Review of the Free Traffic Marketer

The Most Important Reason Why Marketers Are Not Making Money Online

It all started with a forum and some really helpful people who really want to help marketers who are in need of help to “find a hungry crowd and feed them with your affiliate offers”. This statement is not totally wrong. In fact, it is correct. But look around you, those $47 ebooks and those advices that are given by other marketers, they are missing the most important puzzle.

And that’s not all, some even won’t tell you about the niche they are dabbling into. As we probably already have know that there are niches that people will buy like crazy while some niches, people prefer to go to offline shops to purchase.

So, what’s is the missing link to the puzzle?

Let’s zoom out and see the end result. People purchase because they need something or they purchase to makes them feel good and some purchase just to solve a one time problem. See these 3 groups of people? They are purchasing a PRODUCT.


So, with so millions of products online to promote, how do we know which product converts? You can spend time researching keywords and link them to your buying customers to make it relevance. But at the end of the day, the product does not convert, it ain’t make you any sales.

So, what you need is a blueprint that will help you in determine which product your customer wants. You may want to sell popular products, but you will be competing among big time players and the only way for you is to follow a proven blueprint that will guide you through step-by-step to determine which product to promote and which to drop.

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Now the ball is officially in your court. Will you promote something that your customers want or “find a hungry crowd and feed them with your affiliate products”?


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