People are getting sick and tired of video marketing, or are they?

I am writing this to you after I just finished watching a video from a very well known internet marketing and search engine optimization guru.  I dislike the common internet marketing videos and never watch any of them generally.  The only reason I watched this video in the first place was because another very well-known guru sent me this vidoe to check out.

So what was the video about?  It was about creating affiliate marketing engines that work for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year.The method to setting up an affiliate marketing engine is easy to understand and set up.

What is this super-secret method?

Get traffic to a squeeze page to build your list and have a lot of follow up emails to send to these interested subscribers.

Is that the big surprise being revealed, Mr. guru?  I mean come on now, that’s marketing 101.  My point here to all of this is that these types of “fluff-filled” internet marketing videos that are supposed to be revealing something useful to me and just wasting my time.

Here’s how I would teach someone to start their internet business the right way, or maybe I should call it something fancy like their business engines?

Here’s the nitty-gritty method to setting up your affiliate marketing engine

  1. Get traffic to a squeeze page,(article marketing, pay-per-click, ranking well via link building, exit popups, ad swaps etc…)
  2. Have some good reason for people to join your list (have a compelling product to give away, or an eCourse, and spend time on the copywriting for your list building, money-making squyeeze page)
  3. Have quality emails going out to your subscribers,(this means helpful hints and content and blog posts, so don’t think of your list as a bunch of wallets with email addresses attached to them)
  4. Space your emails out according to what AWeber recommends (if you don’t use AWeber that is OK, but they know better than anyone else how you should space your emails out, and recommend a higher frequency of emails at first, then slowing it down after the first 7-8 have been sent)
  5. Add emails and product recommendations to the followup series as time goes on,
  6. Move your best performing emails to the first 30 days of the followup series
  7. Every time you send a broadcast email and it performs well, add it to your followup series.
  8. Every time you write a blog post that gets a lot of comments on it for whatever reason, send your subscribers to go read those comments, and do it from your autoresponder.

This is a simple method for building a marketing system and could have been explained in less than a minute by reading those bullet points above.

So why are these gurus wasting my time with videos that are so full of fluff I could make a tempeurpedic mattress out of them?

Because video marketing works well as a warm up to the real thing being sold on the back end, and apparantely people are still falling for it.  A lot of people are sick of spending precious minutes and hours watching a video only to find out that nothing really interesting or new or revolutionary was said.  In most cases the videos are only meant to be pre-selling mechanisms not quality content videos, and are really only designed to whet the apetitie of those watching the video.

Top quality content videos are extremely rare these days and the masses are wising up to these videos because they’re all mostly hype-drive.since there are so many people like me who only want straight-to-the-point videos, I decided to make a different type of video one day when I was sick with a cold.  I was reviewing a product called BackLink Solutions and made a 9 minute video that was pretty intense and quiet.  People got the point from watching that video, and the also signed up for my product recommendation at the end of that video.

My point here? People watching marketing videos respond better when the videos are of good quality and not misleading by the hype that led people to watch them in the first place.