Save Big with Clearance Shopping

Don’t miss the Season Sales!

Last evening I wrote one of my Super Simple Money Saving Tips. Walking through the shopping mall, I had realised that that many shops already have summer closing sales and that the competition is fierce due to the bad economic situation and consumers being resistant in their spendings.

So this is my today’s great money saving tip about…

 **  Clearance  **

When you enter into a store, always head straight for the clearance rack first. There you will for certain find amazing bargains on the items you are looking for before you pay the full price.  Sometimes you may have to dig a little to find the right item, but the savings will be well-worth your time. Prepare a list of all the items you really need like shoes, underwear, socks, shirts, blouses and more.

Then go for these articles and buy only if it fits and pleases you.

Most clearance racks offer variety, current trends, and great value. Just be careful not to fill your basket with unnecessary things just because they are a great deal. You could end up spending more than you originally planned. Better save still something for the next shopping. You will find out that different shops also offer clearance sales at regular promotions. So there is no hurry and if you can shop at different stores, you also get a better mix of great articles. 

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