Review of Traffic Sage Website Promotion Service

Traffic Sage – Hands Free Traffic?

Did you know that if you’re not spending around 75% of your time driving traffic to your sites, you are missing out on a lot of sales? Driving traffic is the one on-line skill that will increase your bottom line no matter what niche you are in. But who has time for that, you have got better things to do., right?

Ok, so then let Traffic Sage do it for you. Traffic Sage is a full service team of traffic generation specialists that spend the time doing what you don’t want to do. Right now there are still about 300 slots open. So if you are really interested to build your online business fast and focussed, then start doing it and check the free Video right now!

The following valuable and time consuming services are included

*  Search Engine Optimization
    with expert advice, analyzes, detailed SEO reports, recommends changes
    to your websites, Advice focuses on Title, Meta tags, Description,
    Sitemap, Page structure, File names and more.

*  Search Engine Marketing
    Submission of your websites strategically and manually to various
    search engines and directories to give your site maximum exposure
    and also to get good back-links which again help your rankings.

*  Social Media Marketing
    If you are not using social media like networking sites, book-marking
    sites and other Web 2.0/3.0 technologies, you are seriously missing
    big on traffic. Such technologies are handled to your    best advantage.
    The ‘tasks’ include creating your profiles on leading social networking
    sites, creating and updating content, book-marking your URLs, joining
    groups and communities and so on.

*  Article Marketing
    Each and every month, the Traffic Sage Team creates 100% original and
    totally unique articles for you. Not only that, they even distribute
    those articles to leading, high PR directories. This includes manual
    submissions to top directories, unique submissions to hundreds of other
    sites and automatic submissions via Article Marketer.

*  Video Marketing
    You don’t need to be a ‘video junkie’ to create your promo videos. It’s
    all done for you! Every month, short promotional videos are created
    based on the content/niche of your website. Promotion of these (your)
    videos to leading, high PR video portals including YouTube, Google Videos,
    Viddler    and tens of other video portals. 

*  Press Releases
    Every month new and awesome press releases about you, your business or
    your website are created. These PRs will be distributed to the leading
    press and media networks. This again helps in higher rankings of your
    websites and content.

*  Securing Back Links
    Getting good, one-way back-links from other websites related to your
    niche is one of the most powerful, yet most tedious and neglected
    aspects of search engine optimization. All done for you!

*  Blog/Forum Marketing
    Research and identification of leading Blogs and Forums in your niche
    every month. Traffic Sage will go to each one of those sites to write
    comments and post replies while strategically dropping your website URL.
    This enables a very good exposure in your industry and to your websites,
    building up credibility and income.

Time = Money.
Why not start to save time and make real money? By getting tons of traffic on autopilot, you can focus on creating products and doing other things…

My conclusion is absolutely positive. Traffic Sage works really professionally and can have a great effect to your website ranking and traffic. Even if you need to spend some money, you will get it back in no time again. There is just only the one side: Positive – You Win!