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TOP 10 Best ‘Copy Writing’ Downloads

I am still learning on how to write my best websites, squeeze pages, sales letters and articles. And there is still a lot I have to learn. For that reason, I thought others might be in the same situation and this led me to do a search for a Selection of the 10 Best Copy Writing Tools actually available.  

I found the following topics   

* How to get Copywriting Clients

* Swipe File of Headlines

* How to earn a living as a Writer

* Profitable Online Advertising

* Keywords and Search Engine Copywriting Techniques

* A top Guide to Writing Killer Copy

* A SEO Copywriting Course

* How to Write Faster and Smarter   

You can always get better and it does not have to cost a lot either. If it leads to satisfaction and a much better conversion, it will for sure be a good investment to learn from experts and avoid costly errors. So start writing Better Sales Copy – good enough to sell much more!


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My eBook Work Weekend

The whole of last week, I was collecting information and search results about some topics I have in mind for my eBook to be born in the near futrure. It is amazing what you can find at the Clickbank Marketplace, the major search engines, article directories and Amazon for all the different key words and phrases randomly coming to your mind. And it’s true: even a slight change of only one word can bring you totally new results.

After collecting all the ideas and topics, I refined my findings with Wordtracker where I profit from a 7 day free trial offer. Finally, everything is now neatly sorted out in a file and I have already drafted some main topics for my chapters. But still, I did not take a decision yet on which theme or title I will narrow down the frame of my eBook. It just needs some more reflection, research and most important, a day or two distance and rethinking. Sorry, you must wait a little bit longer till I can tell more…

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Exclusive 50 % Offer to my Subscribers

Dave Nicolson has just released his ‘Total Web Traffic’ and you can expect a lot from this brand new, beginner friendly step by step guide. And believe me – it works!

Dave’s excellent new product really offers exactly what is needed for the every day user, senior marketer and beginner alike. Total Web Traffic is a great traffic course with loads of high quality videos that show you where to get started and there is a whole big bunch of information, advice and tips that is separated into tidy little modules so that it is simple to follow.

There are even interviews with some massive marketers who explain their own methods that they use to gain immense amounts of top class targeted traffic to their sites. I really recommend to profit from this exceptional product. Like Dave says: “Why settle for a few hundred if you can have a few thousand, and why settle for few thousand when you can have a few hundred thousand visitors”



Dave allowed me to offer my valued Subscribers for a limited time an Exclusive 50 % Price Reduction. That means you can get ‘Total Web Traffic’ for $ 47 instead of the regular price of $ 97. For this SPECIAL PRICE OFFER, you must sign in to this Blog above. The special link will be sent to you with my welcome mail immediately after you have confirmed the opt-in mail.

This is my way to thank you to read and follow my blog. Enjoy and best Traffic-Success!

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Whishes and Inspirations for 2009

I am an absolute fan of Will Edward’s White Dove Books, the internet’s leading website for Self Improvement and Personal Development. There is just not much more to say, go and see the great collection of authors, free ebooks and other top related inspirational material. Will offers a 5-day Special about Living your Dream and the Deapest Desire of your Heart. Do not miss it – it’s just excellent!

Will sent me this Special Video. It’s great and I want to share it with you, expressing my best whishes for success and inspirations in 2009 to all of my readers and website visitors. Enjoy!

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Benefits of RSS Feeds

You should start today using RSS to keep yourself up to date with the best content on the web! You will never have to check your favourite sites manually every day. Once you start subscribing to preferred RSS feeds, you will be informed just in time the news occur and it will safe you a lot of valuable time.  

But what exactly is RSS? 

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and it is a content delivery channel that allows you to easily deliver internet content to your target audiences, while eliminating short comings of delivery channels, such as e-mail. RSS content is delivered through RSS feeds, i.e. simple files structured in [xml] format which enables internet content publishers to easily deliver information about their specific content to end-users. 

In a way, this can be best compared to e-mail content alert services, which send you an e-mail message every time content you are interested in is published on a specific web site, letting you know that a new article you are interested in is available on the Web. 

You need a Feed Reader and I recommend to download the free Google Reader which constantly checks your favourite news sites and blogs for new content. Whether a site updates daily or monthly, you are informed instantly. Others are Windows-RSS Reader or Mac-NetNewsWire 

Once you are set up, Right-Click (control-click for Mac users) on any orange RSS button on a site, blog or news source that interests you. Then select Copy Shortcut (“Copy Link to Clipboard” for Mac, “Copy Link Location” for Firefox browsers) and paste that URL into your RSS Reader. Done, you are subscribed to get alerts every time new content or information is available.  

If you want the full story about RSS visit Wikipedia or get this great RSS Content Builder eBook for intensive use as a marketer.


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Boost your Search Engine Ranking

Most Search Engines crawl the net regularly and if you update the content of your websites weekly or have enough traffic already, they will find and rank them. Depending on your niche, your keywords and up to date content, this may take less or longer, sometimes up to three weeks. To accelerate the SE finding my sites, I take a few minutes every week to submit them to Google, Yahoo, MSN and also some of the smaller Search Engines. In order not to do this manually, you can use Automated Websubmission and pay a small monthly fee. Do some Googling and you will find many to chose.

One Search Engine I find very handy and useful is Intelseek, which offers Free Submission and Ranking. See their Submission Portal here. Once you have listed your website, they send you an email with the link to rank your site. This must be done within 3 days to become active. The good thing is, you can go back every 3-5 days and rank your own website again to keep it in top position. Intelseek also offers a small HTML snippet to ad a rating button to your website. If you confirm to them the placement of the button, they will rank you higher again. Your Visitors then have the possibility to rate you too, which is great and leads to much more targeted traffic over time. Please Rank my Blog here:

Create a short action plan on what to do every day of the week. For me, these submissions take about 5-10 minutes only per week. However, the benefit of much more traffic through these ratings and the backlink from Intelseek is manyfold higher. I invite you to leave a comment with your experiences, ideas and tips. Thanks.

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A Nice Way to get Optin-Subscribers

You kow it for certain: You need a steady flow of double opt-in prospects and customers to build your list. But how do you get them to be interested in what you offer and how do you get them on your list voluntary?

If you are using Traffic Exchanges, there is now a brand new system that converts surfers into subscribers in under 2 seconds. I saw it, tried it out and got some first sign ups within the first day from the tiral alone. You really can grow your list with Opt In Button quickly.

The program adds an Opt In Button bar to the surfing frame of participating websites, which are at the moment WebCenterSurf, MajorLeagueHits, TrafficAtTheRaces, Hit2Hit, MaxTrafficPro and TrafficRoundup.

Instead of having to fill out an Opt In form, simply clicking the Opt In Button will post the members Name and Email direct to the website you’re interested in. The Opt In Button technology is currently being used in many of the top traffic exchanges but can easily be added to almost any membership site. 

When you click an Opt In Button your Name and Email are sent to the advertiser, exactly the same as if you had filled out an Opt In form. No other personal information is shared and if you don’t click the button then you remain anonymous. All Opt In Button advertisers use a professionally hosted auto-responder service and double opt-in. The Opt In Button Members area keeps track of all the lists you have joined.

If you just want to keep track of all the Opt In Button lists you have joined, then you can sign up for FREE. If you have a list of your own or multiple lists that you want to grow, then you should consider one of our premium membership options:


The Solo Membership allows you to nominate a single lead capture page linked to an autoresponder email for just $9.97 a month, or $97 a year. The Pro Membership allows you to set up multiple lead capture pages linked to multiple autoresponders for just $19.97 a month, or $197 a year.

I like the program as it really converts. However, do not use it as your main tool to grow your subscriber list. Also do not spend too much time clicking at Traffic Exchanges. They should only be an additional and useful tool. In the long run, you need to build up your list and reputation with your own Products and Websites.

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Christmas Rush…

The last two days were very busy and many things needed to be done. These are the reasons why I am late with my post a little bit:

Eliane and I did not want to miss the yearly Christmas Concert, played by the Lucerne Sinphony Orchestra on December 14, 2008 at the famous Culture and Convention Centre Luzerne. You can get a glimpse here. After the concert we strolled through the Christmas Market with all it’s wonderful and tiny surprises, including a glass of hot wine. So, last Sunday was joy and relax time.

Since I am still working, there are many last minute things to de before X-mas, like put out the last invoices, arrange for supervision and presence over the holy time, make the planning for January and much more. At home the same in the evening: prepare for the Christmas Dinner (we usually have a Turkey and nice desserts at a big family table), arranging for the small gifts we still give to our adult children, sending out cards, Eliane keeping up training for the chorus, do some last shopping and more. Since two days there is snow again – it seems to become a cold and long winter I feel.

Last but not least, we got our new car delivered today and this works out as a nice Chrsitmas present. It is a Renault “Kangoo” which will be used for our camping holidays next year and to transport all the Ski gear this winter. Everything fine and on track now. Just wanted to let you know. I will write soon again with more business like information….

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5-day eCourse about Article Writing

It is two hours since I finished my short introdcution to Articles Writing which I packed into a 5-day eCourse. Writing Articles is one of my preferred strategies to get long term traffic and acknowledgement as an expert. Once you get started, it is easy and much fun.

First, I created a little webpage with an exclusive offer of the famous eBook “Articles & Email Power” which my subscribers can get at a 75 % rebate from the official sales price when they sign up for the 5-day eCourse. If somebody does not want to sign up, “Articles & Emailpower” is still available  for the regular price by clicking the eBook cover. Since I prefer the Clickbank Ad Rotator instead of Adsense (much better earnings), I also put Clickbank ads at the site. These ads are automatically selected at random.  My work is by far not perfect (time investment about 1 hour) but I am testing this site now and will try to perfect it more and more. Maybe changeing the offer or ad more bonuses later.

You can check the site and get Your FREE 5-day eCourse  here. When you click the eCover picture of “Articles & Email Power”, then the website with the Regular Sales Price will open. However, if you Sign Up, you receive the 75 % Special Offer. Together with the other gifts on the Thank You Page and the possibility to sign up for my Educational Newsletter, I feel this is quite a nice thank you for the subscription. What do you think? Your comments are welcome.

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Lost Internet Connection…

Uff, more than 4 hours of trying, checking and my nerves at the end! Yesterday evening, I shut down my PC as usual, nothing extraordinary. It was even late because I was working on a website and other material I wanted to upload soon. This afternoon, opening my browser, nothing happened – No connection! Ok, after the 4 hours it was fixed. But what is the lesson to learn?

First, always make sure to secure your work and programs to an outside device at least once a week. I use a seperate 16 GB hard drive which I only connect for the saving process. Further, I have two 8 GB USB-Sticks to which I double safe all my day to day work. With these two sticks, I am able to always connect to my business files, wherever I am. They syncronize automatically when connected to my PC again.

Second, my computer is set to safe Reset Marking Points frequently. It is a standard from Microsoft and it allows to set up the computer for every back date you decide. But how do you find this restoring function? I try to give the best path description (my program is in German):

Start – Help & Support – At the Help Center under “Other Resources & Informations” – Click “System Restorement” (or similar, you will see) – The Wizard openes, follow the instructions – You are done.

You will not lose any data, its all safe. Be aware, that you probably will need to switch off all firewalls for the modem to set up properly and to ping your provider. After you are online again, please IMMEDIATELY set all firewall and security measures back to swiched on. If you are not sure, see indept information within the help program or ask for help at the hotline of your provider.

Having done all these steps, my computer should have worked perfectly as usual, beeing set back the earlier date and the internet connection should have been set to work again too. Nope, not this time. The modem could still not find the router or other items needed for the connection, even all drivers were installed and in place. Finally, there was only one possibility left: Do a total new installation of my ADSL and modem, using the special IP address which pings the provider through the USB channel of the modem. Off course the booklet, settings, ID and passwords from the earlier set up were needed. I was lucky that I had written down everything properly at the time.

After some trials, it finally worked and I got connected again. Working with the Internet, I have installed proper security measures and after checking everything throungh, there was no sign of a virus or  attack. So I cannot explain it but one should always be prepared for unexpected things to happen. Since they usually hit you at the worst possible moment, I suggest you keep the regular backups, the manuals and the restore CDs at reach any time. Hopefully you will not be hit in this way. Good luck.

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Planning, Twitter and StumbleUpon

As a routine, I prepare a VIP list every weekend for my most important tasks I want to tackle within the next seven days. In the second row of my other, less important notes, Twitter and StumbleUpon managed to be on top now. Even it was late already, I spent some time to subscribe to the two programs and I am convinced that I will get some new friends and traffic at my websites. Maybe you StumbleUpon Me and you Follow my Twitter from time to time. Thanks for a visit and rating.

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Motivation to Keep on Track

My sign of Zodiac is Gemini and due to this fact, I have actually two different characters inside me: one dominating, organised and straight forward, the other more a connoisseur, lazy and lovely one. When I was younger, it was sometimes quite difficult when suddenly my inside twins changed role and I turned from lovely to more earnest and realistic. However, over the time I became aware of the enormous chances of playing my different roles positively at will and to my favour.

At the moment, I am occupied selecting ideas, content and all kind of documents I will use for my new Internet Marketing Product which will be born soon. By going through all my papers and files, some of them really in disorderly shape, an article I recently wrote came to my mind again:

A Plan to Overcome Distraction and How to Prioritise Your Tasks

You can read this article at my Ezinearticles account. Feel free to comment and to use it for your own purpose or list. Please just leave the author’s box and the links intact.

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How to Buy Clickbank Products at Half Price

If you own your own Clickbank Product Storefront, you buy most products for half the price or even cheaper when you buy IN YOUR OWN SHOP. Let me explain:

For certain you are using products you bought from a website you liked and you most probably paid through Clickbank which manages the sales process for many Internet Entrepreneurs. Just in case you never heard of this fantastic Product Marketplace go there and see what they offer. Click “Marketplace” and insert a topic you are interested in. You will be astonished of the variety of good to excellent prodcuts to chose from.

When you buy from a website offer, you always pay the full price to the marketer. Now look at the selection you found at the Clickbank Marketplace and you can see the percentage of commissions paid to resellers/affiliates (usually 50 % to 75 %) and how much this is in dollars. Further, you see the gravity which means the higher the figure, the higher the demand.

Owning a CBmall Storefront (click to see mine) will save you a lot of money. And by promoting it, you will also earn additional income from sales generated through your link. I don’t want to write too much as everything is much better explained at the CBmall Special Offer. You can get your CBmall for free and start to profit as outlined. If you like it, there are also Silver, Gold and Platinum upgrades. However to generate a nice income, the free version will be fine to start with. Jeff Mulligan, the owner of CBmall, has written a famous eBook with even more features and highlights of all the benefits a CBmall Storefront offers. You can download your Free Copy here:

        “15 Powerful Ways CBmall Makes You Money”

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The New Issue of my Newsletter is Live!

Writing my newest issue of my Newsletter was a pleasant Sunday work which I finished after visiting the wonderful Christmas Bazar we have here in our town right now. There were many nice gift ideas, hot wine and other delicious things to enjoy. 

So here is this issue of “The Educational Martin Bigler Newsletter” which you can directly download as PDF-file by clicking the link above. 

The Themes covered are


1) Follow Up Last Issue

2) How to Prepare, Write and Market Your Ebook – PART ONE

3) What is RSS?

4) Today’s Article Writing Tip no 6

5) Recommended Resources

6) Past Issues and How to Subscribe


I hope to find your interest and would very much appreciate your comments or hints on what to write in the coming issues, in order to give you even better information, assistance and resources. Thanks a lot.

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Nitro Quattro Sales System – Product Review

Nitro Quattro Sales System is a massive, powerful marketing entity that has a new focus for any business or entrepreneur on the Internet. The old mindset was to get as much traffic as you possibly can in the hopes of “converting” 1% of your traffic into sales. Nitro Marketing has a simple four simple step system that will take your existing traffic and increase sales 100%, 200% even 500% or more.  

Every online entrepreneur dreams of earning massive amounts of money per month they have heard is possible. So they started a website and quickly found out that it was a LOT more work than they thought it was going to be. Not only that, but the revenues weren’t what they had heard about everywhere. The average everyday Internet entrepreneur makes a lot less than they could be making. 

There is a lot of top and useful information free. However, to get to the bone, an investment is necessary and it has not a small price tag indeed. On the other hand, if you really are serious to build a powerful marketing business that works, you should give it a try and check it out carefully. You can also become a Nitro-Affiliate first for free and earn in short time what you need later to get your hands on this excellent program.  

Nitro Quattro has developed a system that allows the online entrepreneur to monetize their existing customer base and double, triple, even quadruple the average value of those customers. 

How would you like to multiply the value of your existing customers to that extent? This is precisely WHY you need to look at this product right now. Finally an easy to use system that doesn’t require reinvention of your business, just adopting a successful sales system. 

To put it into terms that anyone can grab onto, a company with a $10,000 a year online income stream can realistically turn that into $50,000 or more! That alone could change your online success. One part of the material is a review of how a one company used the Nitro Quattro system to go from $550,000 to $8.3 MILLION dollars a year in about two months time. How is this possible, you ask? Here are but a few of the items you will have access to. 

The first thing you get is a complete, comprehensive overview of the system and what it means to the marketing industry. The introduction prepares you for what is about to change your life forever.  

The Nitro Quattro system is a 4 part income funnel which leads to the name “Quattro” or “four”: 

– The UNO; An irresistible front end product.

– The DOS: Immediate multiple upsells

– The TRES: Ongoing monthly subscription

– The QUATTRO: Tele-sales and one on one coaching  

To begin with, every business needs a product. Nitro Quattro shows you how to have an irresistible front end product; one that grabs the attention and opens the wallet immediately. As the speaker says it “something that people would run over glass in their bare feet to get”. That is the cornerstone of any business, online or off. 

With Nitro Quattro, you will learn the basics of creating a product that does just that. This is called the UNO. Not only coming up with a great idea and producing it, but writing a killer sales letter that draws people to it. What good is a great product if you can’t sell it, right? Nitro Quattro covers it and very nicely, I must say. 

Then to the next phase, the DOS, which is upselling the customer. This basis of an immediate and multiple upsell is a major part of the “Quattro”. After the initial sale is made, your customer is listening. Since they have already bought your front end, they naturally want to see what else you have to offer them. That’s it is so important for that front end to be absolutely MONSTER in quality and possess the “wow” factor. This is taught in a no nonsense way that even beginners can grasp and work with. 

The third part of the funnel is the TRES, or what is called monthly continuity. Now that you have your customers in your system, you want to keep them there as long as possible. Nitro Quattro teaches techniques that achieve that exact result. Learn how to keep them interested and wanting more. All during this time, you will be performing the upsells in the DOS. 

Last, there is the QUATTRO, or the tele-sales and coaching portion of the system. This is where most marketers miss the mark. By offering training and coaching to your customers, you’ll increase their satisfaction and success with your product while making money at the same time. 

All of this sounds like a basic marketing course, but it is different. It is actually radical in it’s scope and concept. The material presented in so many different ways. You have the choice of video (DVDs), audio CDs, plus the complete transcripts, Powerpoint slides, and handouts from the event printed with a large manual. 

From the beginning of the system to the last, this is a massive, powerful learning tool that every Internet marketer should pick up. Anybody can benefit from Nitro Quattro, from the novice beginner who just got their first computer today all the way to the seasoned marketer with years of success. 

Whatever your level of experience, you will find everything you need to create Internet success with this system. All in all, Nitro Quattro is a quality, hard hitting course for creating a success Internet business system. Unlike most courses that take you through one aspect of marketing, this is comprehensive and has case studies making the system nearly automatic. 

The great thing about this system is you get to learn about it before you buy. Unlike so many products you have to buy before you try. The Nitro team has done just the opposite…they reveal the whole system before you buy. In fact they give away so much information for free you could start making money from that information as many others have done. 

Do yourself a favour and visit NitroQuattro to radically improve your online profits. 

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