Review of Expert Content Monthly

While searching for niches and excellent content I could use for my Educational Newsletter, as well as for my Blog Subscribers, I came accross ‘Expert Content Monthly’ which offfers 325 PLR articles each month (25 articles in 13 niches), 3 eBooks on 3 of the topics from current month niches, 26 Headers (2 for each niche), 13 VRE AdSense sites plus bonus PLR products which will help you build and expand your Blogging Niche Empire.

You can either never write another word again and just use the content which is brand new and not rehashed old stuff, or you can adapt and mix the material easy with your own words and ideas. You will get creative once you have started.

Alex Sysoef and Dmitriy Agadzhanov are blogging product developers and they have personally coached and supported well over two thousand customers over the last 2 years. Bloggers who buy their ‘Expert Content Monthly’ get real time best assistance and support.

The 2 biggest problems 99.9% of the bloggers deal with are:

1.  Niche Research
2.  Quality Content

Expert Content Monthly has been creatad as the Solution to these two Facts

It is absolute clear that Niche Research is the biggest obstacle keeping the majority of bloggers from becoming profitable with their blogs. And those who master the skill of doing proper niche research, will really manage to create a nice or even massive steady income from their blogs.

Therefore, you must get through the daunting and boring research work! Off course, it is time consuming and success is not confirmed. If you can locate a niche that seems to be promising, you still have to create your own, unique content for that niche.  Paying a ghost writer to create your articles and other website content is in most of the cases not an option. 

And here Expert Content Monthly offers the Clever and Affordable Solution.

‘Expert Content Monthly’ is a membership that provides you with quality Private Label Content each and every month.  It is the simplest and most cost effective solution to both of the issues identified above. High quality and fresh content you can call your own and do with it as you like. The best part – all the research and writing is already done for you by Alex and Dmitriy. 

Simply create your posts with the fresh content you get every month and schedule your blog to run on autopilot. Then drive traffic to it. Check the results and I am sure you will improve your income quite soon. Use Google Analytics to track your visitors and for further improvement or fine tuning of your blog. Then also use the training and the tutorials provided by Alex and Dimitry.

See in detail what is included Each Month in this Expert Content Monthly Membership:

You will get access to 12 different Niche Markets, researched and analyzed for profit.
You will receive 300 unique Private Label Rights (PLR) articles covering 12 different topics. Each article is written by experienced niche writers that have already been prescreened and found their work to be top-quality – $3000-$3600 value!
Every month, each of the 12 different topics chosen come with two different website header graphics. That’s a total of 24 professionally designed website headers. You will be able to give your website a top-notch professional look without trying to create a great-looking header yourself – $480-$720 value!
Every month you will get 3 Private Label eBooks with complete website. Each eBook is written by a professional writer and is based on one of the niche topics provided during that month. It comes complete with a sales letter and designed to help you start earning as fast as possible – $900 value!
If that was not enough, you also receive a Ready-Made Niche AdSense Website for every one of the 12 topics! A total of 12 professionally designed VRE AdSense Websites – $600 value!

This will allow you to enter 12 well researched niches each and every month and generate traffic to them. The amount of various articles, topics, graphics and bonus PLR products make each combination nearly unique, minimizing the competition from fellow members of the program and increasing your visibility with the Search Engines. 

Most of the time in life, only 10 %  of the people take real action when they come accross a perfect solution – are you one of them?  Are you willing to get the extra effort to do a bit of work to achieve your dreams? Are you ready? OK then Take Your Chance Now!