The One Click Opt In System

Building your list with qualified and targeted Subscribers is the best you can do to grow your Internet Marketing Business seriously. If you are using Traffic Exchanges to build your list, then you should try out and use 0pt In Button to make it as easy as possible for surfers to subscribe to your list.

0pt In Button members have reported a 30% increase in opt-ins since they started using 0pt In Button tracker links. And I can confirm getting 5-10 new subscribers every day since I use this set up and forget optin-in system. The tool is free to sign up and tracks your daily conversion.

0pt In Button is already compatible with 20 of the top traffic exchanges and is being added to many new up-and-coming exchanges. Your membership will also include:

– a built in tracker to monitor hits and opt-ins to your splash pages

– a downline builder to build referrals in all the programs it promotes

– a downline mailer to keep in touch with all your referrals

– access to many important marketing tools

There is also a paid version to take full advantage of all the features, but check out the special offers after signing up as you can get a life time membership and save great against the regular membership price.

To promote successfully with Opt In Button, I make small Splash Pages for Affiliate Products which immediately catch the attention and interest of the surfers. With only one click they can decide to sign up to my list then. After my thank-you page, they get a warm welcome and my best recommended products, tools, ecourses and more by my autresponder series.

If you create a new Opt In Button about twice a week, you get an ever growing stream of subscribers to your list. Creating these catchy Splashpages is fun and easy to do. Just copy and paste some of the affiliate material, banners or snippets from the main website to your HTML editor, put in your links and load everything up under your domain to your host. If you have not yet an own domain, join GDI and you can start even at the same day.

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