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Frugal Living Articles

I want to share these very interesting articles which I recently found…

Living a frugal lifestyle can take a lot of time.  If you’re baking your own bread, making your own biscuits, and slowly simmering homemade spaghetti sauce, you know how much time that all can consume.  Are there times when shortcuts are good, and can even still be frugal?  Click on the link here to read a very informativ e article that will get you thinking a little differently about some of those convenience foods we usually try to avoid, but maybe shouldn’t:

And, speaking of convenience foods, having a supply of black beans on hand can really get you out of the kitchen super fast.  They’re easy to use, are versatile, and good for you.  If you have never cooked with black beans, you’ll want to see just how many ways there are to serve these delicious, nutritious beans. If you’ve served black beans quite a bit and are running out of ideas, you’ll want to click on the link below also:

Dried herbs may be considered another “convenience food” since they take no cleaning or chopping to use.  But the price of herbs in the store can be shocking.  If you have your own little herb garden, you can turn those fresh herbs into dried herbs with a few easy techniques.  Why not preserve your very own herbs and save money.  Plus, you know they’re handled properly when you do the handling!  Click on below to see how you can easily create your own dried herbs:

Let’s stay on the subject of convenience foods for just one more minute.  We seem to go through a lot of drinks during the summer months.  How expensive is it in your house to keep the refrigerator full of refreshing beverages?  There are a few tips I’d like to share with you here.  Just click on the link below: ns.htm

How are the watermelons in your region?  Ours are splendid this year.  Besides just slicing and eating them, we’ve been making all sorts of recipes.  One of our favorites is this watermelon drink.  Click on the link below and enjoy this refreshing, and healthy beverage:

Our friends at the HBHW Club have been enjoying lots of summertime fun recipes, like smoothies, salads, and grilling recipes.  We have built up an inventory of well over 400 recipes so far. Along with the recipes, they also provide Club members FREE resources on everything from making money at home to gardening ideas to getting out of debt. And there is a special offer: Join the HBHW CLUB today for only $10 and enjoy all the Club has to of fer. Click here and check out all their special offers.

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Hot Insiders’ Tips for Saving on Everything

Are you too Struggling with your Family Budget in these Hard Times?

Searching for good advice, I recently found this amazing ebook with the title Cheaper: Insiders’ Tips for Saving on Everything.

 This book is for the saver person in your household as it advices us to haggle when shopping for  brands.  The book advises not to purchase extended warranties and too many “bells and whistles”.

The author takes you by  the hand and shows you how to find best buys everywhere. He als provides some good energy and health care tips. But this is only the tip of the mountain. You need to check it out for yourself.

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Bonus Manager V2 Coming Soon – Save $20 Now!

Version 2 Comes Out July 15th & The Price Will Go Up!

Bonus Manager is the “Must Have” Tool to manage your Bonuses & Upsell Promotions On Download Pages, Opt-In Pages And More! I use it for some time already and my conversions got up quickly. It’s a one time download of the script and you can fill it with your onw content as much as you like. There are also prefilled bonusses so you can start right from the beginning.

Now Bonus Manager is releasing Version 2 on July 15th with even more features and possibilities.

This release includes a super cool enhancement to the product. The price is going up by at least $20, but if you buy
Bonus Manager today, you can get the upgrade to Version 2 for free when it releases.

Why not save $20 today?

Here Are Just A Few Places You Should Be Using Bonus Manager

Thank You / Download Pages
If you have already made a sale, why not give your customers another opportunity to buy something else from you. You can easily offer not only a bonus to your customers as a special thank you, but give them a chance to buy another product while they are downloading the first one!

Optin Confirmation Pages
Most marketers these days are using optin pages to build their lists, but are you really capitalizing on the optin? Start offering bonuses and upsells on your optin confirmation pages to immediately get more eyes looking at your bonus or give your leads a chance to buy something right on the spot!

Error Pages
You may already be using your error pages to offer something to your visitors, but can you make changes to those pages within just a few seconds when you want to promote something new? Well, with Bonus Manager you can!

Just remember, the price increases soon, so don’t wait too long! And if you get in now, you get all the later releases for free, a lifetime. this is really one of the best tools I ever got my hands on.

Try it out and leave me your comment. Thanks.

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AffiloJet Launch Review

Get a Power Feeling of AffiloJetpack

In a nutshell, AffiloJetpack is a collection of super high-quality, done-for-you websites. And you can be sure that stuff from Mark Link is “high quality” and fully loaded with powerful features. That’s what count and brings you forward: Real High Quality!  Better than than anything I’ve ever seen before.

About AffiloJetpack

In a nutshell, AffiloJetpack is a collection of super high-quality, done-for-you websites. And when I say “high quality”, I mean REALLY high quality. Higher quality than anything I’ve ever seen before.

This is what Buyers receive:

  • A choice of 5 out of 10 niches chosen by us. These niches have been chosen because they offer great potential for affiliates, and because we’ve found that a lot of new affiliates spend a lot of time agonizing over which niche to go into.
  • 90 top-quality newsletters per niche, organized into a 1-year followup sequence. These include hard-sells (written by me), scarcity, and really high quality informational emails. (Not rubbish PLR quality. You’d be proud to put your name on these emails.)
  • 3 ebooks per niche that they can give away as sign-up bribes, or use as bonuses.
  • Our custom-created WordPress theme which has been designed to be completely newbie-friendly, allowing them to tweak the layout, change colours, change fonts and layout, upload background images and headers, all without having to dive into any source code or fire up an FTP program. The theme also has a built-in squeeze page generator, featuring 4 of my top converting squeeze page layouts. They just enter their text and autoresponder form ID and it will generate the page for them.
  • Professionally designed header graphics/colors (at least 3 options per niche) with space for their own heading text.
  • 20 high-quality articles to use on their website
  • One-click installation of WordPress and our theme on our own hosting platform. They won’t need to learn how to buy/set up hosting, install wordpress, upload a theme or anything: We do it all with one click. They’ll get one year’s free hosting in addition, or they can easily download everything and use their own hosting. 
  • And remember…. buyers get FIVE niches like this. That’s 450 top-quality emails, 150 articles for website, 15 “free reports”,  and 15 professionally designed header graphics.
  • Training in traffic generation methods.

How can AffiloJetpack be used?

  • Use it to create a SEO site by re-wording the website articles.
  •  Slap it up on a website and send traffic straight to the squeeze pages and rely on the autoresponder series to do all the heavy lifting as far as sales are concerned. (No need to reword the articles in this case… PPC doesn’t care!)
  • Use the content to bolster an existing site. A lot of affiliates don’t get around to creating an autoresponder sequence, so they can simply plug this one in to start building long-term relationships with a list through quality emails. They’ll also make consistent sales from these emails too, due to the inclusion of promotional emails.
  • People can see what a super-affiliate website looks like, and use it as a model for building further sites.

Who is AffiloJetpack for?

  • Complete newbie affiliates who might never have built a site before and don’t know how to get started.
  • Affiliates who have tried building sites before, but have got bogged down with learning all the initial skills required to do market research, build a website, outsource content creation, etc. Many of these people give up.
  • Affiliates who have successfully built affiliate sites, but haven’t achieved much success because they’ve failed to add an autoresponder. There are a lot of people saying that they “haven’t got around to it yet” or that they’ll do it once their site starts making more money (because it can be an expensive thing to set up). 
  • Affiliates who have little difficulty building sites and getting them earning, but who are attracted by the vast quantity and quality of this content for the price.

One of the really big selling points of this package is the quality of the content. You can bet that it’s a really big deal. To give you an indication of the quality, this content is so well written that Mark Ling would be happy to send any of the internet marketing newsletters out to my own list, with my own name on them. 

Mark actually recorded videos to teach the writer concepts so that they could write this content. These writers weren’t cheap at all… Mark has  spent close to $100,000 on getting this content developed. But it’ll be worth it, because people will want to stay subscribed to these lists.

So stay tuned for the launch which will take place on Tuesday, 27th July at 12pm EDT (New York Time). The Pre-Lau^nch starts on Tuesday, 29th June EDT. Mark this dates in BOLD and RED in your calendar!

I’m just confident to see you inside soon. This is really something of top quality, just unbeatable. Real Mark Ling Quality!

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A New Educational Newsletter Is Ready!

I offer you good and in depth Educational Content Every 7 Days

It’s just time to download my newest edition of the Educational Newsletter which covers the following themes:

1)  Get Highly Targeted Traffic with WEB 2.0
2)  More Web Traffic in just One Hour a Day
3)  Recommended Resources

And there are a lot of Free Reports, Ebooks and Articles you can profit from.  Download your free copy here and enjoy. You also have access to the past issues which cover even more interesting themes.

Please leave a comment if you like my newsletter or give me an idea what kind of other issues I should cover in one of my next ussues.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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Six Easy Steps To Prepare A Free Giveaway Product

How to Profit from the Giveaway Mania with Your Own Product

Giveaway events are the secret tool to build your subscriber list at laser speed. But to participate on such promotions, you need to have your free gift ready to upload and place within the member’s area. There are several steps to follow to successfully create your free product, the sign-up box within your squeeze page as well as all the links in a correct order. As a lot of new online marketers still struggle with these tasks, I offer you a short step-by-step guideline here.

Please read on to get all the giveaway secrets…

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Summer Giveaway 2010 Is Rocking!

Did You Already Grab Your 25 Exclusive FREE Downloads?

It’s just amazing how fast these free Giveaway Gifts are taken away by the online community. Since the opening of the event, thousands of visitors have eagerly downloaded the best and most exclusive gifts day after day. Also my IMCrashCourse did awfully well and is ranked no 4 right now (that can change due to variation of traffic, :)).

This popular Giveaway 2010 is halvway through and it still runs till June 22, 2010. So please take a minute to check it out. You will find 25 top notch free gifts right on the website for direct download. And online experts like James Brown, Kevin Riley, Edmund Loh, Fabian Tan, Jeremy Gislason and many others guarantee for best and highes quality of these free gifts.

So hurry over to the site! Just click the banner below…

I hope you find what you can use and make the best out of it. This is really first class learning stuff!

Enjoy and best results.

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Search engine optimization tips for Twitter

Helpful Tip #39 – Search engine optimization tips for Twitter

1. Optimize the front of your tweet with keywords
     -> The first few characters (48 – 62) are likely to show up in the title tag

2. Add a retweet (RT) to the end of the tweet
     ->The front part of your tweet is precious landscape so don’t waste it up

3. Include keywords in hashtags
     -> If you’re on Twitter talking about a topic use the appropriate hashtag
     -> Hashtags give unity to a topic and people can go to
          and enter the hashtag to see who else is  talking about this topic

4. Communicate immediately with someone on Twitter
     -> You’re tweet might have a higher chance of being noticed if you go out 
          and engage with someone immediately
     -> If you communicate with them regularly, go ahead and ask within a DM 
          (direct message) if they would be so kind as to RT
     -> Don’t abuse your people on Twitter. Be selective in using the tips in
           the two bullet points above

5. Include keywords in URL shorteners
     -> URL shorteners like  BitLy orMyMyFreeTextAds let you customize them by
          adding keywords
     -> Use keywords you wish to target in your URL

Click here if you need nore good and useful information about link sharing and traffic generation!

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Giveaway 2010 is Open Now!

Download FREE Internet Business Building Gifts at the Exclusive Summer Gioveaway!

This  First Class Summer Giveaway of James Brown and Kevin Riley just opened doors on June 8 and runs through till June 22!

If you have been looking to saving a lot on building your business, you’ll love this special event, so please don’t miss to check it out…

Myself & a selected group of TOP Internet Marketers are pooling together some of our best internet business building resources – and you can gain instant access to them at no cost.

Get cool resources like:

* Collection of E-Books & Resell Rights,
* Private Label Content,
* Templates,
* Business-in-a-box,
* And Much, Much More!

All for FREE!

For the next 15 days only, you can get them all here at no cost, so hurry over to the offers right now.

Enjoy and Warm Regards,


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Invitation to the exclusive Summer Giveaway 2010

Invitation to the exclusive Summer Giveaway 2010

For A Very Limited Time Only, June 08-22, 2010 – Make sure to be there!

Openes Tuesday 8am USA EST time…

Download the Most Incredible Collection Of FREE Internet Business & Marketing Gifts and I personally wanted to invite you to this exclusive      Summer 2010 Giveaway Event, about to start on June 8, 2010!

My Internet Marketing Crash Course is just one of the 25 excellent free Giveaway Products you can choose from. I partnered up in this JV with James Brown, Kevin Riley, Stuart Stirling, Fabian Tan, Jim Furr and many other well known and very successful online marketers.

We all give away one of our best and sought after online products, which you can download for free from June 8-22, 2010.

So please stay tuned and mark the opening date in your calendar, when this page will go active to the general public next Tuesday 8am USA EST time…

Just prepare take a fast run at the Giveaway Page on 08.06.2010!

If you have any questions, just ask me and maybe you also leave a nice comment below. Enjoy and get the most out of this Giveaway!


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The 5-Day Super Fast Product Creation Success Plan

Do you also struggle with writing your first Info Product?

I know, it’s not that easy just to start writing and then come out with good content on any chosen theme, be it for a new product or something where you are even an expert…

If you always get lost and finally cannot find the easy way to sort out everything, then you need a clear system to follow.  And there is real and affordable help!

Right now, you can get my 5-Day step-by-step Super Fast Product Creation Tutorial for a super low initial price (under ten bucks). I invite you to go and check it out immediately!

This is only a small excerpt of what you will learn from this 60 pages of condensed eBook…

–  How to get Started and Change your Mindset
–  How to Invest in your most important 30 Minutes
–  Your step-by-step 5 Day Coaching Success Plan
–  How to get the Right and Most Pulling Keywords
–  How to Organise and Wrap up your Ideas
–  How to fill up your Skeleton and Start Earning
–  And much, much more…

Take a day or two and I guarantee you that at the end of this 5-Day Ebook writing plan you will have created your first info product and be ready to go online with it. And it is a real fact that in the long run you only can cash in and build your internet business fast with your very own digital product.

I have also packed in three excellent bonuses which will help you even more to skyrocket your sales and online profit.

Have a look and grab your piece of success! It’s really up to you to get started and take the short learning curve. You will be astonished how easy it will be at the end. So take your chance and get started!

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How to Free Yourself From a Job

This Is Your Fast Track To A Successful Online Business

May I ask you two questions?

1)  Are you too on the look out to escape the rat race of a day to day job?

2)  Would you like to be your own boss, do what you like and earn enough 
      money to tell your boss “good bye” as soon as possible?

But beware!  The next hyped up must have new product release will probably not get you closer to your dream. After you have spent your money, you will almost for sure be left alone with your problems again.

It’s true and a hard fact, however:

You, and only you, are responsible for your circumstances in live. You have the power to choose success or failure.

Nothing or no-one else can stop you from achieving your dream – except you! And one of the best thing you can do for yourself is invest in YOU!

For this self investment, I highly recommend you the newly released, very affordable Crush Your Job report where Stuart Stirling and James Brown have gone about helping folks like you who are ready to take their life back by taking a decision and get started right now.

This report is jam packed and full with all (and I mean ALL) you will ever need to know to finally give up your day job in a very short time! Inside you will find much more than just a couple of wiry tactics.

You get the hard facts and a step-by-step model you can follow to make more money online than you could have ever imagined…

Do you want to hear a really bold statement?

The information contained in this report flat out destroys anything else you have ever read before about online success, internet marketing and getting an online biz to profit from scratch.

It is really that good! And for a limited time, you can get your copy of Crush Your Job at a fraction of what it’s really worth. So the real question is: do you want to keep working your 9-5 job or do you want to crush it with this extremely affordable guide?

Take a decision today – If not, maybe it’s too late tomorrow! I did it and I’m well on my way…

Remember: this to the fact report will crush the living daylights out of
anything else you’ve ever read before. Just see for yourself…

And why not  join my Educational Newsletter, just to round up everything? It’s all about building a successful online business and 100 % free.

Thanks for following me!

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Web 2.0 PLR Video Tutorial

Where and How to Source Quality Resell Rights Products

As popular as resell rights are, it is actually not always that easy to find them. Especially resell rights to good high quality products from which you can make some good money fast.

• Don’t purchase a product with Resell Rights if the product is outdated
Chances are that the product is either over-saturated on the Internet,
devalued over time or its contents did not survive the test of time.
Especially true if the product contains a lot of time-sensitive information.

• Avoid buying Resell Rights Products that sell for only $27 or $47
In most cases, the bundleid packages are really worth just that amount.
If the product and its resell rights are too cheap to be true, this is
often because either product is already old, over-saturated on the
web or devalued due to low prices offered by other resellers on the

• Choose quality Resell Rights Products that have limited competition
If the product is rather new, you have a good chance of having a
head-start. Or use your streets and business smarts to stay on
the inside of every investment by networking with influential
Internet Entrepreneurs so that they will update or include you
in their coming product launches. As the saying in CNN news,
“be the first to know”!

• What kind of people are the resell rights being sold to?
If the product author sells to customers that don’t have really great
marketing power, this can be your good chance as a super reseller to
leverage on your own connections, Joint Venture partner’s efforts, and
more, to beat other resellers to earning from a world wide audience!

• Choose quality RR-Products with attractive back-end offers
This will enable you to earn from the same customers. If possible, choose
a product that allows you to earn recurring income from back-end sales.
Interestingly enough, in the first three years of the Resell Rights mania,
products with Resell Rights where created with the aim to benefit mainly
their authors.

• Be sure that the RR-Product has a persuasive sales letter
If the sales letter is not convincing, it won’t sell no matter how good
the product is. The best litmus test is to read the sales letter yourself.
If it doesn’t persuade you, it won’t persuade your customers, either.

• Be sure to get the complete Reseller Material from the Author
This is a compulsory responsibility of the product author to you if he
wants to convey the Master/Basic Resell Rights to you. The Reseller
Materials Pack should consist of the sales letter, images, thank you
page, and maybe follow-up letters. If the product author doesn’t provide
you the necessities or even the Reseller Materials Pack, you may as well
source for other products as not having your Reseller Materials Pack
often means more unnecessary work on your part. The setting up work
can be taxing thus defeats the purpose of becoming a reseller and the
worst thing that could ever happen to you is preparing to fail by
messing things up!

• Do your market research and check demand for the chosen product
If there is no or hardly any demand on it on the Internet, it will be
pointless to resell it.

• Carefully read all terms and conditions before buying the RR-Product
Here are a few things to look out for in the resell right terms and conditions:

a) What is the minimum/maximum price cap for the product?

b) Can the product be given away for free or as a bonus
to another product you are selling?

c) Can the product be sold at auction sites such as eBay?

d) Can the product be sold in printed version?

Do a quick background check on the product author’s credibility by typing his or her name on the Google Search Engine. This is crucial as if the author has a bad reputation on the Internet, it will be very difficult to resell products made by him or her.

Be sure that the Resell Rights product has a money back guarantee policy – unless it is a Private Label Rights product. High-quality products usually have 90-day money back guarantee. In case you discovered that the product is not for you or fail to make any sale in the first 90 days, you still have a chance to get your investment refunded.

Visit Web20ResellRights for best performing and high end resell rights products.

Best success and please leave your comment about your expereinces with PLR Products.

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How to Convert Website Visitors to Buyers

List Customer Care Against Plain Marketing List Building

Everybody tries its best to build a list of possibly thousands of subscribers and hopefully buyers. But did you ever ask yourself what really makes it that you can earn money out of such a list?

For certain, not just plain marketing and sending one email after sales email every 3-4 days. Subscribers do not like this and they will quit such a list very soon again. There must be more and there is one single and extremely valuable little secret you need to know how to play in order to make an income from your subscriber list: Personal Customer Care!

But what is this and how can I do it best?

Read on the full article here…

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List Exploding Squeeze Pages Help Building Your List

Are You Still Struggling Building Your List?

Then you need to change something! You need to make your Squeeze Pages so unresistable that nobody will leave them without signing up to your list first.  The brand new List Exploding Squeeze Page Secrets Report unveils the exact secrets on how to do this.

And it’s a very affordable $4 resource only. Apply it and grow your list!

I am sure you’ll want to get your hands on this special report immediately if you still struggle to build your own list.

List building has always been and always will be one of the most powerful waysto sell your own or affiliate products online. But many marketers struggle to build a list. Maybe you are one of them, having one of these struggles right now…

  • You have you got a squeeze page and try to build a list but conversions are low and unsatisfactory?

  • You haven’t got a squeeze and aren’t building a list yet but want to start asap!?

  • You have a squeeze page but want more traffic and subscribers?

If you are not building a list already, you are really missing out on a lot of easy
income. But if you are already building one, then I bet you would love to get more traffic to your squeeze page!

Keep in mind this simple formula:

==>   more traffic means
==>   more subscribers…and more subscribers
==>  means more money in your pocket!

Check this great and affordable report out and learn

* How to create squeeze pages that convert
* How to drive a lot of traffic to them
* How to make instant cash just seconds after you get your subscriber on
your list.

I recommend to take action and get your squeeze pages ready! Why not use the recommended tactics to expand your online business and profits?

And if you need still a lot more competent tutorials about website building, check out this site here too. Best success and always enjoy what you do!

PR: wait… I: wait… L: wait… LD: wait… I: wait… wait… Rank: wait… Traffic: wait… Price: wait… C: wait…

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