete reseller package that includes a salesletter, customer registration page, a download page, and license files. Everything is organized to make it easy to set up and sell.

Derrick and his crew even have created video tutorials that show you how to set up your reseller site from start to finish. You get instant access to all these videos and 99 hot products that you can sell and keep all the profits…

Watch this PreSale Video and at the end click for “More Information” where Derrick van Dyke explains all the advantages you can secure with Resell Rights Express.

Why pay for each product separately when you can get all the latest resell rights for one low price? I really can recommend Derrick’s products as I use them myself with success.

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Make Your Site Sell

I invite you to profit from “The BIBLE Of Selling On The Net”. This Bestseller Ebook is the definitive work on making ANY Web site SELL! And it is Now FREE! Seven volumes, over 1,500 pages…

It’s my Recommended Gift to you!

More on the Website, including Video. For the Free Download scroll to the Bottom of the Website.

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TopTierTraffic just went Life

I am glad to be an early Premium Member as this exclusive Traffic Exchange with Top Features is growing rapidly. Right now 588 new members withn the last 24 hours and a total count of 4337 in just 4 days!

There is still enough time to join as they will open the features one by one on different dates. Right now only the Members Area is open and the next step will be for adding websites, banners and the surfbar. Look out for the special OTO which offers a 50 % rebate on the Premium Membership. I already got several random and other referrals and there will be a possibility to contact them by mail at least every 6 days, even more often as you grow within your matrix. I am sure you too can profit from TopTierTraffic soon.

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Your First Site? Ask a Helping Hand!

Starting the own website is for most of us a difficult and mistery task. There are quite many things to understand and to learn about. Even if it is relatively easy to do. But still, most people have questions about setting up their first website. 

I can offer you a resource where you can talk with a live person about getting started with a new site.

* How do you build a site?
* How do you get a Domain?
* How do you upload files and pictures?
* How do you promote and get traffic?
* How do search engines find you?

You can ask someone who knows it all and there is a real person with a real phone number!

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New – TopTierTraffic is Different

If you want to use a great and special Traffic Exchange, then TopTierTraffic might be the solution for your promotions. They open today, January 4, 2009 and already got over 3’500 new members at the time I write this post.  TopTierTraffic is a new sister exchange to WebBizInsider which is successful since 7 years with a membership of over 130’000 and still growing. Both exchanges are owned by Michael Graves.  

Mike’s slogan is “I am turning the traditional traffic exchange upside down with TopTierTraffic

How is TopTierTraffic going to revolutionize the way traffic exchanges work? It all starts with the Dynamic Matrix Structure. In addition to Traffic Credits earned by surfing and clicking email links, you will also earn Position Points. How many Position Points you earn in one week will determine how high you are in the matrix the following week. The person at the top of the Position Point leaderboard this week will be at the top of the matrix, with all other members under them next week. All members will earn credits from, and be able to email, the 6 levels of downline below them. Of course, you can always email anyone you personally referred as well.

When you join, you will see a special offer to upgrade to Premium Membership with TopTierTraffic and I advise you to take advantage of that One-Time-Offer as it will never be seen again. Premium Members receive Random Referrals added to their downline when a new member joins from my promotions. Given the number of new members expected in the next couple of weeks, all Premium Members are guaranteed an instant downline!

For more nformation on How Is TopTierTraffic is Different click here.

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How to Write Good Copy

Since I am also still learning how to write the best website, I thought you might be in the same situation. This led me to do a search for a selection of the 10 Top Best Copy Writing tools available at the moment. See the result of the TOP 10 Best COPY WRITING Downloads at my CBmall Store. 

There are lots of people who know how to put but up a website but do not know how to write their sales letter copy in the best way to excite their visitors enough to make them buy something immediately. 

Writing sales letters is much different than writing corporate web sites and brochures. It is far more personal and with a direct approach to your visitor and reader.There are proven tactics that work.  

If you have already the perfect sales letter, OK. But have a second look, are you happy with it? Satisfied? Is it working properly and with excellent conversion for you? 

Did you think about all these factors: 

* How to get Copywriting Clients
* Swipe File of Headlines
* How to earn a living as a Writer
* Profitable Online Advertising
* Keywords and Search Engine Copywriting Techniques
* A top Guide to Writing Killer Copy
* A SEO Copywriting Course
* How to Write Faster and Smarter
* and more…

You can always get better, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot either. There are some good resources for improving your web copy! Start to learn from experts and avoid making costly errors. 

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What a Wonderful Start into 2009

I hope you all did have a great start into 2009 and all your plans are ready to get tackled one by one…

On Silvester Day, we had more than 30 cm of fresh snow and traffic was very slow. But we arrived in Habkern still in time for a good meal and later a dancing night with our friends into 2009. It started snowing again and on New Years Day there were top skiing conditions with brilliant sunny  wheather.

At home again, I am working up and Sunday is also scheduled to catch up even more. Over the last days, I had good ideas for my eBook, so these thoughts must be worked into my draft manuscript now…

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Happy New Year 2009 and my last 2008 Newsletter

I am just before parting for a wonderful silvesters’ evening with friends. Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you come back soon again in 2009. Enjoy a wonderful start into 2009 and I wish you all success in whatever you are doing. See you soon next year!

Here you can see My last Educational Newsletter for 2008. I hope you like it.

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Planning 2009 – How to do it Easy

Planning is always difficult for me. Having the head full of ideas and goals needs some organisation and discipline to get them all realised. I help myself with a dictaphone which I carry always with me. That way, I am able to record my flash ideas immediately and I do not lose them. About every two days, I write these recordings down and keep the paper in a folder for later use or fall back.

My second tool is a simple list I do every evening for the following day. In this list, I write all pending tasks I want to do tomorrow or at least till the end of the week. The rule is, to definitively work down the first three items, better more. What’s left, will be carried on to the next day and put on top as first and second priority.

In my 2009 plan, I write all Tasks, Ideas and Wishes I want to realise or bring forward in this year. Under the main tasks, I write about 5-10 key words or definitions, which I use later for the fine tuning. After I have my ideas together, I then break everything down to workable bits and pieces. That could be half year, quarters, months, weeks, days or hours. Out of this, I get my final roadmap to go for every day as outlined above.

When you plan, do not forget enough family time, relaxing and sport, as well as some time for unforseen disturbances. For me, I do calculate how much time I need every day to get my plans realised and done in due time. This work comes always first and I have fixed time frames when I work on my planned tasks. If I have a set back or something else takes a little longer, then I either work harder on it (if there is spare time) or I change the priorities of the not so important things. However, once the yearly plan stands, it must be followed from the beginning to the end in order to get the desired results. And yes, sometimes, it is a bit difficult not to become the slave of the plan or get distracted…

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to do the 2009 planning for your own needs and duties. Maybe you have something I forgot to think about or I can learn from you? Please do not hesitate to comment and give me some great input!

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2008 – A Revue

Unbelievable. 2008 is almost gone and I had still so many things in mind I wanted to do. Besides my written plans and task lists, there were still many unforseeable and self invented tasks and events we fit into the months and weeks.

Joy and Pleasure. We had some really great holidays such as a cool start into the year 2008 at Habkern. End of February, we moved into our new and totally refurbished flat. Since we had to consolidate two households to one, there was quite some work involved. Skiing on Easter in Grächen, wonderful summer walks in our region of Biel/Bienne, one week in Prague, autumn (working)  holidays in our flat at Graechen, changeing the flooring to laminate. November, one week relaxing and walking at Gran Canaria, finally a cosy and quiet Christmas at home.

My Internet Business. It was a successful year and almost all my plans could be realised. I created more websites, splash pages, reports, articles and also my Educational Newsletter was well received and followed. The writing of my eBook however was delayed, but it is not too far from realisation now. Just today a nice Clickbank cheque arrived again. Many sales came from my CBmall Storefront. If you like to learn more about this fantastic portal, then download this free eBook. All in all, I am satisfied with what I have achieved this year and I feel well prepared to realise my further plans…

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Time for Raclette and Fondue

Christmas is over and I hope you had a wonderful time with your families. Here in Switzerland, it’s extremley cold at the moment, in some regions down to minus 26 degrees Celsius. In my region it’s still minus 6 degrees and windy. So good time to sit in the warm lounge beside the oven. It is in the cold season, especially around year end, when we enjoy our traditional Raclette and Fondue cheese dishes.

Raclette is a medium soft cheese melted under a hot electrical oven and served with spices, champignons, pickled cucumbers, onions, vegetables and steamed potatoes. There is a whole lot of variations, just as creative as people may be. You can get the definiton at Wikipedia here

Fondue is quite different from Raclette. There are various mixtures of grated cheese like Emmenthal,  Gruyere, Vacherin and other fine sorts and grades. This mixture is (usually) put into a porcellan pan (Caquelon) and melted to a creamy, sticky cheese sauce within a spicy white wine. Garlik and spices are also added in good quantities. The Fondue is kept hot on a small spiritus stove and now everyone spits a piece of not too fresh bread on his fork, dips and turns the bread in the cheese, then eats this delicious piece with devotion. Also here a definition is offered by Wikipedia

To both dishes white dry Swiss wine from the region of the Valais or Vaud is served, also clear cherry brandy and Ceylon black tea. These dishes are easy to prepare in a short time and it is always fun when you have a nice round of guests.

Recipes and further information can be found here at Amazon 


For Raclette type in: raclette recipes
For Fondue type in: fondue recipes

Enjoy and have fun!

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My Newsletter is late…

The last days I collected and refined the content for my next issue of the Educational Newsletter. Everything was almost done and ready for fine tuning on Christmas eve. Eliane came back from Berlin and I went to the airport to welcome her. Traveling back home by train, I unfortunately forgot my bag in the train…

Only on the way home I noticed the loss but it was too late already. After contact with the railway they finally found my things and I can get to catch them at the railway station tomorrow. Fact is: I had my USB Stick with all the data for my Newsletter Christmas issue in this piece of luggage and off course not yet saved to my computer at home. The result is that I missed to send off my Newsletter in good time before Christmas and it will now be available only just before end of this year. I will think about how I can give my subscribers something special then for their patience.

Conclusion: Always store your data immediately to a second medium! Maybe for you the other way around, from the computer or laptop you are working with, to an USB-Stick or another outside storing device. You might suffer a sudden incident like me, an electrical failure on your equipment or theft of your laptop, etc.  Make sure that you keep your copies in a save and different place. Small things have sometimes a big impact…

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Merry Christmas

I wish all my Readers and Subscribers a wonderful Christmas and may all your Dreams become true. After this very turbulent economic times, I hope for the better and I motivate you to mobilise all your Power and Joy to get through in a Positive Mood.













For Inspiration, I offer you the motivational thoughts of the 7 Keys to Success and As a Man Thinket. Enjoy! 

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The MUST HAVE Tool To Write Your Ebook

If you ever want to write your own eBook and don’t know how to tackle this great task, then don’t worry. There is an absolutely excellent tutorial which really helps. I just finshed reading Paula Brett’s Emergency Surgery: Operation EBook, a very motivating and driving tutorial about how to start writing your first own Digital Product.

Paula tells in a refreshing manner what facts and issues count. She also openes the readers eyes about the small difference between failure and succes. Guess what – The only counting factor is YOU! By reading on, I got driven to action in a kindly guided and secure way. I started to use the included worksheets and just did what Paula recommended. After less than a week, I have my own draft ready for further refining. And she is right: Once you start letting your thoughts run, you can’t stop them anymore….

Look no further! Get yourself a copy of the Operation eBook and start working on your future. To check out and for a first judgement of Paula’s writing, download this FREE REPORT: The 7 Magic Steps To Your Own Info-Product .

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