Review WPExit WordPress Plugin Automatic Backlinks

Brand New WordPress Exit Plugin Turns Visitors To Backlinks!

Did you already hear about the brand new plugin that Ken Sar and Ken Reno have just released and that gets you more backlinks and traffic you ever thought of?

WP Exit is a wordpress plugin that will reward your visitors with your product in exchange for backlinks to your site. Once they have entered the required backlink, they will get to download your product instantly.

WP Exit will automatically check and validate the links your visitors submitted to make sure you have a valid backlink to your site.

Setup is a breeze and takes less than 10 Minutes!

Watch This Short Video to see how easy it is to install, activate, and configure your WP Exit Plugin. Its as easy as 1-2-3!

Basically, WPExit let’s your blog visitors get backlinks for you in exchange for your product. It works instantly with nothing for you to do after setup!

Many freebie seekers will just browse your blog and leave if they do not find soemthing fro free. So, if they are already leaving your offer without buying it, maybe the price was an issue. If so, they most likely have still enough “time”  they could trade for your product instead paying  cash.

Therefore, don’t let your visitors slip away but get them to send traffic to your site by giving them your product in exchange for backlinks.

And it really works! WP Exit is perfect for…

  • Anyone who has a blog
  • Anyone who wants to get more backlinks and traffic without paying for it
  • Anyone who is willing to exchange their product with the backlinks and traffic

I highly recommend to try out this very useful and automatically running WordPress Plugin because just everybody needs traffic. And with WPExit you will get it, for sure!

Something negative?
Yes off course!

It takes a little time to upolad the plugin (see the Video again) and to find the right freebie you can save inside for your leaving website visitors. But this is only once ore some short time later on when you want to change your gift.

And to get the freebies, you can have a look here. There are tons and tons of great free downloads with instant access to Software, Scripts, MP3s, Movies, Multimedia, Content, e-Books, Templates, Niche Materials and much more content you can directly use for your WPExit Plugn.