Time for Raclette and Fondue

Christmas is over and I hope you had a wonderful time with your families. Here in Switzerland, it’s extremley cold at the moment, in some regions down to minus 26 degrees Celsius. In my region it’s still minus 6 degrees and windy. So good time to sit in the warm lounge beside the oven. It is in the cold season, especially around year end, when we enjoy our traditional Raclette and Fondue cheese dishes.

Raclette is a medium soft cheese melted under a hot electrical oven and served with spices, champignons, pickled cucumbers, onions, vegetables and steamed potatoes. There is a whole lot of variations, just as creative as people may be. You can get the definiton at Wikipedia here

Fondue is quite different from Raclette. There are various mixtures of grated cheese like Emmenthal,  Gruyere, Vacherin and other fine sorts and grades. This mixture is (usually) put into a porcellan pan (Caquelon) and melted to a creamy, sticky cheese sauce within a spicy white wine. Garlik and spices are also added in good quantities. The Fondue is kept hot on a small spiritus stove and now everyone spits a piece of not too fresh bread on his fork, dips and turns the bread in the cheese, then eats this delicious piece with devotion. Also here a definition is offered by Wikipedia

To both dishes white dry Swiss wine from the region of the Valais or Vaud is served, also clear cherry brandy and Ceylon black tea. These dishes are easy to prepare in a short time and it is always fun when you have a nice round of guests.

Recipes and further information can be found here at Amazon 


For Raclette type in: raclette recipes
For Fondue type in: fondue recipes

Enjoy and have fun!