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Keywords To Improve Search Engine Ranking – Part 2

Here’s the sequel of Keywords To Improve Search Engine Ranking – Part 1.

6. Insert The Keyword Phrase In The Body Of Your Content

Insert your keyword phrase in the body of your content or blog post. The keyword phrase you utilize should be pointed out at least twice on the first paragraph and as many times as you can without committing keyword stuffing.

7. Put The Keyword In Anchor Text

It is advisable to create links that use your keyword phrase because search engines count link than those plain text. Avoid using links with anchor text telling, “Click here” or “more…” because of the fact that these links will do nothing to help you with your SEO. Put links with the keyword phrases as anchor texts in your website as several as permissible.

8. Use The Keyword In ALT Text

Online writers, bloggers and copywriters see most of the traffic sent to their sites came from the image searches on Google and other search engines. For SEO purposes, make the images you inserted on your page work for you. Ensure that the ALT text is the keyword phrase you’re using, the filenames and the captions contains your keywords or keyword phrases.

9. Avoid Applying HTML Block Quotes

Several issues regarding with block quote tag revolved around the net telling that Google and other popular search engines don’t read the text inside the HTML block quote tag when crawling a web page. It is best if this issue is kept in mind until further study is announced for guaranteed SEO purposes.

10. Reject Keyword Stuffing

Sites that use keyword stuffing for improved site rankings are penalized by search engines. Keyword stuffing is known as a form of spamming. Site that apply this black hat technique are banned by search engines. Some sites are deleted from the indexed sites because of keyword stuffing.To improve search engine ranking, follow the 10 tips.

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Learn How To Build Quality Backlinks To Your Site

The success of a website today depends mainly on the amount of traffic it attracts which in turn is determined by various other factors. Building quality links is one very important method that can be used to attain success and increased customer flow. The type of links you accrue can also alter the standing of your website in the search engines, During this article we will examine 3 methods of building high quality links as well as the requirements for a higher page ranking.

Learn how to get Higher Search Engine Rankings here!

Link Secret 1: Advertising

It’s most unusual for a site to contain information about others in the same niche. However, if your site does contain such info, then you should take advantage of the linking benefits you can get from it. You can include a digital badge on your site that provides a link to your partner’s site, and they can place your badge on their site providing a link to yours. Remember, sometimes it’s the simple things that can produce the quality, relevant backlinks you are looking for. Indeed, backlinks from partner sites are among the most valuable links you can get. And if you include a high-value RSS feed or a widget on your website, other sites in your niche will want to use them, and this can get additional backlinks for you. The secret is providing enough value which will be seen as an incentive for other sites to backlink to you. With this method you’ll be able to build many quality link backs for your website as time goes on.

The amount of ads is not as important as the quality of your ads.

Manual back links have benefits but require a bigger time devotion. However, you will see that building backlinks manually can be a very beneficial use of your time. You can combine these efforts with the automated link building efforts for even better results. You can use sites like, the best article directory available, to build some very powerful backlinks. The time you invest will pay off when you start to drive more traffic to your website and see a huge boost in traffic. Do not waste your time putting efforts into gaining backlinks from places that will not give you any true results; instead, focus your efforts on getting articles published through quality sites like and, which are considered to be the best. once again, your goal is to reap the highest benefit possible from the least amount of work.

Here’s a few really good Success Stories!

Posting on Forums for Backlinks

Anchoring your links within text will provide higher quality links to your website. And these will get the attention of the search engines. What is anchor text? It is simply the text that contains the link to your page. SEO experts place a lot of importance on anchor text, because Google gives more weight to a link that is build within this kind of text over one that is not. If one of your keywords is “free widgets”, all you need to do is anchor the link to your site within those words. Its not recommended to use your company name as anchor text. But you need to be careful of what type of keywords you insert; they have to be relevant to your link. If you use keywords that are not relevant to your site, you may lose Google rankings. Following these directions is a great way to build backlinks to your site that will be counted by Google.

Click Here for more information on how to get Higher Search Engine Rankings!

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SEO Alternatives To Traffic Honey And Facebook

To Rely On Search Engine and Facebook Sneaky Ad Traffic Is Not All there is…

Many marketers try their best to get hig rankings in search engines, to be present on all social media sites and always optimising their sites, keywords and strategies.

However, to build a good and responsive list steadily, it is in my opinion not enough to just rely on SE traffic methods. They are good to assist the whole process, yes, but for really lasting and increasing traffic streams, I would not rely on these strategies alone.

I discovered a Cool Video Course with a step-by-step 6 Video and 22 traffic lead generating tactics. And these secrets do not at all rely on Google or other Search Engines. You get a complete system inclusive website, product recommendation and autoresponder emails.

Just implement it and forget about the Search Engines. See what’s in for you:

  • 22 Unique List Building Techniques That Don’t Require A Search Engine
  • This isn’t just about Ad Swaps…this goes MUCH MUCH further (I gave an example in the video of just one TINY technique…)
  • This is about leverage, and how you can quickly grow a list using the list and other free traffic techniques!
  • 6 Video’s Walking You Through How To Build An Email List!
  • This is PERFECT for noob’s…no longer wonder “how it’s done”…I show you everything, from uploading your webpage to placing the opt-in box…
  • Plus, how to pick a good niche, how to promote and sell your chosen product, and how to grow your list from NOTHING!
  • A High Converting Affiliate Email Swipe File!
  • Finally, a 7 email swipe file that I use when promoting other peoples products. It contains the exact formula you need to follow to make tons of money with your list!

So go and see the Demo Video, get in and Screw Google with this list profit system. Beleive me, you will invest your time online much better than for SEO.

Oh yes, the Price! It’s under $ 10 and if you are lucky, right now there is a Purple Elephant on the bottom of the page. Click it and be surprised!

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Review WPExit WordPress Plugin Automatic Backlinks

Brand New WordPress Exit Plugin Turns Visitors To Backlinks!

Did you already hear about the brand new plugin that Ken Sar and Ken Reno have just released and that gets you more backlinks and traffic you ever thought of?

WP Exit is a wordpress plugin that will reward your visitors with your product in exchange for backlinks to your site. Once they have entered the required backlink, they will get to download your product instantly.

WP Exit will automatically check and validate the links your visitors submitted to make sure you have a valid backlink to your site.

Setup is a breeze and takes less than 10 Minutes!

Watch This Short Video to see how easy it is to install, activate, and configure your WP Exit Plugin. Its as easy as 1-2-3!

Basically, WPExit let’s your blog visitors get backlinks for you in exchange for your product. It works instantly with nothing for you to do after setup!

Many freebie seekers will just browse your blog and leave if they do not find soemthing fro free. So, if they are already leaving your offer without buying it, maybe the price was an issue. If so, they most likely have still enough “time”  they could trade for your product instead paying  cash.

Therefore, don’t let your visitors slip away but get them to send traffic to your site by giving them your product in exchange for backlinks.

And it really works! WP Exit is perfect for…

  • Anyone who has a blog
  • Anyone who wants to get more backlinks and traffic without paying for it
  • Anyone who is willing to exchange their product with the backlinks and traffic

I highly recommend to try out this very useful and automatically running WordPress Plugin because just everybody needs traffic. And with WPExit you will get it, for sure!

Something negative?
Yes off course!

It takes a little time to upolad the plugin (see the Video again) and to find the right freebie you can save inside for your leaving website visitors. But this is only once ore some short time later on when you want to change your gift.

And to get the freebies, you can have a look here. There are tons and tons of great free downloads with instant access to Software, Scripts, MP3s, Movies, Multimedia, Content, e-Books, Templates, Niche Materials and much more content you can directly use for your WPExit Plugn.

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A HighWay to EBay Money-Making Success

How To Use eBay To Generate Monster Ongoing Profits

This is a Guest Article by Carol Harridge, succesful Ebay Marketer and Author of “Auction Strategies Explained“.

eBay is the Internet’s largest marketplace, where thousands of the most popular products are bought
and sold every day.

Millions and millions of people buy and sell on eBay every single day. What people don’t realize is how easy it is to get started with eBay and how you can start generating profits merely from selling unwanted items from around the home.

You can certainly make a lot of money selling your own no longer wanted or needed possessions, and all you need to know is how to successfully sell at auction sites, especially on eBay.

eBay is probably the most popular online auction site by far, as many millions of transactions, of a buying and selling nature, occur there each and every single day.

Today I am going to share with you 10 hot tips that will assist you when selling your unwanted/ no longer needed possessions on eBay, or, for that matter, on any auction site.

1. The 1st step is that it is important to have opened an eBay buying
and selling account. They are both free to set up.

2. Always write a very descriptive Title for your item, to ensure your
item appears more frequently in the search results so potential
buyers will be able to find it more easily.

3. Always take your own photos of your items. People are much more
inclined to purchase items that have a real picture of the item
clearly displayed.

4. Make your Description of your Item very clear and concise. Ensure it
is well spelt. Use phrases that are easy for people to understand.
Keep it friendly.

5. If you do not want your item to sell below a particular price, then
it would be a very good idea to set a reserve price for it.

6. If you are happy to sell your item for a specific amount, then it is
advisable to use the ‘Buy It Now’ option.

7. Continue to find, and read, of other tips on how you can successfully
sell on eBay.

8. It is very important to log in to your eBay account and frequently check
your emails. People may have questions about your items and it is
important to answer these as quickly as possible.

9. Always take time to watch your items that you are selling to see how they
are going.

10. Make sure you post your item quickly once it has sold. This will ensure
you get good feedback registered from your buyer.

This all might give you the impression that is rather difficult to become skilled at selling profitably on eBay.

However, in fact it is really rather easy. All it takes is a small amount of persistence to be profitably selling items on eBay relatively quickly.

To follow a step-by-step, proven online eBay system to make good money quickly and easily, that you can setup and commence today, simply visit this link.

Carol Harridge has been marketing online since 2008. You can view her eBay tutorial guide here.

© Carol Harridge – All Rights reserved

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IM Crash Course Launched

Internet Marketing Success in 30 Days From Scratch!

This is a great moment for me!

I just launched my Ebook and it is a 67 pages Internet Marketing Crash Course – nothing hidden, all tactics revealed…

My book will show you what you need to do to turn your online website and business into a resource that your customers can trust. You’ll also learn how to get more customers to visit your website.

The main goal of this book is to teach you which online marketing techniques are the most effective for your business. Some of the things that you’ll learn include:

  • How to design your website to that you attract the customers you want.
  • How to reach your customers through e-mail marketing.
  • Why co-branding is important.
  • How to choose online partners that are right for you.
  • How to create customized content for you website so that your  customers visit frequently.
  • How to establish yourself as an expert in your specific industry.

You can get it FREE here.  I also invite you to join as an Affiliate, spread the word and earn 50 % Instant commission…

Well, please head over to now. Digg in and let me know your comments.

Thanks and Enjoy!


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Tweet-Extreme Automatic Monthly Tweets

It’s Live – 5 x 10 Killer Monthly Pre-Written Instant Commission Tweets

If you have a ever growing Twitter account, you certainly see good results in traffic back to your links. But to keep up with all the tweets can be quite tiem consuming Ken Reno has just opened the doors to his brand new project called “Tweet Extreme!”

Each month you’ll get 5 sets of tweets that help you promote quality digital products that pay you instant commissions. Even though you get content every month, the fee is $4.97 one time!  This is absolutely great and I have very good response just after two days already.

There is a special upgrade offer too that gives you another one of his best selling products, plus 10 tweet sets per month. This upgrade is a small $4.97 per month membership that anyone  can afford, but is completely optional.

No matter which you decide on, I highly recommend you get on board and take advantage of the BETA launch pricing in effect. You’ll also get 100% INSTANT commissions for referring others, so you can make your  investment back with just ONE sale to your contacts!

This is a real nugget and I hope to see you on the inside soon! 

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Secret Affiliate Income Review

It just launced and it seems to become a great success…

Secret Affiliate Income is created by Frank Michaels and inside, he is  revealing his secrets as an affiliate marketer that allowed him to quit his job, and work from home just with a laptop and internet connection.

Now, he is sharing his success secrets only with limited number of people who are serious about making money online, as he does not wish to share with too many people and dilute the effectiveness of his methods.

Here’s my comprehensive and short review of Secret Affiliate Income. Just what you need to know before eventually buying this brand new product.

First of all, what exactly is Secret Affiliate Income?

Secret Affiliate Income comprises of the juice of his 10 years of experience online, in the affiliate marketing business. He had provided you with all the information necessary to implement the system and start your business online as well.

You will find out what are the methods to set up your online business, make some fast money while other people are taking a long time to build up. In this step by step guide, you are getting information on how Frank Michaels does it exactly, nothing left out, fully understandable also for the newbie.

These are the Positive Points of Secret Affiliate Income:

  • You will learn what are the methods to make money online
  • How to choose a winner product to promote
  • How to set up your very own online store, or
  • Master eBay and CPA marketing niche
  • Knowing where are your strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to focus solely on a single method and build your business out of it
  • Most importantly, it works with whatever experience level you have, if you follow and implement the system, you WILL make money! Maybe not $100,000 per month yet, but obtaining a full time income is certainly achievable. 
  • If you are already making money online, then this can be an additional system for you to add another stream of income for you, seriously, I guarantee you won’t have seen anything like this before..

There are also some Negative  Points

  • Obviously, Secret Affiliate Income is not perfect. There could be a bunch of other interesting tactics which are not (yet) shown. 
  • One great missing point is the topic on article marketing efficiently
  • For that reason you can check my suggestion here…

As we come to the end of my Secret Affiliate Income review, overall, this is one of the most impressive and competitive product that I’ve seen in a long time.

My recommendation to you is to get this course fast as it show you all the necessary tools to get to your online money. So take action soon!

It is a very useful product which will teach you to make a decent income online. Check the sales page of Secret Affiliate Income, and what you will get is essentially an amazing, simple yet powerful tactic that is a sure win for a marketer online.

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The Amazing LeadsLeap Free Advertising System

The Most Amazingly Simple Way To Generate Free Leads – And It Works!

Usually, I am very sceptical about automatic, virtual, explosve or any other kind of promised fast growing list building, traffic generateion and recurring income. I admit that I also lost quite some money to such promises at the beginning but finally learned to stay well away from too promising websites and tools.

This time, it was really different!

It was Stuart Stirling who introduced me to the LeadsLeap program where you can can build your own leads, advertise on their huge network for FREE and use their “proprietary” marketing tools. This is something you can’t get elsewhere. Ans since I honour Stuart’s work and experience, I gave it a try, but studied the website all over the day again. 

Finally I was convinced to sign up for free and take the chance to test everything. An I really was amazed, LeadsLeap overdelivers on bonusses, free advertising tutorials, videos and free software to download. You can also try out the Pro Version for one full month free. And guess what – I am a Pro now and already got 2 new referrals, over 100 clicks to my placed ad with a click through rate of  53 %.

It is for that reason, I want to share with you this FREE Traffic Generation System of LeadsLeap. It is an ingenious system that combines the power of contextual advertising and network lead generation.

In this system, you are allowed to post ads to 10 levels of the network you have built.

Unlike traditional network lead generation methods, LeadsLeap only allows members to post their ads in the form of contextual ad. This means your leads do not receive obtrusive ads from their uplines, which is a good thing because no one likes to receive junk ads. Moreover, LeadsLeap sends very informative and useful newsletters to their members. I’ve already saved some of these newsletters for future reference. I’m sure you will benefit from the newsletter too as LeadsLeap offers really great content.

This is a really free and delivering service and, as said, it works great for me right from the beginning. And if you check out the Widget on top right of this post, you can see that I even earn traffic 24/7 by just placing it on my blog.

I invite you to study their website and recommend to register your free account now. 

Enjoy and best success with your new LeadsLeap Marketing!

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30 days to really making 4-figures (exclusive free webinar tonight)

Free WEBINAR tonight, a PERFECT online business never heard about…

This is a kind of Plain Advertisement and, YES, I am convinced that this free Webinar which takes place tonight, February 25, 2010 is so important. It’s all about how to grow your online business substantially. I just want to let you know about it.

So, if you want to know the fastest way to start using the Internet to bring in money…

  • without needing a website
  • without needing a product
  • without needing a list
  • while working from home in your spare time
  • and you only need a couple customers to make a full-time, 5-figure income.

Then this FREE WEBINAR taking place TONIGHT is perfect for you.

It shows you how to do simple online marketing for local businesses…, which very well may be one of the most lucrative (and simple) businesses you can start online. You will learn and discover…

…How to get clients (and start making income) in your first month without having to sell.

…How to get paid $1,000 to $5,000 a month per client doing SIMPLE online marketing (The ULTIMATE Continuity Program)

…The 4-types of local businesses — which ones to avoid like the plague and which ones are GOLDEN.

…How to QUICKLY turn your clients into the DOMINATE company in their local market online, making them
LOTS of money (meaning they pay you lots of money too.)

…How ONE letter can TRIPLE your client’s results.

…How a couple small tweaks turns their “useless” website into a lead generating money machine.

…Plus plenty of Real Life Examples and Case Studies

Reserve your spot on this webinar while there is still time right here.

But does this REALLY work?

  • Several months ago they taught this to a small beta test group, and most of them had NEVER done anything online.
  • Within the first 3 weeks, 41 people already had 1 or more clients.
  • People were making $1,500 their first month, another $2,400 a month, one guy made $4,000 in his first few weeks.
  • Obviously this works. And I’m guessing you would like to get FAST results like that too.
  • If yes, go to this page today and tune into this week’s webinar…

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All About Blogging At The Educational Newsletter

This Issue Is All About Blogging and How To Get Started

I want to welcome you to my next issue of the Martin Bigler Educational Newsletter. Feel free to read, use and distribute it. If you find my information useful, please leave a comment.

In the previous issue, I gave you some inormation on how to intall a Blog and how to get it up and running. Just in case you missed these basics, you can click here to get it again.

After you have installed a Blogger or WordPress Blog, I now explain in a first part how to bring your blog to live and fill it with good content.

See the main themes here:
1)  Your Blog From Start to Success – Day 1- Day 3
2)  10 Sure-Fire Tips to Increase Website Sales
3)  Recommended Resources
4)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

Please head over to the Newsletter Website and enjoy!

To receive your personal copy direct into your mailbox, I invite you to sign up here or inside the newsletter. You will then never miss an issue again and I promise to keep my mails at a very low level.

If you have questions or suggestions for a theme to be tackled in one of my future newsletters, please leave me a comment. Thanks for your interest.

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Buyer Keywords Generator Tool

The #1 reason why most affiliates fail…

You certainly heard it already, but it’s really shocking: over 95% affiliates are making less than $100 each month from their promotional efforts to sell affiliate products…

And this is not because they choose wrong product to promote, are too lazy or not focussed enough. No, it’s because they promote their products in front of wrong people. Maybe you are one of these commission victims and you fall into this exact category?

If yes, there is good help!

I discovered this unique and breakthrough software that uncovers more than a billion red-hot buyer keywords in more than 50,000 hot and money-making niches. This software allows you to spy on Buyers Inner Thought and you can find out exactly what they are eager to buy from you. It could even lead to the fact that you will earn money so fast you never could dream of.

WebLink ==> Go Here and See for Yourself!

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Massive Traffic By Using Free Google Tools

How can I get more traffic to my site?

This is one of the most common questions asked by many website owners!
But we are all looking for traffic, a lot of traffic, right? 

Unfortunately, most people think they need to spend thousands on buying targeted traffic. However, that’s definitively not true! In fact, there’s a simple system that anyone can setup very quickly and which sends free targeted traffic to any website of your choice!

This easy traffic system uses free Google tools to send targeted leads to your Gmail account within 15 minutes! It’s  called “The Google Traffic Pump System”  and it consists of the following 5 easy steps:

1. Unique keyword research
2. Creating Traffic Pumping Questions
3. Creating Gmail and Alerts
4. Traffic Pumping Methods
5. Traffic Re-Pumping Methods

In addition, this deceptively simple system has a proven track record for several different niches. It comes with 6 highly instructional videos showing in exact steps how to quickly implement the strategies.

This is just an excerpt of one 47 minute video:

* The most important element required near the bottom of every
   sales page guaranteed to increase conversions!

* A 5 minute simple trick that increases conversions by 6% while
   more importantly, reducing return rate by 38%

* One simple trick forcing your web site to appear professional

* A quick trick which instantly makes your web site stand out
   in every potential customer’s web browser

* An easy-to-insert top element most sales pages lack resulting
   in lost sales. You’re probably losing sales right now if you
   don’t have it!

* A dead simple trick applied to your headline proven to boost
   conversions by 17%

* The one “universal” magic number of keywords required to
   pull-in sales time and time again.

* Every single best selling novel or book uses this simple tiny
   trick guaranteed to increase readership by nearly 40%

* A simple trick that re-uses testimonial content which increases
   conversions by 19%

* The #1 element proven to siphon customers into any sales funnel
   across any market!

* The quickest way to increase sales by 28% with a simple trick
   near your order button

* The best converting graphic proven to increase sales by 14%

* A magic character you can change in literally 3 seconds that can
   increase conversions by nearly 17%

* Re-insert a simple graphic near the top of your sales page and
   watch sales boost by 19%

* Bad words, ood words, the words that increase sales every time!

* The best 3 words you need to use over and over again!

* And a whole lot more …

Once you have setup your own traffic system, the real-time features of the Google Alerts system will start sending targeted leads almost instantly! If you’re on a budget and need highly targeted leads sent to your website,
then you definitively should take an exact look at the new Google Traffic Pump System. And if you use it together with the Web 2.0 Income Traffic Explosion Tool, you will just double your traffic storm again.

I am sure you will profit in may ways and even trible your traffic streams. Enjoy and best success!

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Free List Building WordPress Plugin

How you can effectively boost sign-ups to your Blog

A Blog is a great tool to get your personal or commercial messages out to the internet community. As you have put a great deal of effort into your blog posts, you certainly would like to have many of your readers coming back to your blog.

There is a very effective and free solution!

My friends Dave and Aaron have just released this cool WordPress Plugin that actually helps convert your blog visitors into subscribers to your Opt-In list, so that you can get in touch with them at a later stage with other related offers.

It virtually forces your visitors to opt-in!

Currently they’re actually giving the Plugin away at no cost and you can get it by clicking here.

They also have a Pro Version which has some neat and more “advanced features” too so it’s worth considering grabbing the upgrade while it’s still so cheap and including lifetime upgrades for free to all following Pro Versions.

However, that’s not compulsory and the free version will do everything you need to get started.

And here is how simple it is to install this Plugin to your WordPress Blog:

Create directory htmlbox in “/wp-content/plugins/ directory”

Upload files and directories from archive to the “/wp-content/plugins/htmlbox directory”

Go to your CPanel, look for the htmlbox directory

Set CHMOD 777 to directory “bg” and to file “content.php”

Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress

Configure the plugin throught ‘Settings’ -> ‘HTML Box’inside your WordPress Dashboard.

That’s all there is! And this exact procedure applies also for any other Plugin you might want to add to your WordPress Blog.

I hope this is useful for your List Building. Please leave a comment on how you are doing with this easy and effective Plugin.

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Review BlogUpp Blog Promotion

How To Spread News About Your Quality Blog

Every Blogger has the pride to make good content available to the loyal blog subscribers and other visitors. Off course you want that people stay on your blog, read and comment your posts. This also creates valuable free traffic plus more and more good backlinks from similar blogs or niches.

I for myself try to optimise traffic and content so that everyone can benefit. Searching the net, I recently came accross BlogUpp! and stopped there to read more. I got interested and finally inserted my blog URL to get the HTML code for the widget you can see further down this site.

BlogUpp! shows other blog headlines within the widget and your blog will be featured at other blogs which have linked to BlogUpp! This is all free and will give you a good edge in additional traffic from the search engines. BlogUpp! has a PR between 4 and 5 which means its already a high traffic site and still growing. Your quote will usually be delivered and approved within 1 business day.

Why advertise within the BlogUpp! community?

* Interactive ads, combined image and text
* Reach a highly engaged audience
* Selection of quality blogs only
* CPM, CPC and CPA options
* Google Ad Manager tracking
* Multilanguage blog coverage
* Multiple targeting choices
* Geo-targeting offered
* Anti-fraud on guard
* Simple. Original. Efficient.

And you get even free advertising by placing the BlogUpp! widget on your blog. Plus there are more features which make BlogUpp! different:

* No Sign-up
* 3 Tools at once. Free
* Dynamic blog targeting
* Handpicked quality blogs
* Cheat-proof and fair sharing
* Blogspot, WordPress and alike friendly
* Welcome bonus for every approved blog
* Premium from 5 EUR. Geo-targeting offered
* Best de facto exchange ratio (10:9) and more

With the Blog Discovery Toolbar you can enjoy the exitement of discovering new things, themes or niches. It is a great way to explore blogs seamlessly and come across excellent new blogs.

To advertise on blogs is  easy too. Reach engaged users cost-efficiently and benefit of social advertising on influent blogs via the BlogUpp! blog promotion widget and blog directory. To get an advertising quote and to leverage your blogging influence,  just enter your site URL here.

Click here to explore and see how advertisements from publisher blogs via the  BlogUpp! blog directory will look like.

To sum it up: Blog Promotion with BlogUpp! is great and free. Have Your Blog Promoted by Readers. Easy, Free and No Sign-up. More cool and informative articles are available from their Blog too.

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