People Make You Money – Not The List!

Customer Care Against Plain List Building

Everybody tries its best to build a list of possibly thousands of subscribers. But did you ever ask yourself what really makes the money you can earn out of such a list?

Certainly not just plain marketing and sending email after email every 3-4 days. Subscribers do not like this and will quit such a list very soon again. So there is one single and extremly valuable little secret to making mony with an subscriber list: Personal Customer Care!

But what is this and how can I do it best?

Te easyest way is to put yourself into the shoes of your subscribers and to have a great look at your inbox to see which emails really attract you and which you will just skip. Also check some mail your mail account has automatically placed inside the spam inbox. Learn fast what is annoying and which mails attract your attention.

Next imagine, how you would like to be cared if you are interested in a Newsletter, a Product or Service. Just one picture: imagine the warm welcome you get in a small, cosy family run hotel when you come to the reception the first time or as a returning guest. Your are treated as a really welcome and cared about individual, maybe your dog gets a goodie and water even before you get the room key (that actually happened to us recently in such a hotel in Belgium).

To implement this into your list building strategies, it simply means that the money comes from actual people who are on your list and trust your advice and the products you recommend. And they value your open hearted writing style as well as your free advice, tutorials, ebooks and report.

Normal websites or email campaigns convert somewhre between 1-3 % and if you take the rule of thump $ 1 value per paying customer, you would be earning a commission of $ 10 to $ 30 then.

That means, if you build a relationship with people and earn their trust first, they are more likely to act on your recommendations. Your prospect will then already be convinced that they want to buy from you because of the trusted relationship you have established with them. 

And this could very fast push up your conversion rate to maybe 5 % or even higher. Conclusion: give first, build up the relationship and as a result double your commission earnings. If a family member or  a good friend invites you to see a funny or educational video, what are you likely to do? Exactly, you click the link and get to see it immediately.

Thats how list building works best. If you really want to learn all and everything about how to build trust with your subscribers for best possible success, then I invite you to read on here.

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